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Now Kelly is calling for “Chairman Brady” to “disavow” the “Dodge/Topinka smear campaign”….why Brady should disavow something that doesn’t exist is beyond me…the “smear campaign” is something -like his popularity and fabricated polling numbers-that Kelly has manufactured…much like Axelrod’s PK and Media manufactures news. Martin Janis is the Topinka equivalent of AKP&D Message and Media. How can you “smear someone with the truth? How can someone be smeared with information they themselves put out on the internet?

Here’s a question for you – where do you suppose “Low Blow Joe” came from?

It came from Nancy Kimme…and there is your Topinka connection…it goes right back to Kelly. BINGO.

Bill can call and cry to whoever he wants at this point…the more he blabbers, the more he is revealing.

If Kelly does something stupid, I’m going to call attention to it. He wants to people that criticize him to shut up…which is all the more reason to raise objections to the schtick.

Nice job, Bill, say hi to Nancy from the REAL conservatives that Judy hates!!!

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Bill Kelly’s connection to Judy Baar Topinka is now official and out in the open…

For those in Illinois interested in the upcoming primary-this is a must-see. See here at Cao’s blog (same info)-More and more is adding up on this-Bill Kelly’s live-in girlfriend is Laura Grock, (aka Grochocki) the VP for Martin Janis. See it at this link, but here’s the screengrab.

It’s been said, and here’s the proof- that Martin Janis is not only a personal friend of Topinka’s, but gave her monetary support- $1,000 on 6/30/2005, $500 on 6/4/2003, and also gives money to Lisa Madigan and the democrats. This is really interesting, considering Kelly is accusing Dodge of doing this…split-the-vote thing for Topinka. What’s obvious at this point is that Kelly’s schtick has a purpose…and it’s not to “win” the election…but to help Topinka win…with her usually 30-40% of the republican vote.

Here it is from the Illinois State Board of Elections:

Then you have what the Martin E. Janis firm gave up to Judy Baar Topinka…

And what is left from all this is a full picture that what Bill Kelly is accusing Dodge of doing, HE is actually doing!! It’s amazing. I was absolutely floored when I saw him making those accusations toward Dodge on Channel 11….but all the pieces fit together!

Wow, Laura, I can’t imagine you didn’t know anything about this!

Another thing that is falling apart is Kelly’s integrity–billing himself as ‘someone you can trust’.

Kelly’s path is littered with broken promises; as he scams his way into events and tries to get away with not paying for others. His fundraisers are leaving him ‘in the hole’…he’s not making money from them. You need money to run a state-wide candidacy–you need money to run a local candidacy…it’s virtually impossible to get your name out there without it.

Kelly did not attend the Wauconda GOP fundraiser. The deal was-that if he was, endorsed, he’d commit to a $300 table…he couldn’t come up with it. Here he touts himself a “A Celebrity TV producer” with rave reviews and scores of fans-touts the Emmy award winning production company as the example of why he’s wildly successful with a a crayzee wild successful show, right?– he’s running this state wide campaign for Illinois Comptroller--but cannot find $300?

Remember, he’s running for Comptroller…somebody who should be good with money and fiscally responsible.

Still working on it-but there is a lot to uncover here…there are a lot of records to scrutinize but I’m developing a picture of what’s been going on here.

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Hey Laura, I’d like to get in on your silly little game! I think you have room for more players! Laura may have tried to wipe the web clean of that dumb geocities url, but records of it still exist. Just as the records still exist of her sharing that address at McClurg Court with Kelly! Hurry up, Laura! Clean it up!

Yes, we’ve been down there, as there seems to be a lot that the Topinka shills are concealing…which is to be expected from anyone working for Judy Baar Topinka, whether directly or indirectly!

Why is it that since Cao’s blog exposed Laura Grock as a paid PR hack who appears to be working fulltime for the penniless schlub Bill Kelly…that Laura Grock’s name has mysteriously disappeared from his communiques and now all these blogs are popping up out of nowhere?

There’s this one…

And this one…

And there are probably more! Nice ploy you’ve got there, Laura, but it’s not like we haven’t seen it before.

We’ll play your silly game…but we’ll up the anty!

Why is Bill Kelly’s father still listed in some places as the owner of the McClurg Court street address? What is it that William F. Kelly was trying to do for his son that William J. Kelly couldn’t do for himself? William F. Kelly died in 2006…he is no longer living! These records are incredibly curious…as is the revelation that Bill Kelly has SIBLINGS!

Plus, the weird part about Kelly having been helped out by Jack Roeser…and the fact that Judy Baar Topinka is clearly and plainly being systematically taken apart over at Roeser’s Champion News…makes one wonder why Kelly would stab is old friend of 20-something years in the back because Martin E. Janis tells him to. Probably the best clue to the answer is the fact that Laura Grochocki is one of Laura’s aliases-and she is not only living with Kelly, she’s listed on the property at the McClurg Court address in downtown Chicago.

Were William F. Kelly’s children all encouraged to be teachers?

Where did he and Mary fail their son in their efforts to do that?

Stay tuned…developing…

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