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What’s been going down in Minnesota is interesting.

Al Franken’s backers in Minnesota are so fearful of what the Republican National Lawyers Association (RNLA) is doing to demand a fair Senate election in Minnesota that Franken’s backers have even taken legal action against the RNLA at the Federal Election Commission.

This is intimidation.

Franken, Harry Reid, and the Democratic Party of Minnesota will stop at nothing to seat Franken in the Senate.

Before the “recount” was complete, Reid tried to seat Franken and declared:

“Norm Coleman will never ever serve [again] in the Senate.“

That takes some balls: The official election is not over in Minnesota. In fact, as we speak, a new judicial panel is being empowered to review all of these funny ballots that went in Franken’s favor, giving him his alleged lead.

Don’t forget that, on election night in November, Republican Coleman was ahead by 725 votes.

Even Reid’s deputy, Sen. Dick Durbin, admitted that no senator has been seated without an election certificate since 1884.

till, Reid claimed that Minnesota is a “different animal” and that he still would seat Franken.

But GOP pressure and the work of the RNLA, among others, prompted Reid to back down. For the moment.

Though he hasn’t seated Franken in the Senate, Reid has outrageously broken all tradition and sealed shut Sen. Coleman’s office, leaving Minnesotans without one of their senators.

This liberal hate comedian, Al Franken, is so desperate to snatch this Senate seat from Norm Coleman that Franken now says the law of Minnesota, the state he allegedly is trying to represent in the Senate, does not apply to his Senate race.

He even sued to be seated in the Senate before the election contest has been completed — as required under Minnesota law; they even went so far as to file a false and frivolous FEC complaint to stop the RNLA.

I encourage people to give to the RNLA to help defeat Franken!

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