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Now Kelly is calling for “Chairman Brady” to “disavow” the “Dodge/Topinka smear campaign”….why Brady should disavow something that doesn’t exist is beyond me…the “smear campaign” is something -like his popularity and fabricated polling numbers-that Kelly has manufactured…much like Axelrod’s PK and Media manufactures news. Martin Janis is the Topinka equivalent of AKP&D Message and Media. How can you “smear someone with the truth? How can someone be smeared with information they themselves put out on the internet?

Here’s a question for you – where do you suppose “Low Blow Joe” came from?

It came from Nancy Kimme…and there is your Topinka connection…it goes right back to Kelly. BINGO.

Bill can call and cry to whoever he wants at this point…the more he blabbers, the more he is revealing.

If Kelly does something stupid, I’m going to call attention to it. He wants to people that criticize him to shut up…which is all the more reason to raise objections to the schtick.

Nice job, Bill, say hi to Nancy from the REAL conservatives that Judy hates!!!

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