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The kings of intolerance who claim to be tolerant…are the homosexual activists who are slowly finding out about the book “A Queer Thing Happened to America”. Reliably, the homosexuals’ behavior toward the book is growing more and more ugly, as they mimic the Nazi behavior of ACT-UP Activists.

Dr. Michael Brown, the author of the book, writes in an email:

Yesterday (Monday), a very aggressive gay blogger picked up on the book and my interview on the Sid Roth show, encouraging his readers to go to Amazon and blast the book, also posting inflammatory and even vulgar tags associated with the book. Within a day, at least twelve very ugly, one-star reviews appeared (obviously, from people who never read the book), not to mention tags being added that were so obscene they cannot even be  mentioned.

Here are some samplings (and remember, we are  supposedly the intolerant bigots!): (more…)

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This is the infamous viral video involving a fat kid in Australia who had finally had enough of the bully and gave him the what-for. Here in the US, the Obama administration’s position on bullying in schools has been evident since the beginning of his presidential term. Everyone loses big time on this.

DOJ to white male bullying victims: Tough luck (Washington Times)

Apparently, the Justice Department is going by George Orwell’s famous Animal Farm ending: “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.”

To impose this on school children is ridiculous; it removes common sense and replaces it with cultural marxism.

The Justice Department’s anti-bullying initiative is tantamount to bringing hate crime legislation to the public school system. Obviously, not only is the heterosexual white male student out of luck but inner city minority students lose out in this deal too.

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As Jose said here in “No Talk No Fly”, Obama is not on the freedom fighters’ side…and that’s why, as Barry Farber says – the Obama administration doesn’t want to help the people who are trying to overthrow Gadhafi. Who knew?  LOL…after all, one of Obama’s great admirers is Calypso Louie, who went over to visit Gadhafi with Obama’s spiritual mentor of 20 years, Reverend Wright after Louie had been visited by the mothership!

That is no joke.  I’d be laughing if it weren’t so sad.

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Hoosier Army Mom asked that I post information on how to help the surviving children.  I cannot find anything thus far, and after finding this video, I am reluctant to search further, as this is so incredibly sad and disturbing.

20,000 people turned out for the Fogel family’s funeral…

Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger also spoke during the funeral saying, “These murderers did not succeed in breaking us, they succeeded in uniting us. Today there is not left or right, there is no person that can remain apathetic.”

Israel Matzav liveblogged the funeral…

The Arab children are raised on a lie that we have no right to Israel and so they murder us and the ‘Palestinian Authority’ pays them a salary when they are caught and jailed. Against the education for love of the land and the Torah, our neighbors educate to murder a four-month old child. Any agreement we sign will not be worth the paper on which it is written and it will be violated to allow the murder of Jews.

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These are the members of the Fogel family slaughtered by Palestinian Terrorists

Fogel Family: Slashed and knifed to death in their sleep

Photo credit: mfa.gov.il

And they were butchered, of course, by Palestinian terrorists. (ynetnews.com)

The three siblings who survived the attack are Tamar, 12, Roi, 8, and two-year-old Yishai. They are staying with their grandparents at this time.

The funeral for the victims will be held Sunday in Jerusalem at 1:30 pm.

The children’s grandfather, Haim Fogel, recounted the difficult moments his family has faced in the past 24 hours.

“We received the grim news about the attack at 3 am…we were driven to Udi’s home in Itamar and saw the scene of the despicable murder. We returned home with the three kids who remained alive,” he said.

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It’s difficult to imagine the pain of a man whose 5-year-old son was murdered, and whose murderer ate the child’s flesh in the process. Unbelievably, due to moonbattery, the murderer’s going to be out on parole soon, much to the child’s father’s outrage.  It’s even more difficult to imagine the stupidity of policymakers like Governor Quinn of Illinois, who just abolished the death penalty and commuted 15 sentences.

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The video shows an NPR exec calling the Tea Party “racist” and saying the network would be better off without federal money.

On that last point, most conservatives agree.

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He’s been charged with the murder of a congressional aid and a federal judge–two fatalities amidst the mayhem he caused, which left Rep Gifford still to this day in the hospital, recovering from a gunshot wound to the brain. May God help her.

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The East Coast Rapist is connected by DNA evidence to 17 rapes since 1997. The suspect was captured in the vicinity of one of the crimes in New Haven, Connecticut. Law enforcement put up a website about him. So far, authorities have not given up his identity or name.

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Holocaust survivors in Florida are planning big protests against Obama because they are accusing him of double-crossing them and siding with insurance companies against them instead.

LINK: http://www.examiner.com/american-politics-in-vancouver/holocaust-survivors-say-obama-betrayed-them-to-side-with-insurance-companies

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Bill Kelly’s connection to Judy Baar Topinka is now official and out in the open…

For those in Illinois interested in the upcoming primary-this is a must-see. See here at Cao’s blog (same info)-More and more is adding up on this-Bill Kelly’s live-in girlfriend is Laura Grock, (aka Grochocki) the VP for Martin Janis. See it at this link, but here’s the screengrab.

It’s been said, and here’s the proof- that Martin Janis is not only a personal friend of Topinka’s, but gave her monetary support- $1,000 on 6/30/2005, $500 on 6/4/2003, and also gives money to Lisa Madigan and the democrats. This is really interesting, considering Kelly is accusing Dodge of doing this…split-the-vote thing for Topinka. What’s obvious at this point is that Kelly’s schtick has a purpose…and it’s not to “win” the election…but to help Topinka win…with her usually 30-40% of the republican vote.

Here it is from the Illinois State Board of Elections:

Then you have what the Martin E. Janis firm gave up to Judy Baar Topinka…

And what is left from all this is a full picture that what Bill Kelly is accusing Dodge of doing, HE is actually doing!! It’s amazing. I was absolutely floored when I saw him making those accusations toward Dodge on Channel 11….but all the pieces fit together!

Wow, Laura, I can’t imagine you didn’t know anything about this!

Another thing that is falling apart is Kelly’s integrity–billing himself as ‘someone you can trust’.

Kelly’s path is littered with broken promises; as he scams his way into events and tries to get away with not paying for others. His fundraisers are leaving him ‘in the hole’…he’s not making money from them. You need money to run a state-wide candidacy–you need money to run a local candidacy…it’s virtually impossible to get your name out there without it.

Kelly did not attend the Wauconda GOP fundraiser. The deal was-that if he was, endorsed, he’d commit to a $300 table…he couldn’t come up with it. Here he touts himself a “A Celebrity TV producer” with rave reviews and scores of fans-touts the Emmy award winning production company as the example of why he’s wildly successful with a a crayzee wild successful show, right?– he’s running this state wide campaign for Illinois Comptroller--but cannot find $300?

Remember, he’s running for Comptroller…somebody who should be good with money and fiscally responsible.

Still working on it-but there is a lot to uncover here…there are a lot of records to scrutinize but I’m developing a picture of what’s been going on here.

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Hey Laura, I’d like to get in on your silly little game! I think you have room for more players! Laura may have tried to wipe the web clean of that dumb geocities url, but records of it still exist. Just as the records still exist of her sharing that address at McClurg Court with Kelly! Hurry up, Laura! Clean it up!

Yes, we’ve been down there, as there seems to be a lot that the Topinka shills are concealing…which is to be expected from anyone working for Judy Baar Topinka, whether directly or indirectly!

Why is it that since Cao’s blog exposed Laura Grock as a paid PR hack who appears to be working fulltime for the penniless schlub Bill Kelly…that Laura Grock’s name has mysteriously disappeared from his communiques and now all these blogs are popping up out of nowhere?

There’s this one…

And this one…

And there are probably more! Nice ploy you’ve got there, Laura, but it’s not like we haven’t seen it before.

We’ll play your silly game…but we’ll up the anty!

Why is Bill Kelly’s father still listed in some places as the owner of the McClurg Court street address? What is it that William F. Kelly was trying to do for his son that William J. Kelly couldn’t do for himself? William F. Kelly died in 2006…he is no longer living! These records are incredibly curious…as is the revelation that Bill Kelly has SIBLINGS!

Plus, the weird part about Kelly having been helped out by Jack Roeser…and the fact that Judy Baar Topinka is clearly and plainly being systematically taken apart over at Roeser’s Champion News…makes one wonder why Kelly would stab is old friend of 20-something years in the back because Martin E. Janis tells him to. Probably the best clue to the answer is the fact that Laura Grochocki is one of Laura’s aliases-and she is not only living with Kelly, she’s listed on the property at the McClurg Court address in downtown Chicago.

Were William F. Kelly’s children all encouraged to be teachers?

Where did he and Mary fail their son in their efforts to do that?

Stay tuned…developing…

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This year, Black Friday has really taking on a new meaning. If you were hiding under a rock or too busy piling through the stores yesterday to hear the news, a 34 year old worker at a Wal-Mart in New York was trampled to death yesterday in the wee hours of the morning when 2,000 unruly shoppers broke through the doors for their… very appropriate term now, “door busters”. And what great fantastic deals were worth a human life and sending 4 others to the hospital in all the ruckus? 

According to the AP, there was a deal for a 50 inch Samsung HDTV for $798, a Bissel Compact Upright Vacuum for $28, a Samsung 10.2 megapixel digital camera for $69 and DVDs such as “The Incredible Hulk” for $9. If only they had copies of Hell Comes To Frogtown on DVD for nine bucks, I’d run over old ladies with my car and rip off the greeter’s head and spike it in the aisles for that! Tis the season! 

But even though the tragedy happened like this, (un)Planned Parenthood tends to top the “naughty list” this Christmas season with gift certificates for abortions. I can just see the commercials now. Santa coming down the chimney to find an unwed teenage soon to be mother and saying “Ho Ho Ho, don’t be so sad. Thanks to the pioneering vision of those like Margaret Sanger, you can vaccuum out that parasitic clump of cells with these gift certificates! Merry Christmas!” 

It’s almost like the mob offering Holiday discounts on hits. Only the mafia has more class.

-By Skizz1979 – posted also at Cao’s blog and Liberals Stink. Oh wait, it’s not up at Liberals Stink, he has a different one up there. I will figure out how to add authors over here so he can help me out; Skizz is a great writer and funnier than hell. And above all, he pisses off the libs just about as much as I do.

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From Larry’s blog and numerous phone calls, this is sure to be a hit.

I can’t imagine the hysterical Obots about the article – not to mention the cover!!!!

People should go to Larry’s blog and order the autographed advance copies before they are gone!

I think it’s fantastic that the Globe would broadcast the fact that this book is in the works; they are in effect helping sales!

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