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From Mass Resistance comes a clear example of the Army’s social engineering at work on ‘normalizing’ sexuality in the Army’s ranks:

After “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” repeal — US Army now warning Chaplains: If you don’t like the homosexual agenda, get out!
Among the first casualties in the homosexualization of the US military caused by the repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” (DADT) are the military chaplains who still profess traditional Christian (or Jewish) belief. And it’s starting right away. It’s becoming clear that any open disagreement with homosexuality will not be tolerated. (more…)

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Davis Released

It’s odd that the news reports don’t talk about how the men who had been following him for over two hours and were armed–who he eventually killed- were members of the ISI. There is a lot more here than the press is willing to divulge, apparently, in their quest to call him-and men like him “Rambo”.


Under Pakistani law, blood money is a legal means of securing forgiveness from victims. Under the qasas and diyat laws, derived from Islamic jurisprudence, a court can release an accused person if the victim’s family agrees to a satisfactory cash settlement. The Shari’a-based laws are invoked in the majority of murder cases, Pakistani legal experts say. According to government officials in Punjab, Davis was charged with murder on Wednesday but then acquitted after the families of the two victims said in court that they forgave the CIA contractor and submitted documents attesting to that. Senior Pakistani officials tell TIME that each victim’s family received $700,000 in compensation, for a total of $1.4 million.

Read more: http://www.time.com/time/world/article/0,8599,2059330,00.html#ixzz1Gt9GhLKq

His wife says her husband did what he had to do. (Denver Daily News)

What’s further interesting is that this fellow, whose story very much parallels Idema’s, is from Colorado….

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Through email I received this cool information:

Vets for Freedom at Democratic National Convention
Back from their Iraq trip, VFF credentialed in Denver

WASHINGTON, DC – Vets for Freedom (VFF) announced earlier this month that eight Iraq war veterans who are members of the organization would return to Iraq to assess conditions on the ground and analyze policy options for future U.S. military involvement. Having returned last week, the VFF Chairman Pete Hegseth and Vice Chairman David Bellavia will be at the Democratic National Convention informing delegates, key lawmakers and the American people about what they saw and the importance of commitment to completion of the mission in Iraq.

Both Hegseth and Bellavia will have media credentials for the Convention, and will be available for media requests to provide their informed, ‘boots on the ground” understanding of the mission in Iraq and the best future course for the United States.

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What an appropriate title for a blog that supports our troops (This Ain’t Hell, But You can See it From Here). John posted pictures and videos from an amazing event from today.

Beforehand they enjoyed breakfast with the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Richard Myers, and then headed to Capitol Hill for the bi-partisan press conference with two-dozen members of Congress, including Senators John McCain, Joe Lieberman, and Lindsay Graham.

They numbered over 500 veterans who gathered today in Washington D.C.; in what John described as the polar opposite of the anti-war moonbattery John witnessed at the “Winter Soldier II Investigation” a few weeks ago. These men gathered respectfully outside the Senate Office building in support of General Petreaus’ testimony.

They stood on the grass in 45 degree temperatures, in sand-colored polo shirts. Emblazoned across their broad chests were the words “Vets for Freedom”.


In this video, the very handsome and well-spoken Peter Hegseth addresses the crowd.

Senators and veterans came up to speak at the podium, including GOP presidential hopeful John McCain and even– Senator Lieberman.

Go see and read the rest.

Also, see this post at Vets for Freedom. Make sure you read the “Stupid Things People Say to Military Wives”

And check out this book: Adjust Fire

Transforming to Win in Iraq

by Lt. Col. Michael A. Baumann (USA, Ret.)

* sees the origins of present conflict in mistakes of the earliest counterinsurgent years
* illustrates U.S. military commanders struggling to meet political goals of the Bush Administration
* examines how counterinsurgent warfare in Iraq has forced the Army to transform
* gives background to tactical and political decisions occurring in Iraq right now
* answers the burning political question about the war in Iraq: “What now?”
* addresses leadership, culture, training, honor and emotional hardships of soldiers
* helps lay readers understand what it’s like to be in a military commander’s boots
* makes the military world comprehensible and the war in Iraq less convoluted
* answers questions politicians and pundits are unable to provide the American electorate
* helps reader see inside the Army to better understand the complexity and difficulty of this war
* shows how bottom-up democratic process has the best chance for success in Iraq
* shows how and why Gen. Petraeus has begun to turn the tide in favor of the U.S.
* provides clear cut examples of how the Army can change its methods to realize a more capable force
* provides roadmap against terrorist-based conflicts that loom ahead in the future
* 484 pages; 56 illustrations; $25; to purchase this book with a credit card, click here

That is all. For now. :mrgreen:

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But… but… but… the surge is WORKING! (Part leventy-zillion)

Yes, kiddies, Our Grand And Benevolent Leader™’s Magificent Victorious Surge© has been an Unqualified Rousing Success®!

The number of Iraqis killed daily has nearly doubled, from an average of 20 in January to 39 in the first two weeks of March. The total death count of Iraqis is now well over 1 million, a staggering number. But sadly a number that too few people are aware of, as a recent Pew study suggest. In fact, only 28% of those surveyed knew that our own American casualties is just under 4,000, while nearly half believed it to be 3,000 or fewer.

Spread the word! Sound the horns! Dance in the streets!

cao2.jpgbwahahaha! Sometimes I’m amazed that meatbrain claims to be a grown man.

Where’s the link to the PEW Research study?

Asking the same person the same question twice is not confirmation of anything; other than stupidity-or a desperate desire to listen to only one side of an argument.

Omar from Iraq the model:When the statistics announced by hospitals and military here, or even by the UN, did not satisfy their lust for more deaths, they resorted to mathematics to get a fake number that satisfies their sadistic urges.

When I read the report I can only feel apathy and inhumanity from those who did the count towards the victims and towards our suffering as a whole. I can tell they were so pleased when the equations their twisted minds designed led to those numbers and nothing can convince me that they did their so called research out of compassion or care.

To me their motives are clear, all they want is to prove that our struggle for freedom was the wrong thing to do. And they shamelessly use lies to do this…when they did not find the death they wanted to see on the ground, they faked it on paper! They disgust me…

Apparently Omar, who lives in Iraq, doesn’t see any evidence of these claims. And these frauds disgust me, too.

Spread the word! Thinking meat is linking to Crooks and Liars as a source! What a revelation! Crooks and Liars uses Press TV, an Iranian news source! No propaganda there! “Just Foreign Policy” claims to be nonpolitical, but it’s a hard left source- propping the Lancet’s stupid numbers, and uses a dead link to MSNBC- claiming a PEW study suggests these numbers! The only thing I can find from PEW that is even remotely related is – The Pew Research Center’s polls conducted from the period of 1997 through 2005 shows that between 45-63% of Americans (depending on the year) feel the stories in the news are “often inaccurate.”

Wow, both Crooks and Liars and meatbrain sure show their stupidity when they have dead links in their posts which cover up the true source of that 1 million figure!

What they’re referring to is a new (old) survey by ORB (re-released after nobody paid attention to it in September 2007), which beats on that same tired old drum: the civilian death toll from the war could be more than 1 million; but this not only defies common sense, you need to go back to where this overinflated figure comes from: the Lancet study. The ORB study was done in partnership with the Independent Institute for Administration and Civil Society Studies that was also the research partner for the Lancet Study.

Comments at meatbrain’s site fall in line with the laments from the World Socialist website which demanded: “Why is the American press silent on the report of 655,000 Iraqi deaths?” What the Lancet study should be met with is healthy skepticism, since the 925 Lancet deaths extrapolated to the U.S. population would mean 10,763 killings a day. Which is-at the very least-implausible; if not totally ridiculous.

Mike Fumento: ..the editor of the Lancet, physician Richard Horton, has unapologetically used the journal for advocacy on other issues, including a notorious 1998 paper that created an international panic over the safety of the childhood vaccine for measles, mumps, and rubella [the MMR] – linking it to autism and bowel disease.

That paper became a full-fledged scandal, with 10 of its 13 authors demanding their names be withdrawn from it. The other three are fighting to keep their medical licenses. Horton’s reaction? He proudly said he had “no regrets” and pompously declared: “Progress in medicine depends on the free expression of new ideas.” (The British press reported “an unprecedented surge of measles cases” this summer, probably traceable to unwarranted fears of the vaccine. Some progress.)

Horton spoke at a rally in 2006 sponsored by Stop the War Coalition, a British group set up on September 21, 2001, which is to say its purpose was to oppose punishing and defeating the perpetrators of the 9/11 attack. At the rally, Horton shouted about the “mountain of violence and torture” in Iraq – and no, he wasn’t talking about Saddam. “This axis of Anglo-American imperialism extends its influence through war and conflict, gathering power and wealth as it goes, so millions of people are left to die in poverty and disease,” he angrily added. Watch the histrionics on YouTube. This is not your father’s medical journal editor.

As National Journal revealed, Lancet’s 2006 study was about half funded by antiwar billionaire George Soros, who in a November 2003 Washington Post interview said that removing President Bush from office was the “central focus of my life” and “a matter of life and death.” This no doubt explains the release of the Lancet study four weeks before the 2006 midterm elections, just as Lancet’s 2004 study was released days before the presidential election. Even the magazine’s ardent defenders don’t claim the timing was a coincidence.

Spread the word! Sound the horns! Dance in the streets!

cao2.jpgI will dance in the streets. I will dance over good news that Terry Bisson doesn’t dare talk about: Sons of Iraq member turns in weapons cache (Arab Jabour); ISOF, U.S. Special Forces capture suspected leaders of three terrorist cells responsible for attacks; Large weapons cache found in Jabella; Marines have removed their body armor in Anbar province because it is so safe. In Karbala there is a small coalition presence because of its stability; yet no pollster came to either area!

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Gulf Region Division is constructing 142 Primary Healthcare Centers – worth more than $132 million – across Iraq. Currently, 73 clinics are completed and 23 are open and seeing upwards of 350 patients a day…and the list of these types of things-which equates to -horror of horrors-good news!- goes on and on.

The only thing he’s proven is…he’s stuck on debunking the idea that the surge is a success; and refuses to even look at what the military claims is going on in these areas. Because God forbid that we should win…he’s pulling for us to loose; just as the Code Pink and anarcho socialists are.

You know what is sick…meatbrain’s belittling Iraqi deaths. Meatbrain’s wishing and hoping that over 1 million Iraqis are dead. People who flock to Winter Soldier in order to see pictures of mutiliated bodies and hunger for vague stories with no dates or names claiming to have perpetrated war crimes on innocent civilians. This is a mental illness. Plus, if there were that many dead, don’t you think we’d see graves and morgues stuffed with dead bodies…and hear complaints from the Iraqi government that they can’t bury them fast enough? This is more hard left propaganda.

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As if meatbrain has the authority to tell people what to do.  It’s devastatingly stupid what this man tries to pass for commentary.

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This is a disgusting, tragic and horrific story.

Three soldiers have been relieved of duty pending an investigation into the strange death last month of Sgt. Gerald Cassidy who was found alone in his room, slumped in a chair. The autopsy revealed he’d been dead for hours before his body was discovered, and may have been unconscious for days before that.

Cassidy arrived Ft. Knox suffering blinding headaches, memory and hearing loss, and PTS.

May God be with his family and friends over the holidays, as the investigation drags on.

A battalion commander, company commander and platoon sergeant have lost privileges and been removed from the unit. What is disconcerting is that according the Army’s own rules, each injured service member in such a unit is assigned a doctor, a nurse care manager and a squad leader to manage treatment. What happened here?

Needless to say, as in the case of assigning women to combat collocated forward company units (which are supposed to be all-male), the Army doesn’t seem to be paying any attention to the ‘rules’.

X Posted at CB

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