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Construction drawings released: Flight 93 crescent now points less than 3° from Mecca

From Error Theory:

The original Crescent of Embrace memorial to Flight 93 faced less than 2° from Mecca. That made it a mihrab, the Mecca-direction indicator around which every mosque is built. (Some mihrabs are pointed-arch shaped, but the classic mihrab is crescent shaped.)

The Park Service dismissed concern about the Mecca-oriented crescent on grounds that the construction drawings had not yet been finalized. “Those trees could move fifty feet, or three hundred feet,” said Project Manager Jeff Reinbold in the Spring of 2006, as if this kind of “tweaking” would make any difference (Crescent of Betrayal Ch.8 p.145-6).

The construction drawings have now been released, and yes, they moved the lower tip of the half-mile wide crescent about 300 feet, enough to change the orientation of the crescent by about 4.5°. Instead of pointing less than 2° north of Mecca, the giant Islamic-shaped crescent now points less than 3° south of Mecca.

Here is the original Crescent of Embrace:

“Qibla” is the direction to Mecca, which you can verify using any online Mecca-direction calculator (just type in Somerset PA). A person standing between the tips of the giant crescent and facing into the center of the crescent (red arrow) would be facing 1.8° north of Mecca, ± 0.1°.

Here is one of the new construction drawings:

Instead of facing a titch north of Mecca, the giant crescent now faces a titch south of Mecca (2.7° south ± 0.1°).

As with the original Crescent design, the upper crescent tip is the end of the 50’ tall Entry Portal Wall and the lower crescent tip is the last of the 50’ tall Maple trees on the bottom. The landscape overlays make the details hard to see in the thumbnail image above, but at full resolution they are fully legible. (Copy of source PDF, without the superimposed orientations lines here. Large file warning. Graphic is on p. 30 of 233.)

The Park Service was SUPPOSED to remove the Islamic symbol shapes

When architect Paul Murdoch’s winning Crescent of Embrace design was announced in September 2005, it appeared to show a bare naked Islamic crescent and star-flag planted atop the crash site:

Burned by the resulting firestorm of protest, the Park Service to agreed to get rid of the Islamic symbol shapes, but they never did. They added an extra arc of trees, and they call it a broken circle now, but the unbroken part of the circle, what symbolically remains standing in the wake of 9/11, is still a giant Islamic shaped crescent.

This is explained on the Park Service’s own website, where the extra arc of trees is explicitly described as a broken off part of the circle:

In summary, the memorial is shaped in a circular fashion, and the circle is symbolically “broken” or missing trees in two places, depicting the flight path of the plane, and the crash site.

Those two breaks are the two ends of the extra arc of trees:

The extra arc of trees extends from blue circle to blue circle, marking the two “breaks” in the circle referred to in the Park Service’s official explanation of the broken-circle design. One is where the flight path breaks the circle (left), the other is near the crash site (center).

What is symbolically left standing (the unbroken part of the circle) is just this:

Remove the symbolically broken off parts, and you get the original Crescent of Embrace design.

The only change is that the crescent has now been rotated clockwise a few degrees. In the construction plans it faces slightly south of Mecca instead of slightly north of Mecca. For a parallel, imagine airline security discovering a terror bomber, then playing with the fit his suicide vest before escorting him to his plane.

They said they were going to remove the giant crescent. They claim they HAVE removed it, but they haven’t. Symbolically, the design remains completely unchanged. The terrorists are still depicted as smashing our peaceful circle and turning it into a giant Islamic-shaped crescent, still pointing to Mecca.

The giant crescent is actually a mihrab

Here is the mihrab at the Great Mosque in Cordoba Spain. Face into the crescent to face Mecca, just like the crescent memorial to Flight 93:

Confronted with evidence that the Crescent of Embrace is actually designed to be the world’s largest mosque, the Park Service sought advice from a pair of Muslim scholars. Both acknowledged the almost exact Mecca-orientation of the giant crescent and both offered overtly dishonest excuses for it. One said not to worry about the likeness to an Islamic mihrab because no one has ever seen a mihrab this BIG before:

…most mihrabs are small, rarely larger than the figure of a man, although some of the more ornamental ones can be larger, but nothing as large at the crescent found in the site design. It is unlikely that most Muslims would walk into the area of the circle/crescent and see a mihrab because it is well beyond their limit of experience.

Right. That’s why everybody scratches their head at Mt. Rushmore. No one has ever seen Abraham Lincoln so BIG before. They just can’t figure it out.

To be fooled by this excuse, you have to really really want to be fooled. The other Muslim scholar said not to worry, the crescent cannot be seen as mihrab unless it points exactly at the Kaaba:

Mihrab orientation is either correct or not. It cannot be off by some degrees.

In fact, a mihrab does NOT have to point exactly at Mecca, for the simple reason that, throughout most of Islamic history, Muslims in far-flung parts of the world had no accurate way to determine the direction to Mecca. As a result, it was established as a matter of religious principle that what matters is intent to face Mecca. This was recently affirmed by Saudi religious authorities, after Meccans realized that even most of their local mosques do not face directly towards the Kaaba. “It does not affect the prayers” assured the Islamic Affairs Ministry.

Faced with evidence of an Islamic plot, why would the Park Service send this evidence exclusively to Muslims for appraisal? Have they forgotten who attacked us on 9/11?

The Service has long since been apprised of the patent dishonesties retailed by its two Muslim advisors but they don’t care. They wanted to be lied to, they knew where to go to be lied to, and they got what they wanted.

Michelle Malkin and Ed Morrissey

So where are the patriotic stalwarts like Michelle Malkin whose objections were instrumental in getting the Park Service to agree to remove the Islamic symbol shapes in the first place? If they knew in 2005 that the symbolic outcome of 9/11 should not be a giant Islamic shaped crescent why are they silent about this exact same symbolism today, after THEY were promised that this perversion would be removed?

Ed Morrissey urged his readers “to tell the National Parks Service and the Secretary of the Interior to rethink their plans,” promising for his own part that “as long as that crescent remains in the design, I’m not donating a red cent to the memorial.” Well Ed, the crescent does remain in the design, so please rejoin the fight.

The desertion of Malkin et. al. makes a difficult gap to fill, but we had better fill it, or the Flight 93 crash-site will soon be home to the world’s largest mosque.

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No intellectual diversity here; totalitarian moonbats continue pursuing their agenda to crush the opposition is based on a three-pronged formula.  Glenn Beck calls it the Progressives’ three tactics.

It was great to see him put into words what I have been thinking about lately – a complete departure from reason and facts; their backing facts into their preconceived storylines and throwing out the rest.  It was already apparent to me at the protests that I’ve attended along with the comments I’ve received on articles I’ve quoted and written about-that the communist/socialist activists think that profit is evil, and the Saul Alinsky tactic of marginalizing their political opponents which stems from an emotionally hysterical nonsensical argument (mostly name-calling) is another.  In terms of the global warming scam, healthcare, the financial industry and the auto industry-we certainly we can agree all of these have been presented to us as a crisis – but the moonbatty idea that government is here to fix these things couldn’t be more ridiculous.  It’s never fixed any of the things that it’s attempted to do in the past; only made things worse.

The hatred of capitalism is what fuels the evil profits argument; but what I don’t understand is – these evil profits are what companies invest into R&D, which at some point produces new products and product and medical technology, cures, and improvements.  We all stand to benefit from that; and so does the rest of the world.  R&D is not cheap. But sadly, when companies enter hard times, it’s often one of the first areas to be cut. America is the only nation that I’m aware of that generates tremendous technological advances; breakthroughs in medicine; cleaner energy (with no government intervention) and so on.  “Progressives” are actually about “regression”, not progress.  And even more sad is how they are all about destroying good things that the entire world has relied upon up until this point.

But that is about to change.  Case in point: how they want to stop third world countries from developing to “save the environment” based on global warming – which doesn’t exist.  The earth is in a state of cooling and has been – since the late 90’s.  This horrifying fact is why the IPCC DESTROYED its so-called research.

…reaching a new consensus will be exceedingly difficult because the raw data on which the landmark 1996 United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change based its conclusion has been destroyed.

It’s a deliberate case of sabatoge.

the last step in the scientific method is independent reproduction of results. But lost climate data cannot be reproduced, which is a huge problem for everybody. “Every time CRU massaged the temperature data, they were getting more warming from the same numbers. It’s incumbent upon scientists to find out why, but you can’t find out if you don’t have the data,” Dr. Patrick Michaels, senior fellow in environmental studies at the Cato Institute, told The Examiner. “The data needed to verify the gloom-and-doom warming forecasts have disappeared.”

Foisting a myth upon us in the name of science when it isn’t science at all – is what the REAL scientists have a problem with, because, as it says in the Examiner article-

what has happened is global temperatures have dropped every year since 1998, recent peer-reviewed research has uncovered the decisive influence of hot and cold cycles in the oceans on land temperatures, and growing numbers of scientists with unquestioned credentials are stepping forward to question the conventional wisdom.

They’d better move quickly if Mr. Nobel Peace Prize is going to sign away American Sovereignty and more of our hard-earned money in that environmental scam treaty in Copenhagen in December.  In effect, what that will accomplish is to redistribute America’s wealth across the world to third world countries -and the US will be the highest paying country into it.  Because it would require the other countries to give the US permission to let it out of the treaty once it’s signed, and they have the most to benefit from the US staying in, we would be in quite a pickle at that point.  That treaty will also trump our own constitution and laws – and nowhere in it does it mention anything about “voters”, “voting” or “representation”.  This is precisely what we were warned about by our founders with regards to taxation without representation.

Clearly, when moonbats use the three-pronged formula to argue any issue (and yes, they use it in every case)–they’ve moved into what Bezmenov described as the useful idiot category where facts mean nothing anymore.  You’re dumb, we’re in a crisis, we need to destroy evil profits (which means crush capitalism).

And this is what we’re faced with now; we’re opposing a group of radicals who don’t see the world as we do; who refuse to acknowledge that you have a point of view; who ridicule and attempt to marginalize you and even call you a liar if you suggest anything different than the party line.

In short; it’s totalitarianism.

But, as Bezmenov also observed, it’s these individuals who will wind up in the concentration camps alongside their political opposition, once their goal of smashing “the evil empire” has been achieved.  Yuri Bezmenov was an expert on this – read about him at wikipedia and take a look at the youtube videos of his interview with G. Edward Griffin.  So much of what he describes when he talks about his fulfilling the goal of ‘disinformation’ for the Soviets fits the description of the tactics the Obama supporters use.

Reverend Wurmbrand’s story about having been imprisoned in communist Romania for merely being a Christian details what ends up happening to moral people in a communist regime.  And they did the same thing-marginalize Christians along with the Jews in Nazi Germany, too.  It wasn’t just people of faith-it was even educated people.  They rounded up all the so-called intellectuals, teachers, and leftists – and put them away and/or simply shot them.

It is the leftist who will be the worst enemy of the marxist/leninist regime, once they realize the horrors of what this system accomplishes in practice.  “Social justice” is an empty buzzword.  To each according to his hyphen is the least of anyone’s worries at that point.  It’s the hyphens that have merely succeeded in dividing a nation in order for leftists to force upon the population their version of “equality” which isn’t equal at all.

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A message from Americans For Prosperity Illinois

Despite what the left-wing media has claimed, the state of Illinois does have official relationships with scandal-plagued ACORN; A 2008 report from the Illinois Housing Development Authority showed that ACORN’s housing subsidiary received a $100,000 grant from the agency to build its Predatory Lending Database Program.  Somehow, this grant just happens to not appear in the Illinois Comptroller’s database. Illinois has an ACORN problem and it’s time to call for a real investigation, immediately.

The housing grant could be just the tip of a huge iceberg. Right now, there’s just no way to know because our leaders in Illinois like Governor Pat Quinn have strong ties to ACORN. You can urge Governor Quinn to cut ties and put an end to ACORN right now.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has called for an investigation into the organization’s activities. In Georgia, Governor Sonny Perdue told the state government to cut contracts to ACORN. Similar efforts are ongoing in Louisiana, Minnesota, New York, and Florida. Tell Governor Quinn that it’s time Illinois gets serious about stopping corruption.

Through its numerous shell groups and affiliates such as SEIU Local 880, ACORN has been mixed up in corruption in Illinois politics for decades. Illinois State Board of Elections records shows since it began tracking contributions, SEIU has given over $12 million to Illinois political campaigns, both Republicans and Democrats. This includes $538,963 to disgraced former Governor Rod Blagojevich, and $30,750 to current Governor Patrick Quinn. Tell Governor Quinn that this corruption has to stop.

Recently, Congress has voted to defund ACORN but despite these necessary efforts in Washington, our Senators Durbin and Burris, as well as Representatives Davis, Jackson, Rush, and Schakowsky voted for ACORN to keep its federal funding, which suggests there may be more to the story here in Illinois.

This should not be a partisan issue.  It is a basic responsibility of government to investigate and prevent taxpayer dollars from going to corrupt and unethical organizations.  Join us and Say NO to ACORN.

Sign the petition and tell Governor Quinn that you want a real investigation to end corruption for good.

Joe Calomino, State Director
Americans for Prosperity-Illinois

By the way, it was Kirk Dillard and Bill Brady who voted for that money going to Acorn’s housing subsidiary, and frankly I’m really disgusted that we don’t have better representation.

Hopefully we’ll be able to work something out that will be more acceptable during this next election cycle – which might be our last chance!

SAY NO TO ACORN! Sign the petition!

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