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In the process of smashing this international pedo ring they arrested 184 suspects and rescued 230 children.

The ring was centered on an Amsterdam-based online forum called boylover.net, which Wainwright described as “probably the largest online pedophile network in the world.”

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2011/03/16/dutch-based-international-pedophile-ring-busted/#ixzz1H0UY97Sq

In this sky news article the depth and breadth of the ring is described in more detail.

Hundreds of child abusers have been arrested and many jailed during the three-year, global operation.

The investigation exposed more than 70,000 network members in the UK, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil, where first evidence of the crimes emerged.

The Australians charged with involvement in the ring were aged from 19 to 84 years old.

Grant Edwards, of the Australian Federal Police, said: “These are heinous sexual predators.”

And the homosexual aspect of this cannot really be denied:

Another paedophile caught in a spin-off operation in Thailand was Robert Horsman, 47 – a property developer originally from Ipswich.

He was jailed for 14 years for luring a 12-year-old boy and sexually assaulting him in his home in Pattaya.

On tips from Solid Snake.

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From the March 11th article at the New York Post–Gay pol’s $1 mil ‘bribe’ out-rage-Kruger & beau in pay-for-play roundup: feds

Closeted Brooklyn state Sen. Carl Kruger, a Democratic powerhouse, traded political favors for more than $1 million in bribes over the last five years — which his live-in boyfriend helped launder, the feds charged yesterday.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/brooklyn/gay_pol_mil_bribe_out_rage_ez6JwuYoczyNwZDtsPd0LN#ixzz1H02Jz2uL

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The AFA is proposing a boycott of Home Depot because of its promotion of anti-family homosexual agenda. But in the following article, how radical the promotion is –is beyond the imagination. The Home Depot mascot appeared at the Chicago Gay Pride parade in 2009, a picture of it is at the link below. A picture of children holding Home Depot cups with flags in them that promote a gay website proclaiming itself as “the men’s social group for men who have sex with men.” As per the AFA’s commentary on the picture, The cups were given to children by The Home Depot gay parade marchers, while homosexual activists followed up by introducing them to gay sex websites.

The Home Depot has no problem aligning itself with gay activist groups who target children with a pro-homosexual message.

Take a look at the article and pictures in its entirety by clicking on the link below.

BOYCOTT! The Home Depot promotes the homosexual agenda

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In Illinois and Chicago, no less, LOL…the home of Al Capone.  John Tillman at the Illinois Policy Institute writes through email that its

investigative reporter, Lee Williams, recently initiated an investigation based on a tip from the Last Honest Man Tip Line.

What we found was straightforward: we had documentary evidence from a whistleblower that 28th District Rep. Robert Rita was charged with a felony for bribery in 1991. (more…)

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All because of a “gay” felon priest, the Connecticut legislature wrote a law that will remove the Catholic Church’s ability to take care of its own business, placing it in the control of the Connecticut state government. Before this camel gets its nose inside the tent, the law must be stopped dead in its tracks. If not, what church, in what state, will be next?

Please click the link below to view the story.


On a tip from Brad.

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It was for making horrid jokes about the tragic situation in Japan over twitter.

For everyone in public life, the reaction should be one of horror and sorrow. But in recent years, the definition of “public life” has expanded dramatically with the rise of social and electronic media. It now includes a class of people that has no class.

Read the rest…you might be surprised at the idiots who have been making tasteless jokes about Japan over twitter…

But this is yet another example of cultural marxism…people have a habit of making fun of things that are uncomfortable for them…train wrecks, deaths like Michael Jackson’s and others come to mind-but usually those jokes made within earshot of a few people don’t have the devastating impact that the same jokes have when they’re made over social media…

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March 18, 2011

Fellow Republicans:

News clips and upcoming event information: (more…)

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