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Interesting 6 things Olivet College could do to be more transparent about their agenda when dealing with students (and their parents) who are considering enrollment.

What he’s saying here is very disturbing.  Asking for ‘fair and balanced’ on a college campus today is like asking for pork in an Islamic country.

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As the authors of the Pink Swastika said, “Homosexuals make extremely skilled liars.”

From Elaine Donnelly at the Tank:

Now we know that Wednesday’s CNN-YouTube debate was less than the genuine vox populi event that its producers claimed it to be. It’s even worse that CNN continues to defend its vetting of several questioners who were easily exposed as activists. CNN network spokesman Sam Feist said that the network “didn’t ask their party affiliation or whether they were associated with a campaign,” and denounced the critics for “focusing on the questioners, but not really focusing on the questions.”

Nice try, but the dishonesty here involved more than the undisclosed political affiliations of selected questioners like David Cercone, who claimed to be a Log Cabin Republican but actually supports Democrat senator Barack Obama. Keith Kerr, the retired brigadier general who asked about gays in the military, is a member of Hillary Clinton’s National Military Veterans Group. The audience also should have been told that Kerr has been an honorary board member and lobbyist for the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network (SLDN), a gay activist group, since 2003. An easy search of the SLDN website reveals 33 references to his name.

We are struggling for our cultural values, it seems, at every turn. The military is the most well-thought of institution in our country, over the churches and government. It would be a shame if the Clinton feminization of the military succeeds with this blatant slap-in-the-face to relationships between the sexes which have been simple cultural norms for hundreds of years.

We don’t even know what damage it will do…but we’ve seen that the homosexual lifestyle ‘choice’ includes a ‘choice’ of a shorter lifespan than a heterosexual one. And that’s the tip of the iceberg.

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But only between Republicans and Sanity. I found Van Helsing’s discovery very interesting.


According to Gallup, there are more unstable democrats and independents than there are republicans. That might explain the unstable person who strapped a bomb to himself and held hostages at Clinton’s office in New Hampshire. You could bet, though, if it the wannabe suicide bomber had been a republican, it would have received more press. But then…it isn’t republicans who do this sort of thing…


Sympathizing with and apologizing for terrorists is a leftist thing. Recall Michael Moore’s “there is no terrorist threat” and “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter”. It appears as though Savage’s book title “Liberalism is a mental disorder” has been proven correct with Gallup’s metrics.

Except where it comes to instances such as Condi Rice and the Bush Administration holding hands with Hamas, et. al at the Annapolis “Peace”Conference. It looks to me as though the dangerous moral relativism we complain leftists exhibit toward terrorism is clearly displayed on both sides of the political aisle.

Since today Republicans look to me like the Democrats of 30 years ago, I wonder what those stats would look like if the poll had been taken 30 years ago? The world in general was a lot saner then…

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