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When reading meatbrain’s site it’s apparent that – he’s a self-loathing white guy whose definition of racism is quite different than that in the dictionary; it means -focus your hatred on someone who’s a conservative and call that person a racist; no matter what reality is.

Meatbrain, you see, is Terry Bisson the science fiction writer, and he doesn’t know what reality is – he left the real world a long time ago and lives in a world of hatred and venom; which he aims at people who disagree with his demented socialist ideology; a weird strain of voodoo.

Beware; if you’re a capitalist, you might find yourself on his list of people to harass.

If you took a picture of Kender and his extended family, it would look like a UN postcard; yet to my knowledge, Terry Bisson’s children and family are all lily white. Socialists (aka democrats) are the ones who stress race, which is why Bisson keeps bringing it up. He’s actually the one that has a problem with it, being that he bypasses reason and goes to bat for criminal cop killers like mumia (strictly on the basis of race). while complaining that people would have compassion for – or dare to help- someone who finds himself homeless.

In this post, Meatbrain displays a chilling sense of Schadenfreude. And he goes to great lengths to accomplish it; he mirrors a post from Kender’s website that was put up in a moment of utter and complete dispair and then taken down. In some weird alternate dimension, meatbrain’s twisted mind has come up with the conclusion that Kender’s post was not genuine; and that he’s scamming people for money.

That’s a really sick joke he’s playing on himself right there.

Kender lost his significant other, a place to live, a vehicle to get around in, and his dialysis machine; all in one fell swoop.

Of course, the fact that Kender’s friends have rallied around him and lifted him back up PAINS meatbrain, because people who don’t agree with him should all die.

Maybe karma is showing itself here; because I’m convinced that meatbrain is so selfish and self-absorbed that if the situation were reversed, no one would rally around him; no one would have any compassion for his falling on hard times, and none of his socialist “friends” would give him a dime.

You have to BE a friend in order to have friends.

Meatbrain knows only hatred, criticism and contempt.


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