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Evil Knievel

Evil Knievel died on Friday, November 30. He was 69 years old.

I can remember his daredevilish adventures from the coverage of them on television. I never understood someone who would risk his life for foolishness. But this article explains it in a way that I can understand.

he toughened up a generation of kids made soft by too much Brady Bunch. Awkward role model, leering boozehound, gravity-bound astronaut; the Patron Saint of Testosterone has finally caught Supreme Air. So please, show some respect.

Now that GI Joe is morphing into something other than a Special Forces Soldier – he’s now a UN type World Police or some such rot…I look back at a man like Evil Knievel and wonder if there is a modern day counterpart, or if that softness that the reader refers to has finally settled in as a mainstay of our culture.

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