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Good questions…if at the very least, are thought-provoking.

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Here are some of the questions that the media probably won’t ask the professional HIV/AIDS lobby, which grows ever fatter while the human tragedy rises:

A woman lights a candle next to an AIDS ribbon marking the eve of World AIDS Day in front of the Panathinian marble stadium in central Athens November 30, 2007. REUTERS/Yannis Behrakis (GREECE)

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• What have American taxpayers gotten for the $20 billion per year (and rising) government spending on HIV/AIDS?

What has happened to the more than half a billion condoms that the United States taxpayers have distributed to Third World countries during the past seven years,
Federal funding for HIV/AIDS has increased dramatically every year since 1993, yet the number of new infections has not declined. Why do we spend more money every year on prevention programs that have failed to prevent new infections?

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And there are more questions there, that are worth at least pondering. It’s disturbing that we throw money at things we don’t intend to really fix while dirty politicians and diplomats pocket that money.

It reminds me of George Galloway and the Oil For Food program.

Why do billions of dollars continue to flow to organizations and programs that have been a colossal failure by any yardstick?

• Why does the government spend far more on AIDS than cancer or heart disease, which each kill more than 10 times more people annually in the U.S.?

• After 25 years, why don’t the AIDS experts even know how many people are really infected? Just last week, UNAIDS admitted it had overestimated the global numbers by millions and CDC is expected to announce that it undercounted the number of U.S. cases by tens of thousands.

• Why is the onus on potential victims to take personal responsibility for having “safe sex” instead of the people who are already infected with HIV/AIDS, as is the case with other medical epidemics?

• Why are health officials in major cities like Washington, D.C., Chicago and San Francisco allowing the reopening of gay bathhouses, which facilitate the promiscuous sex that fuels the epidemic?

• With CDC statistics showing that HIV/AIDS in the United States is still astronomically higher among men who have sex with men (MSM), why are AIDS officials getting away with saying all Americans are equally at risk?

• Why have most of the media ignored studies, such as one in the American Journal of Public Health in June 2003 about a program among African-American female adolescents that reported that “17.8 percent of the adolescents acquired an STD despite 100 percent condom use.”

• With the District of Columbia this week reporting the highest per capita HIV/AIDS infection rate in the nation following years of condom promotion, why is the city planning to hand out at least 3 million condoms annually by 2009?

• Why does D.C. have 9 percent—nearly one in 10—of all U.S. pediatric AIDS cases, when the District has a population of only 580,000 in a nation of more than 300 million people?

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