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Naturally the media coverage would be biased in the direction of gun control… and against people being able to defend themselves. Read the article, It’s by John Lott.

Also, see the post here on his blog. John notes on a separate post; that Google search results don’t bring up anything that would indicate that these shootings are occurring in ‘gun-free zones’. He asks “why?”, but I think that’s merely a rhetorical question.

On another post, he indicates that US Today ran a poll asking if the 2nd Amendment gives us the ‘right to bear arms’. Of course, most people – unless they’re absolutely clueless (and there are a few of them in those results [about 1449 out of 72,475]) – understand that yes, that’s what the 2nd Amendment that the media ignores, guarantees us. It’s the 2nd Amendment, after all, one of the top guarantees in our government documents.

These are the results after I took the test:


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I don’t know who this is, but his blogspot URL says he’s Caodood.

Since Joe Cafasso in the past has set up different blogs, I checked this one out to see if I could recognize the writing style or the subject matter.

It seems to be benign, although you would think that someone wouldn’t rip off the name “Cao’s blog” …I guess there are all kinds of people – that don’t care if they ‘lift’ a name or not.

I suppose I should just consider it imitation: the highest form of flattery.

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Voice of dissent excluded from participation in Bali.

(CHICAGO, Illinois – December 5, 2007) — The United Nations has rejected all attempts by a group of dissenting scientists seeking to present information at the climate change conference taking place in Bali, Indonesia.

They’ve been doing this all along. This is about shutting out opinions that don’t agree with the direction they’re headed in like a runaway train.

The International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC) has been denied the opportunity to present at panel discussions, side events, and exhibits; its members were denied press credentials. The group consists of distinguished scientists from Africa, Australia, India, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

The scientists, citing pivotal evidence on climate change published in peer-reviewed journals, have expressed their opposition to the UN’s alarmist theory of anthropogenic global warming. As the debate on man-made global warming has been heating up, the UN has tried to freeze out the scientists and new evidence, summarily dismissing them with the claim “the science is settled.”

And it is not settled by a longshot. As long as you squeeze predetermined results into your models, it’s not called “science” and people should be free to point that out.

Silencing freedom of speech and ‘dissent’ when it’s leftists who say ‘dissent is patriotic’, lol…I guess that only applies if you’re a marxist anti-war activist.

James M. Taylor, senior fellow at the Heartland Institute:

“It is not surprising the UN has completely rejected dissenting voices. They have been doing this for years. The censorship of scientists is necessary to promote their political agenda. After the science reversed on the alarmist crowd, they claimed ‘the debate is over’ to serve their wealth redistribution agenda.”

Taylor continued, “For example, ICSC scientist Dr. Vincent Gray recently published Unsound Science by the IPCC, which proves the main claims by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change are scientifically unsound. Dr. Gray is an expert reviewer for the IPCC and has submitted more than 1,800 comments on IPCC reports. He is an expert on the IPCC methodology and published Spinning the Climate.

Dr. Gray also calls for the IPCC’s abolition. It is not a scientific body of scholars, it is a political activist body furthering a political agenda that has taken a departure from science. Which is true of a lot of leftist agendas, might I add.

“Dr. Gray is the last person the politicized UN wants speaking,” Taylor noted. “He single-handedly debunks the entire alarmist theory. And there are more than 600 Dr. Grays trying to be the voice of reason and science. All are being censored.”

Where is the outrage?

“The ICSC scientists don’t agree with the pre-determined ‘Bali Mandate,’ so instead of discussion and debate, we get censorship. Until the UN rejects the politicization of climate change, their reports, protocols, and mandates aren’t worth reading–much less ratifying.”

It is alarming that 600 scientists are being censored in Bali for not being ‘politically correct’ and agreeing with Al Gorical type alarmism on the subject.

Isn’t it a shame that it’s come to this. The UN has fulfilled what I was predicting over 20 years ago: it is not only stealing from people on false pretenses (as in the Oil for Food program example), it is lying to them to further its agenda, as well.

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This video highlights the performance of House Democrats, their first year back in power. With all their missed opportunities, it is no wonder that they have an 11 percent approval rating.

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During WWII, Hollywood was on America’s side. In stark contrast, today’s celebrities get more coverage if they take the Sean Penn/Susan Sarandon et al position, speaking at demonstrations with United for Peace and Justice and appearing alongside Code Pink marxists. Any shred of patriotism or love of country is spurned in Hollywood today. But there are consequences. As Van Helsing points out, “Hollyweenies are too drunk on moonbattery to realize that movies on Iraq acknowledging Americans as the good guys could make them some money”. It goes far beyond money, though. People are turning the boob tube off, and theatres screening anti-war marxist/leninist/Stalinist Hollywood tripe are empty.
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Audiences have been staying away from Tinseltown war movies like Lions for Lambs and the unconscionable Redacted in droves, for the same reason movies directed by Joseph Goebbels wouldn’t have been received very warmly during World War II.

But this doesn’t mean Americans have no interest in the heroics of our troops fighting terrorists in Iraq. OpinionJournal reports that war footage minus the mainstream media’s defeatist spin is drawing viewers to YouTube by the millions.

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