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This is an interesting race, from what I can tell, and we’re getting closer to finding out just what Illinois republicans think.

Peggy Brothman, who has a long career in the school district and served on the Schaumburg District 54 School Board for seven years, and served as president for two-is stepping up to oppose Madigan-financed Fred Crespo, who himself switched parties from Republican to Democrat-back when Parke, a long time republican, was about to retire after some 22 years.

That in itself was controversial.

Crespo is falling in with what’s popular here instead of representing his constituents; the Madigan machine is funding his ads, and he doesn’t have to do any fundraising; whereas Brothman has limited funding and in Barack Obama’s Daley democrat-controlled machine run state, has quite an interesting race ahead in these last few weeks.

Brothman has been successful in her door-to-door campaign, but I think it’s high time to step it up.

Crespo has now been a democrat for a couple of years, and he, too, like Barack Obama, ran on that “change” platform. That’s fitting; he “changed” parties when it was politically expedient.

He is going after the hispanic minority vote, leveraging his Puerto Rican minority background as a victim class, hoping that Illinoisans will buy and pull the lever for him again.

You needn’t look too far to see that democrats in Illinois work to become career politicians who don’t accomplish much except tax and spend.

Most people haven’t heard of Peggy Brothman, but it’s high time Citizens for Peggy Brothman stepped up to the plate and started batting. Peggy is for fiscal responsibility, and her involvement in school district 54 helped; they have a balanced budget.

What have the democrats done in Illinois to balance the budget? They don’t even have those terms in their vocabulary!

It should be easy to dethrone Crespo, if Republicans who are disgusted with the current state of the Republican party in Illinois- come out and vote to change that.

Get off your couches, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to fight for right.

As Peggy says on her website:

The Democrats who are wholly in charge of this state have been given the chance, and they have failed. I believe that people in this area as well as throughout the entire state of Illinois want a new style of leadership. They don’t want politicians anymore, they want everyday people like themselves bringing their common sense attitude to tackle the challenges of state government.

Peggy is our girl!

Get rid of these tax and spend liberals!

And let’s get rid of the tax and spend convert to the democrats; Fred Crespo!


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