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Petition picking up steam

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World Net Daily has a very informative article today about our petition to investigate the Flight 93 memorial. It includes excerpts from Tom Burnett’s letter to the American people; it includes information about the fraudulent Park Service investigation (where an Islamic scholar said not to worry about the half mile wide Mecca oriented crescent because nobody has ever seen a mihrab anywhere near this BIG before); and it reviews the four specific complaints highlighted in the petition (the giant crescent, the Mecca orientation, the Islamic sundial and the 44 blocks).

Those last four links are to graphics that Tom Burnett is going to have on poster-boards when he addresses a Republican convention in Wisconsin at the end of the month. World Net Daily is looking to add video content these days so Tom is going to try to get video of his speech that we can edit down to five minutes of highlights for WND.

The first place we will be delivering the petitions is to the Memorial Project’s public meeting on May 3rd in Somerset PA. It looks like we are going to have quite a few signatures, both from the electronic petition (zooming towards 2000 already), and from the paper petitions (now circulating on the ground in PA).

At least one state legislator from Pennsylvania has signed the petition, and a Congressman has expressed interest in entering the whole thing into the congressional record. That would be a second Congressman coming out publicly against the memorial. (Tom Tancredo asked the Park Service last fall to scrap the crescent design entirely.)

Will any of the big radio radio voices wake up to the evidence that al Qaeda accepted our open invitation to the ENTIRE WORLD to enter our design competition? All they have to do is look at the FACTS.

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If you doubt that it exists, read this article.

Last year, two Jewish researches went to college campuses to see how anti-Semitic the faculties are. Surveying 6,600 college professors, they found virtually no anti-Semitism.

Instead, they found a distinct bias against evangelical students: More than half (53%) of college faculty view evangelical students unfavorably. Mormons are next at 33%, followed by Muslims at 22%.

Let me put this in proper perspective: In the United States of America, professors are two and a half times more likely to view evangelical Christian students unfavorably than Muslim students.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, although I wonder how many interviewed the Jewish students who were told by Joseph Massad that they were terrorists.

The study also found that: Professors are five times more likely to be atheists than the general public: 19% vs. 4%; There are far fewer Evangelicals among the faculty than the general public: 11% vs. 33%; Professors are more than twice as likely to identify themselves as liberal than the general public: 48% to 22%. (This is consistent with an earlier study which found that Democrats outnumber Republicans ten to one on college faculty.)

One has to wonder if they talked with Jewish students of Joseph Massad at Columbia University, who teaches about Israeli history from the “Palestinian perspective”. Or if they talked with anyone at DePaul about Klocek being forced out for pointing out to students that there is a nother side to the Palestinian conflict…other than the Arafat side.

Luckily, though, we have some happy news.

There’s someone speaking on college campuses capable of – without quoting Bible verses – showing students solid evidence why Christianity is the most reasonable worldview. Imagine further that the four-point presentation this person gives is so provocative and entertaining that not only Christians attend, but atheists and skeptics show up as well (swelling some audiences to over 1500 like a recent N.C. State presentation). Imagine that during Q&A atheists are treated respectfully, but their arguments are exposed as fallacious. And imagine that there is a book, DVD series, website and TV show available for follow up that strengthens Christians and challenges skeptics to consider Christianity.

You don’t need to just imagine it happening because it already is. Dr. Frank Turek, founder and President of www.CrossExamined.org, is leading a team of Christian apologists to conduct I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist seminars on college campuses and at churches across the country. The seminar, based on Turek Geisler’s award-winning book of the same name, is outstanding (back in September 2006, I told you that this is the book that helped bring Jimmy Duke to Christ).

We need to stand up and be vocal…because as I’ve mentioned before when referencing Silencing Christians…if we don’t, there will be a terrible price to pay for our silence.

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While socialist moonbats like Code Pink and meatbrain yearn for our defeat and attack those who claim the surge is working…reports again are popping up about the success of the surge as Petraeus is due soon to make his report.

From WSJ:

As General David Petraeus briefs Congress this week on Iraq, it’s clear his surge has achieved remarkable results. The most crucial is that the U.S. can no longer be defeated militarily in Iraq, which could not be said a year ago. The question now is whether Washington will squander these gains by withdrawing so quickly that we could still lose politically.

WSJ Opinion Journal: Iraq and Its Costs-By JOE LIEBERMAN and LINDSEY GRAHAM-April 7, 2008; Page A13

When Gen. David Petraeus testifies before Congress tomorrow, he will step into an American political landscape dramatically different from the one he faced when he last spoke on Capitol Hill seven months ago.

This time Gen. Petraeus returns to Washington having led one of the most remarkably successful military operations in American history. His antiwar critics, meanwhile, face a crisis of credibility – having confidently predicted the failure of the surge, and been proven decidedly wrong.

But this we could have anticipated, since the moonbats have been on the wrong side of every conflict in history.

No one can deny the dramatic improvements in security in Iraq achieved by Gen. Petraeus, the brave troops under his command, and the Iraqi Security Forces. From June 2007 through February 2008, deaths from ethno-sectarian violence in Baghdad have fallen approximately 90%. American casualties have also fallen sharply, down by 70%.

Al Qaeda in Iraq has been swept from its former strongholds in Anbar province and Baghdad. The liberation of these areas was made possible by the surge, which empowered Iraqi Muslims to reject the Islamist extremists who had previously terrorized them into submission. Any time Muslims take up arms against Osama bin Laden, his agents and sympathizers, the world is a safer place.

Keep watching for the articles, and the anti-war people as they make asses of themselves trying to shout Petraeus down, like they did the last time. Little is accomplished for their side when they firmly establish themselves as kooknuts on the fringe.


Here’s Code Pink getting carted out of the hearing, the last time Petreaus testified about the surge. They’re nothing but domestic terrorists.

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What an appropriate title for a blog that supports our troops (This Ain’t Hell, But You can See it From Here). John posted pictures and videos from an amazing event from today.

Beforehand they enjoyed breakfast with the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Richard Myers, and then headed to Capitol Hill for the bi-partisan press conference with two-dozen members of Congress, including Senators John McCain, Joe Lieberman, and Lindsay Graham.

They numbered over 500 veterans who gathered today in Washington D.C.; in what John described as the polar opposite of the anti-war moonbattery John witnessed at the “Winter Soldier II Investigation” a few weeks ago. These men gathered respectfully outside the Senate Office building in support of General Petreaus’ testimony.

They stood on the grass in 45 degree temperatures, in sand-colored polo shirts. Emblazoned across their broad chests were the words “Vets for Freedom”.


In this video, the very handsome and well-spoken Peter Hegseth addresses the crowd.

Senators and veterans came up to speak at the podium, including GOP presidential hopeful John McCain and even– Senator Lieberman.

Go see and read the rest.

Also, see this post at Vets for Freedom. Make sure you read the “Stupid Things People Say to Military Wives”

And check out this book: Adjust Fire

Transforming to Win in Iraq

by Lt. Col. Michael A. Baumann (USA, Ret.)

* sees the origins of present conflict in mistakes of the earliest counterinsurgent years
* illustrates U.S. military commanders struggling to meet political goals of the Bush Administration
* examines how counterinsurgent warfare in Iraq has forced the Army to transform
* gives background to tactical and political decisions occurring in Iraq right now
* answers the burning political question about the war in Iraq: “What now?”
* addresses leadership, culture, training, honor and emotional hardships of soldiers
* helps lay readers understand what it’s like to be in a military commander’s boots
* makes the military world comprehensible and the war in Iraq less convoluted
* answers questions politicians and pundits are unable to provide the American electorate
* helps reader see inside the Army to better understand the complexity and difficulty of this war
* shows how bottom-up democratic process has the best chance for success in Iraq
* shows how and why Gen. Petraeus has begun to turn the tide in favor of the U.S.
* provides clear cut examples of how the Army can change its methods to realize a more capable force
* provides roadmap against terrorist-based conflicts that loom ahead in the future
* 484 pages; 56 illustrations; $25; to purchase this book with a credit card, click here

That is all. For now. :mrgreen:

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