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When there are stupid websites that are taking the liberal spin and spinning it further with empty praises for Obama’s dumb policies and tracking back to my posts; I am not inclined to throw them traffic by allowing and approving their trackbacks.  Get your own legitimate cyberspace following.

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My main website and my photography website were hacked under very interesting circumstances; so they are currently offline and we are working on a permanent fix. A few of my vicious critics think they are very clever. It strikes me that this is an example of ‘liberal fascism’.

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In Illinois and Chicago, no less, LOL…the home of Al Capone.  John Tillman at the Illinois Policy Institute writes through email that its

investigative reporter, Lee Williams, recently initiated an investigation based on a tip from the Last Honest Man Tip Line.

What we found was straightforward: we had documentary evidence from a whistleblower that 28th District Rep. Robert Rita was charged with a felony for bribery in 1991. (more…)

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It’s getting to be a regular thing, this google changing search results and editing what’s out there. It leads me to believe they’re attempting to control the flow of information.


I just took this snapshot, yesterday there was a lot more that you could find on google on and about this blog. There are quite a few posts here since December 1st…and they’re not indexed. I am not so thrilled about the number of people who’ve visited or the numbers showing in the stats here, because I think the enemies of freedom are among them.

One day later, December fifth: there is only one showing. Pretty soon, CAO2 will be missing. LOL


See the explanation for “Muslim Cleric: Muslim women are like juicy steak” – here.  I don’t feel like chewing cabbage twice.

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This is the SCARE Bear. or SCAIR Bear.

Scare Bear – Scare Bear has many hats. Sympathizer, Talking Head and even Film Producer. Whether its phony protests, fighting cartoons, blaming Israel or filming atrocities for Allah, Scare Bear is ready to indulge the Western media.

Get them while they’re hot, from Rude News.

Hat tip: Ms. U.

Reference: Teddy Bear Jihad in the Sudan, and jihadists incensed that a schoolteacher would name a Teddy Bear “Mohammed.”

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Cao’s blog is back online

I’m not sure what I’m going to do here…lol

At least for the short term, I’m going to attempt cross posting from here to there, or the other way around.

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This is a running list of interesting posts about a two-pronged subject which destroys a blog and seems to be a trend in the blogosphere and on the internet. These are problems for sites that aren’t blogs, too.

Blocking badly behaving bots

That thread produced a very interesting code to insert to an .htaccess file and I can’t wait to try it.

It wasn’t only the splogs that I was having to deal with, it was also the bots that were attempting to redirect my pages, permalinks, and even created cache pages.

SEO Friendly Permanent Redirects

Simple Cloak v2 PHP Implementation

Yeah, it’s a lot of reading. And there were other links but it appears that I didn’t save them into my favorites. So I’ll keep reading.

How to fight the surging splogs

Fighting Splog

The “Fighting Splog” blog also includes Adsense spammers, which is interesting.

Lorelle has some interesting posts on splogs, too.

Weekly Digest: WordPress 2.2 Delay, Fighting Splogs, Lorelle in Chicago, and Lorelle in Print

Just go to the Splogs part.

Here is a page with her posts on splogs.

But that page is also useful because of Copyright Law tips and other useful tidbits.

She has a page of “Stop Content Theft” buttons and badges you’re invited to lift and host, one of which I have in my sidebar.


X posted at CB 

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And I already get a weird blog linking here.

It is a sploggy-looking world to me lately.

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Cao’s blog is currently unavailable due to a 500 internal server error which my hosting company is trying to isolate, analyze and fix.

In the meantime I’ve set up this blog in order to continue what I was doing at Cao’s blog.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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