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First, there’s the mask and the sunglasses.


And then there’s the Today’s Show interview and the analysis by experts of his body language…and the strange laugh he gave when asked to say something to Stacy if she’s watching.

“Come home,” the former Bolingbrook, Ill., police sergeant had responded with a laugh and a shrug. “Tell people where you are. That’s all I can say.”

It struck me strangely that he would kind of choke back a laugh and not even look into the camera.

It struck Stacy’s Uncle strangely, too…

“This is a guy, we’re told, who wouldn’t leave his wife alone. He followed her to college, he monitored her cell phones, he knew who she saw socially,” he said. “Number one, he ought to be able to say, ‘Here’s her cell phone records. Here’s the name of her boyfriend.’ Number two, he can’t give us one name, one example of who this mysterious person she may have run off with is.”

Then there’s the question of opportunity, Van Zandt continued, saying, “Nobody yet has raised a hand and said, ‘This woman who’s raising four children, going to college, keeping a household, being followed everywhere by her almost stalkerlike husband, would have time to develop a boyfriend.’”

Stacy Peterson’s uncle, Kyle Toutges, confirmed that observation in a separate interview on Thursday from Chicago with TODAY’s Meredith Vieira.

“None of us knew of another man,” he said, speaking for her family. “Her husband, Drew, was on top of her all the time, there was no way she had time to be with another man. He knew where she was every minute.”

Asked for his reaction to Peterson’s laughing request to his wife to come home, Toutges said, “He knew where she was, and he knew she ain’t coming home, that’s what it said to me.”

He sat there with his legs wide open in a defiant kind of a way and didn’t really answer questions directly. Some questions, he simply had no answer for, but all the while he was extremely cool and collected. Police are trained to convey messages, but this man seems conflicted. He doesn’t understand why people care about Stacy, it seems, he went on the Today’s Show with Matt Lauer to get the media off his back.

When he was supposed to look Matt Lauer in the eye, he didn’t do it very convincingly. He wants the media to leave him and his family alone, he said. I guess he can’t understand why people are looking for Stacy when he’s told them the unbelievable story that he believes she ran off with someone else.

The thing that he said that stuck with me is…’she’s where she wants to be’. And he doesn’t think she’s lost, so why should he go out and look for her?

Drew got over $1 million from the death of wife #3…although he claims it was put away for his children.

There is also talk of a blue barrel which a relative helped Drew remove from his home, that was ‘still warm’. This relative tried to commit suicide a few days later but Drew’s attorney poo-poo’s the story, saying the individual has a history of mental illness and alcohol abuse.

Reportedly, he called in sick the night of Stacy’s disappearance. 

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