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This time, the wife of a Bolingbrook police officer.

Stacy Peterson’s family reported her missing Oct. 29 after she failed to show up for an appointment with her sister in Yorkville. Her husband, Bolingbrook Police Sgt. Drew Peterson, has said he thinks she left him for another man.

Asked whether investigators are talking to Drew Peterson, Dorencz said, “We are focusing on Stacy and finding Stacy.”

Although Stacy Peterson told relatives in the days leading up to her disappearance last week that she was afraid of her husband and wanted a divorce, Drew Peterson is not considered a suspect in the case, Dorencz said. “He has been cooperative in the investigation.”

Investigators will try to talk to Drew Peterson’s children to see if they know anything of Stacy Peterson’s whereabouts. “We would like to talk to the kids,” said Charles B. Pelkie, spokesman for the Will County state’s attorney’s office. “We will be taking steps to make that happen in the near future.”

The state’s attorney’s office has been trying in vain to get information from the children of another missing mother. Their efforts to speak with the children of Lisa Stebic, of Plainfield, have been thwarted by their father, Craig Stebic, who police have labeled a “a person of interest” in the case.

Drew Peterson is now a suspect in his wife’s disappearance.

I just hope this story doesn’t end like Scott Peterson’s did. Unfortunately, according to ABC, Drew’s 3rd wife drowned.

Third Wife Drowned in Bathtub

Stacy and Drew had been married for four years. This was her first marriage, and his fourth.

In light of Stacy’s disappearance, prosecutors are taking a second look at Savio’s death three years ago in the bathtub of the couple’s home.

Before she died, Savio had filed an order of protection against Drew, which said in part, “He wants me dead, and if he has to, he will burn the house down to shut me up.”

The coroner ruled her death accidental.

So this is not looking very good for the man who is claiming he thinks she ran off with another man.

What a peculiar response he had to the investigation about the disappearance of his wife: instead of coming into the spotlight and claim he hopes she is found or something like that, he puts on a mask and hides behind his door and says he wants the spotlight on her and not him:

“I’d like to be able to walk down the street and not get pointed at,” he said.


Update: At the time I saw this, I had no idea: Drew Peterson’s third wife’s death was ruled a homocide.

According to that article, Michael Baden the remains of Peterson’s third wife stated there was evidence of a struggle and that she had died before she was placed in the bathtub. He concluded her death was a homocide.

The article also questions whether police helped cover up the murder.

Update: At the time I first saw this, I had no idea that: Drew Peterson’s third wife’s death was ruled a homocide.

According to this article, Michael Baden, examined the remains autopsy results of Peterson’s third wife.

The hair, her head hair, was soaked in blood, as the medical examiner says, and she had a laceration, a blunt force laceration on the top of her head. She had a dozen other black-and- blue bruises and scraping abrasions of the extremities and of the abdomen. It looks as if she — from the description that she was beaten up, apart from drowning. Her heart was good. Her brain was good. There were no drugs in her body on toxicology. There’s no reason for her to have drowned. Adults don’t drown if they’re in good health.

Her body was recently exhumed. Although Baden has said there was physical evidence on her body of a struggle and that she had died before she was placed in the bathtub, the first autopsy report concluded her death was accidental drowning.

Even though there was no water in the bathtub when she was found.

Numerous articles question whether police helped cover up her murder.

More recent news on Peterson here.

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