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Thomas Sowell has a great piece up on “Change in Politics” -regarding Obama and why the “change” rhetoric is merely repeating the failures of FDR regarding the economy, but points out that at least FDR had the sense to be strong on national security.

Obama doesn’t have FDR’s sense, although he shares the love for social programs.

Obama’s minions have been busy creating obfuscations regarding Sarah Palin, which is a good sign. LGF pointed out the connection to “Fight the Smears” and anti-Palin websites, which seems to indicate that “fightint the smears” involves inventing smears against political opponents. Their hysteria has involved a number of insults to McCain, as well.

Obama doesn’t have any women in his organization, he didn’t chose a woman as veep, but what his campaign has been fighting for was to prevent Hillary Clinton from getting into the Oval office, and now to prevent another woman from having a role in this, -Sarah Palin.–with women’s votes.

The Obamanazis have been searching for a picture of Sarah Palin in a bikini. Why they think that would be disparaging, I don’t know – she was formerly at one time Miss Alaska; a beauty queen. But as see-dubya has pointed out, they tried that same bikini schtick with Michelle Malkin, and it didn’t work.

But they don’t realize that their disgusting ploys rarely work; it just goes to show that they’re bereft of class and civility.

Take a look at this post again and notice how many insults there are in it – without a shred of evidence or fact; it’s complete spin!

Mooseburgers for Everyone to Celebrate Palin, McCain’s VP Pick!
By Tracy DC ☮DC T☮ YesWeDid – Aug 30th, 2008

McCain chooses Sarah Palin for VP spot (after meeting her once) to woo disgruntled Hillraisers, to get financial support from his heretofore unexcited conservative base who was gonna vote for him anyway, as an attempt to reignite his fading image as a maverick, and because he fantasizes what the former beauty queen looks like when the hair comes down and the glasses come off.

That part about the hair coming down and the glasses coming off has been edited out if you go there now. The depiction of conservatives’ being disgusted with McCain up until this point, though, is completely true. But it’s about the only shred of truth in this blog posting at myobama.com

Moreover, I’m sure McCain is trying to figure out if she can be paid less for being a VP than his other strung-along would-be male picks since he’s against equal pay for women. The above must be the reasons since Palin’s experience does not qualify her to potentially be a heartbeat away from being the Leader of the Free World, even more troubling, when you consider whose 72 year old little off beat heart we’re talkin’ about, here.

He’s against equal pay for women – what? Where’s the proof of this? Palin’s experience is similar to that of Obama’s in years, and if you’re going to compare the two and call Palin inexperienced, then you’ll have to admit that Obama is, too. In fact, Obama’s veep choice Joe Biden, demonstrates Obama’s insecurity on the ‘experience’ issue, but also demonstrates that Obama is about politics as usual because Biden has a breathtaking 30 year career in the Senate – having accomplished a number of things during that period which are hardly items to brag about – such as defending the agents that murdered the people at Waco and a young boy, Sam Weaver. and a young mother holding her baby at Ruby Ridge, Vicki Weaver.

All this while completely disregarding Cindy McCain who is very accomplished in her own right, this person depicts McCain as a man who would not treat Palin equally, despite the fact that McCain – not Obama – chose a young woman running mate. Obama was fighting Hillary, and now he’ll be attempting to use women’s votes against Palin. Democrats don’t REALLY believe in ‘equality’ that’s why they have different rules for different groups. And the attack on Palin’s experience reflects this individual’s disconnect from reality, since although Palin’s inexperience is comparable to Obama’s, she has 7 years of executive experience, and being the governor of a state that is flanked by two foreign countries, Canada on the one side and Russia on the other. So she has an awareness of the threat that Russia poses moreso than Biden or Obama, despite Biden’s 30 years of politics as usual. That’s not to mention Biden being a barrel of gaffes. (Recall “you cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent.” and “I mean, you got the first mainstream African American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.” )

They’re making points for the other side with this stuff.

To end on a positive note with regard to Palin, you can’t deny her superwoman status–three days after giving birth to her son with Down Syndrome (now 5 months), she was back in the office trying to make sure that polar bears aren’t considered an endangered species, that BIG OIL rules, that incest and rape victims do not have a right to abortion, and that creationism will be taught in school, that is, if one can’t home-school.

No worries about missing dinner for her big family of 7, she’s got that handled too. She’s a moose hunter and has enough frozen microwavable mooseburgers to feed an army stored up for a year! Can’t wait to debate her myself!

quite a bit of stereotyping going on there, heh?

Polar bears are not an endangered species. Palin is not about “big oil” but about energy alternatives. Taking our dependence off of foreign oil is something we should be actively seeking – and of course we won’t see the benefits of doing it for at least 5 years; that’s a given. We should also take proactive measures in order to activate dormant refineries.

How many incest and rape victims are impregnated by rape? She should examine her statistics. And what is wrong with creationism being taught in schools when there is no evidence of evolution in the fossil record, and evolution has never been witnessed? There is certainly more evidence for creation than there is for evolution; what that individual is doing is railing against Christianity as most ‘scientific’ socialists do. The problem is when you look at the science, science backs up the biblical version of how the earth came into being; and is extremely scientific.

I would look forward to Palin debating this moonbat, that post demonstrates how moonbattery involves no rational thought.

As a commenter said in my comments section–at Obama rallies, they’re yelling O-ba-ma! And at McCain rallies, they’re chanting U-S-A! That’s about all you need to know about the two campaigns; one is to coronate a socialist dictator, the other is for service to our country. One is for strangling the taxpayer with blinding taxation, the other is for cutting the pork and special interests and returning us to representative government.

Should that happen, I can see the ancient carreers of people such as Dick Durbin and Joe Biden going by the wayside. I’d like to see a change in the rules for representatives – in that they have limited terms, and would not be allowed to behave as though they’ve been given a lifetime appointment.

Sarah Palin is about REAL CHANGE. She’s fought for it within her own party. She represents all that is good, and is a mother of five children, a lifetime NRA member, hunts and fishes, and loves moose stew.

She is refreshing and as Uncle Jack said in this post, Palin is turning the conservative base who was formerly disgusted by McCain, –around to voting for him.

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What if a Chinese rebel pulled off the biggest practical joke in history, and nobody got it?

In contrast to architect Paul Murdoch’s dirty trick (trying to plant a terrorist memorial mosque on the Flight 93 crash site), Zhang Yimou’s trick at the Beijing Olympics was moral, beautiful, and hilarious.

In case you missed it, the Beijing closing ceremony was an extended dramatization of the sexual act, ending with the fertilization of an egg.

Here is a still image of the final tableaux. After the circle of a thousand yellow-clad egg-girls has finally been penetrated by the couple hundred bouncing sperm-boys, the sperms rush to the center to form the nucleus of the fertilized egg, while the egg girls spread out to form the albumen:

Here is the video (two minutes):

If this WMV file won’t play on your computer, you can try reading this post over at Error Theory, where Alec’s original Blogger Video upload might still be working. (Access to the video is difficult because the NBC footage cannot be posted at YouTube or Google Video. The full video has been available at uZood. We claim that our shorter clips are FAIR USE, based on news value.)

Zhang Yimou’s drama began with WHAT LEADS to the fertilization of an egg (1 minute):

In between The Act and its result was a parade of floats, dramatizing the journey of the sperm through guess which body part: closing ceremonies

Anatomical drawing, for comparison.

Wondering where the ovaries are? Floating 40 feet above the entire production:

No anatomical drawing needed to recognize this. Georgia O’Keefe would be scandalized.

But the performance wasn’t just a sex scene followed by a biology class. The whole production is rendered out of passion and spirit, which connect to the wellspring of spirit in the middle part of the performance, where the circulatory “chi” of the Tai Chi masters is depicted by lit circular bicycles, circulating through bordered pathways around the still pulsating sexual center:

closing ceremonies

Chi bicycles circulate the pathways of spiritual energy before passing through the red center itself, presumably symbolizing the delivery of the chi to the zygotes.

The philosophy behind this representation may be Taoist or Buddhist, but the result is hardly distinguishable from Catholicism, which also sees the spirit inhabiting the body at conception (an idea that the Chi-Coms, with their policies of forced abortion, might prefer to suppress).

In all a beautiful, profound, life affirming, and wonderfully amusing practical joke. The fertilization of the egg at the end is meant to be the punch line, confirming everyone’s suspicions about the obvious POSSIBLE sexual connotations of the preceding. This is not hidden folks. You are SUPPOSED to get it. (Original expose here.)

Choreographer Zhang Yimou is China’s most decorated film-maker, with a long history of butting heads with Communist censors, and of making sexy female-centered movies. It is not surprising that he would find a female-centered ode to procreation irresistible.

If some of his Communist overseers were in on the trick that is great news. If they have that much humor, maybe we can feel a bit better about them. The other possibility is that Yimou was able to keep his overseers from seeing enough of the production at once to figure it out. That would be a magnificent story of defiance, which will be lost if people don’t get it!

Life affirming vs. murder-cult affirming

This makes two examples of semi-hidden symbolism in a mega-scale production. We have architect Paul Murdoch’s dirty trick and Zhang Yimou’s wonderful, beautiful and very funny trick. Zhang is the good twin to Murdoch’s evil twin. In contrast to Zhang’s life-affirming symbolism, Murdoch is hiding the most disgusting tribute to evil and murder ever concocted.

If we can break the story of the good twin, and see Zhang’s production properly celebrated for what it truly is, that spotlight will shine on the evil twin as well, and reveal him for what he truly is. Zhang’s trick should also be a much easier story to break, and not just because half the world saw his production. If people are loathe to witness evil, either out of political calculation, or simply because they want to give the benefit of the doubt, everybody loves a good joke.

Zhang and Murdoch (Zhang is the surname) both needed for their symbolism to be semi-hidden. If it was too obvious, the hidden meaning would erupt in controversy and threaten the completion of the project. But the meaning couldn’t be too hidden. Once the production is a fait accompli, people have to get it. The symbolic accomplishment has to be demonstrable, or all is for naught.

The positive morality of Zhang’s display explains how he was able to get away with it. There can’t be a woman in that fertilized egg scene who, after multiple rehearsals, did not know that she was dramatizing the fertilization of an egg. There cannot be a man on spring shoes who did not know he was playing a sperm, but because it was beautiful and fun, everyone was willing to go along with the joke.

Ditto for any Chi-Coms who figured it out (probably as the performance date loomed). And why not? With such a lovely trick, if it comes out that the party knew, it will be to their credit that they let it proceed.

These dynamics of positive morality are not available to Paul Murdoch. For his evil scheme to advance, he needs a very different moral dynamic to be in play, a dynamic of willful blindness, where people look at the world in terms of what they think is most advantageous for them to see, instead of in terms of what is actually there. Unfortunately, this is the dominant cognitive style in much of America today.

It is no surprise that people who could choose a memorial that is laid out in the shape of an Islamic crescent and star flag would be determined not to be concerned that the crescent actually points to Mecca. After all, the crescent and star flag configuration is obvious:

Crescent and flag22%

Click for larger image.

Anyone who can be willfully blind to THAT can easily ignore what seems to them to be much more esoteric, like the orientation of the crescent. It doesn’t matter to them that the orientation of the crescent is actually the most important thing to Muslims, turning the crescent into the Mecca-direction indicator around which every mosque is built. What MUSLIMS think? Why that is positively arcane, to anyone who finds it advantageous to think so.

To join our blogbursts, just send your blog’s url.

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I got an email from Americans for Limited Government today.

August 27th, 2008—Americans for Limited Government president Bill Wilson today strongly condemned Sen. Barack Obama for “attempting to censor free speech and creating a pathology of oppression that threatens to gut the First Amendment.”

Wilson’s comments came in response to efforts by the Obama campaign to ban a commercial critical of Obama from the airwaves. The commercial, which reveals the close relationship between Obama and unrepentant domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, is sponsored by an independent organization known as the American Issues Project. Obama has intimidated several major TV networks into refusing to air the ad and has pushed the Department of Justice to “investigate and prosecute” the organization.

“Mr. Obama has now established an undeniable, indelible image of himself as a thin-skinned, pathological authoritarian,” Wilson said. “Time and again since he first declared himself a candidate for the presidency, he has first denied charges against him and then, when the truth came out, viciously attacked those who dared to tell the truth. He has shown utter contempt both for the facts of the matter and freedom of speech.”

Wilson cited numerous examples of Obama’s “pathological authoritarian” behavior that, according to Wilson, “call into question his fitness to hold any position where he can suppress dissent and oppress those who dare to offer it”:

o When the story first broke of Jeremiah Wright’s racist attacks from the pulpit of Obama’s church, the Senator first denied such attacks occurred. Then, after the release of videos, the Senator, in his “racial reconciliation” speech, lashed out at the past racism of white Americans, including his own grandmother.

o When asked about abortion in the Saddleback Forum, Obama denied that he had ever supported the killing of babies who had survived the abortion procedure. After the debate, when questioned about his response by CNS reporters, Obama lashed out at his accusers, labeling them “liars.” Subsequently, the Obama campaign was forced to issue a statement confirming Obama’s support for post-birth abortion.

o When unflattering elements of his past record in both the Illinois state senate and U.S. Senate were exposed by independent groups supporting Democrat primary candidates Hillary Clinton and John Edwards, Obama first vehemently denied the accusations. When the groups stood by their charges, Obama called for criminal investigations and prosecutions of the groups’ donors.

o When Obama wrote his book Dreams from My Father, the senator conspicuously — and some have charged, deceptively — left out the full name of his acknowledged mentor, “Frank.” When Jerome Corsi exposed the mentor to be communist party member Frank Marshall Davis, Obama lashed out at Corsi with a 40-page screed attacking the journalist’s integrity. The Corsi revelation proved to be true.

o When Obama went to Iraq, and Gen. David Petraeus explained to him why the surge had been successful, Obama – despite being presented with the facts on the ground – continued to deny the success of the surge. Then, when pressed on the evidence presented, the Senator lashed out at Petraeus, telling Fox News, “My job is to make the decisions about the national security issues … Their job is just to get the job done.”

“And now,” Wilson said, “we have Obama is once again exhibiting the same chilling cycle of defraud and defame. Obama knows he has maintained a close friendship with Ayers, and he knows that Ayers remains proud of his terrorist attacks upon the people of the United States. So, instead of admitting his own frightening lack of good judgment, Obama once again viciously attacks those who dare to expose the truth.”

Wilson pointed out that according to those in attendence at the cocktail reception thrown by Ayers to launch Obama’s state senate bid in 2005, Ayers played a pivotal role in pushing the Obama candidacy. According to attendee Maria Warren, “They were launching him — introducing him to the Hyde Park community as the best thing since sliced bread.”

And Ayers, according to Wilson, didn’t merely sit on the board of the Woods Fund of Chicago with Obama, as the Senator has contended; it was Ayers who helped Obama secure the board position.

But it isn’t only in these instances that he has avoided the truth, lied about it, and attacked the people asking questions. And in quite a few instances, he has sent some very challenged individuals out to do his bidding and silence the opposition.

Too bad it hasn’t worked.

In Cuba, they’d just shoot you. And wasn’t it the Obama democrats who show Che’s image as an image of socialist revolution and change; as someone to be looked up to? A murdering sociopath who bound and and gagged his captives before he shot them in front of their relatives?

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Some may have forgotten what happened at Waco. But some of us remember. On February 28, 1993, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms raided the Branch Davidian compound and demonized David Koresh, quickly militarizing the situation. Innocents, women and children died a horrible death in fire and smoke.

Joe Biden wholeheartedly supported the actions of federal agents in the Waco standoff, and visibly sneered at witnesses at the Senate hearings who questioned and/or criticized the agents’ acts. Biden was a key proponent of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act in 1994, which banned some kinds of semiautomatic rifles, with a sunset provision that allowed these weapons to become legal again ten years later. The law also allocated substantial funds for construction of new prisons, established boot camps for delinquent minors, and brought the death penalty for crimes related to drug dealing, civil-rights related murders, murder of a Federal officer, and acts classified as terrorism.

The Waco fire burned up 86 members at the compound of the Branch Davidians (including 24 children, 17 of whom were younger than age 10), and has kept eight survivors rotting in prison ever since, serving long sentences denounced by the jury that heard the evidence. (Eagle Forums)

Renos Avraam 31 British 40 years
Brad Branch 35 American 40 years
Jaime Castillo 24 American 40 years
Graeme Craddock 31 Australian 20 years
Livingstone Fagan 35 British 40 years
Paul Fatta 35 American 15 years
Ruth Riddle 31 Canadian 5 years
Kathryn Schroeder 35 American 3 years
Kevin Whitecliff 33 American 40 years

Supposedly, Waco was the inspiration for the OK City Bombing; according to the media and the Clintons, but to me, these are separate events with completely different players. What the OK City bombing did was to perpetuate the notion that began with Ruby Ridge and Waco; that people who believe in God, who entertain conspiracy theories about our government – deserve not only to be watched, but deserve our scorn.

Senate hearings were held with the usual pro government results. Senator’s Orrin Hatch and Joe Biden concluded that the officers that harassed and caused the deaths of these 80 or so Davidians (including women and young children) were not guilty. The supervisors were praised for their service to our country, promoted, given a pay raise, and sent on vacation, while the grieving families of the dead victims were trying to make funeral arrangements.

Guns at Waco: stacked neatly against the wall among burned ruins; not cocked in the charred hands of the dead women and children

The message sent from this 1960’s war protestor, anti American cultured administration was clear: Religious groups, and lawful gun owners, were now put on the endangered species list.(Rick Biesada, Federal Observer)

We saw this fairly recently where hundreds of children were taken from their mothers, because they belonged to a “West Texas polygamy” group – a group the press calls The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

David Koresh, as you may recall, was also accused of child molestation, and so was Warren Jeffs. It’s a case of damage control when they’re reaching for reasons to go in and nuke families, small children and mothers breastfeeding infants. They’d rather have you believe they’ve stockpiled weapons, and have a veritable arsenal at their disposal, but the evidence afterwards shows that was hardly the case.

There is a frightening pattern of behavior here.

Randy Weaver holding a picture of his son, Sammy, shot in the back by the feds

Vicki and Sammy Weaver, along with Sammy’s dog that he’d raised from a puppy, died at Ruby Ridge in Idaho in 1993, as the result of same type of sloppy government work. They put pressure on Randy Weaver to become a snitch on the Aryan Nation and when he refused, they quickly ratcheted up this pressure to a frenzied pitch until there were military vehicles and 400 guys in camouflage gear spying on their little cabin in the mountains. While the media reported that they lived in a ‘compound’, they had a little place where the government agents were able to come within 15 feet of the house.

Randy Weaver, holding a picture of his wife who was killed by the Feds while holding her baby

The complaints about people who have religion and own guns, or in some cases, are gun dealers, is that they ‘stockpile weapons’. But a gun dealer sells guns, and what one person might fearfullly call a ‘stockpile of weapons’, another person would call ‘inventory’ for his business.

Religion and guns are to be feared, apparently – instead of just left alone. Randy Weaver was a decorated soldier who was approached to spy on the Aryan Nation. Because he refused, they set him and his young family up, but the situation spiraled out of control and a young boy, his dog and his mother ended up dead.

What amazes me is the far-out ideology of leftists like Joe Biden; I find it horrifying that someone like Biden is Obama’s veep choice, as if Obama himself isn’t frightening enough.

Rick at the Federal Observer:

[Biden] is a political stooge who’s career almost ended over plagiarism when he ran for the presidency in 1987.

But political stooges are running amock these days, as the plagiarized speeches of Barack Obama from Malcolm X and David Axelrod clients have gone unnoticed.

You have to wonder why Biden wasn’t vocal about the violent deaths of the Branch Davidian women, or the violent murder of Vicki Weaver at Ruby Ridge, shot by the reptilian FBI sniper, Lon Horiuchi, for merely cradling an infant child in her arms. Instead, Biden and Senator Orrin Hatch, covered up these crimes and engaged in homicidal hypocrisy.

I suppose Biden’s greatest moment came as he chaired the Senate Judiciary Committee, and presided over the appointment of Uncle Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court over allegations of Thomas’s proclivity for pornographic movies, and placing pubic hairs on the top of soda pop cans, emulating a court jester.

Joe Biden, why would we like to see him as the number two executive of the United States?

He, just like Obama, George Bush, and John McCain, are traitors to the United States Constitution as they discriminate against American citizens.

Biden voted Yes on allowing illegal aliens to participate in social security.

He Voted NO on declaring English the official language of the U.S. Government.

Biden voted Yes on establishing a guest worker program and voted Yes on giving guest workers a path to citizenship.

Joe Biden voted NO on limiting welfare for immigrants.

This guy, like Obama, is anti American… but he is also greedy.

This is what brings us to the selection of his vice presidency.

Biden, who had under gone two brain surgery operations, still remembers how to scheme. He wants to insure himself a golden parachute retirement package for all of those years of covering up the dirt that Barack Obama claims that our country is guilty of. the Federal Observer

Federal Observer contributing columnist Rick Biesada hosts Perspectives On Our Heritage – The Angry White Male Hour over Radio Station WJJG 1530 AM, Chicago’s Hometown station, Wednesdays from 4:00 to 5:00 PM Central Time. Rick is co-founder of The Chicago Minuteman Project.

Rick has also written a book called –Angry White Male and The Horse He Rode In On. It can be special ordered through most book stores, or through the publisher at wholesale price off of the Angry White Male web site at www.angry-white-male.com

This is the video I watched. It’s quite long; but it sure is interesting. My heart goes out to to the surviving Weavers and the memories they have to live with.

As a kid, my dad took us out to visit a guy who was a gun dealer who was being stalked by the feds. He was just a gun dealer, with old-fashioned values and a nice wife, and sweet little kids.

And they would get shot at by the FBI as they went from the house to the barn, and they had dogs tied up outside in order to alert them if someone got too close.

This stuff is no joke; it’s for real.

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I am proud to say I knew him, proud to say he influenced me as I was growing up. He was a friend and classmate of my dad’s. Paul Carlson passed away on August 19, 2008. He was a conservative activist and a longtime resident of Park Ridge. My dad said no other Maine East alumni attended his funeral except him, which is a shame. He had a very short battle with pancreatic cancer, from what I gather they had to stop chemo because he got an infection, and after they stopped cancer treatment, the cancer went wild, spread into his bones, etc. May God bless this wonderful man and his family.

Paul Carlson, in fact, was Hillary Clinton’s history teacher at Maine East High School. (And he is one of the people who inspired my own politics, outside of my father, Tedis Zerins, Reverend Wurmbrand and others.) From Growing Up Rodham at the Washington Post:

By ninth grade at Maine Township High, she was on every virtually committee in the student government and was enthralled by a fiercely anti-communist history teacher named Paul Carlson. Schoolmate John Peavoy recalls that during the 1960 presidential election, 30 students were assigned to watch the Kennedy-Nixon debate. All but two, “a couple of oddballs,” declared themselves Nixon supporters. (When Nixon lost, Hugh was convinced that Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley stole the election for Kennedy, and Hillary rode a bus downtown to check for fraudulent voter addresses.)

It was Carlson who gave Hillary a copy of Barry Goldwater’s “The Conscience of a Conservative,” and she consumed it, struck by the javelin-like power of sentences such as “The Conservative looks upon politics as the art of achieving the maximum amount of freedom for individuals that is consistent with the maintenance of social order.” She wrote a 75-page term paper on it.

Carlson was her unchallenged mentor until a day in 1961 when Don Jones blew into town, in a red Chevy Impala convertible.

Don Jones was a socialist methodist minister at the First Methodist Church in Park Ridge (where I went to Sunday School; our family left the church because of the social doctrine that crept in). From Hillary’s book:

Don once remarked that he and Mr. Carlson were locked in a battled for my mind and soul. Their conflict was broader than that, however, and came to a head in our church, where Paul was also a member. Paul disagreed with Don’s priorities, including the University of Life curriculum, and pushed for Don’s removal from the church. After numerous confrontations, Don decided to leave First Methodist after only two years for a teaching position at Drew University, where he recently retired as Professor Emeritus of Social Ethics.

Later, she became a hard core leftist activist with Tommy the Commie as her mentor at Yale, and worked as a student activist to-among other things-free The New Haven Nine.

Teacher Paul Carlson – who died Aug. 19 – stood beside his photograph in Maine East’s Wall of Honor in 2007, next to his former student, U.S. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, shortly before retiring after a 50-year career. (Rene Edde/for Pioneer Press)

Wall-of-Fame History Teacher Paul Carlson

His life was one well lived by the effect he had on those around him…his students, friends and family are a true legacy never to be forgotten. He will be sorely missed and I was graced to know him and call him my friend .

Chicago Tribune Obituary:

R. Paul Carlson, age 73, a lifelong resident of Park Ridge, a devoted and dedicated teacher for 50 years at Maine East High School, at home with his Lord Tuesday, Aug. 19, 2008, beloved husband of Nancy; loving father of Thomas (Nancy) and Robert (Marcy) Patterson; beloved son of the late Walter and Eunice; cherished grandfather of David, Adam, Katie, Leah and Caroline; dear brother of Joyce Smith and Phyllis Allman; fond uncle, great-uncle and cherished friend to many. Visitation Thursday 3 to 9 p.m. at the Nelson Funeral Home, 820 Talcott Rd. (at Cumberland), Park Ridge. Family and friends will meet Friday from 9 a.m. until time of Funeral Service 10 a.m. at The Park Ridge Presbyterian Church. A Memorial Service for Paul will be held on Sunday, Sept. 7, 2008 at 3 p.m. at The Park Ridge Presbyterian Church, 847-823-4135, 1300 W. Crescent Ave. (2 Blks south of Touhy 1 Blk west of Greenwood). Should friends desire, memorials in Paul’s name can be made to Wounded Heros Foundation Inc., Two Prudential Plaza, 180 N. Stetson Ave., Suite 4525, Chicago, IL, 60601 or Season’s Hospice, 606 Potter Rd., Des Plaines, IL, 60016. Info: 847-823-5122 or http://www.nelsonfunerals.com

“One of the Best”

“He was one of the best guys Park Ridge has every [sic] produced,” said Friel. “He was a great man.”

Carlson, known as a staunch Republican, was friends with many followers of local and national politics including many Democrats. He was a teacher and friend to Hilary Rodham Clinton when she lived with her family in Park Ridge in the 1960s. He also taught former state representative Penny Pullen who grew up in Park Ridge.

Last year, Carlson was honored for his 50 years of teaching at Maine East with a large reception attended by hundreds of friends and well-wishers. He taught history and government at Maine East. He retired from teaching in June of 2007. Besides his teaching, Carlson was a member of the Park Ridge Morning Kiwanis Club.

He was also a longstanding member of the Park Ridge Historical Society.

Sign the guestbook that was attached to his Chicago Trib Obit.

There will be a memorial service for him in December – I think the date I heard was December 7. I’ll update this post with more detail as I get it.

Supposedly Hillary might attend.

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Through email I received this cool information:

Vets for Freedom at Democratic National Convention
Back from their Iraq trip, VFF credentialed in Denver

WASHINGTON, DC – Vets for Freedom (VFF) announced earlier this month that eight Iraq war veterans who are members of the organization would return to Iraq to assess conditions on the ground and analyze policy options for future U.S. military involvement. Having returned last week, the VFF Chairman Pete Hegseth and Vice Chairman David Bellavia will be at the Democratic National Convention informing delegates, key lawmakers and the American people about what they saw and the importance of commitment to completion of the mission in Iraq.

Both Hegseth and Bellavia will have media credentials for the Convention, and will be available for media requests to provide their informed, ‘boots on the ground” understanding of the mission in Iraq and the best future course for the United States.

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Biden Pro-abortion Stance Will Cost Obama Election

Catholic group denounces Obama’s pick of Biden for V.P

Not to worry, though, the democrats are so clueless that Nancy Pelosi doesn’t know what Catholics oppose abortion.


I’ll bet that denial is insulting to catholics in America…

Catholic League president Bill Donohue responded as follows:

“Here is what the Catechism of the Catholic Church says: ‘Human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception.’ It also says, ‘Since the first century the Church has affirmed the moral evil of every procured abortion. This teaching has not changed and remains unchangeable.’ Looks like Pelosi didn’t study the subject long enough. But not to worry: We are sending her a copy of Catholicism for Dummies today (the Catechism is like maybe a bit advanced).

“Whether Joe Biden is as ignorant of what his religion teaches remains to be seen. What is not in doubt is the enthusiasm which NARAL showed when he was selected to join the ticket. The radical pro-abortion group was delighted, as were the radical pro-abortion delegates to the Democratic convention: as reported in today’s New York Times, 64 percent of Americans reject abortion-on-demand, yet only 23 percent of the delegates do. It is only fitting, then, that NARAL’s president will speak today at the Convention and Planned Parenthood’s president will speak tomorrow.

“So there we have it: the man running for president on the Democratic ticket supports selective infanticide, his running mate is a pro-abortion Catholic, the delegates are wildly out of step with Americans on abortion and the Speaker of the House hasn’t a clue what her religion teaches on the subject.”

Pelosi and Biden both claim to be catholics, but as was mentioned previously regarding Biden’s involvement in getting the agents involved at Ruby Ridge and WACO excused for their crimes, it would appear that Biden doesn’t have any respect for life, family, or those people who cling to ‘religion and guns’.

Better that than worship government and expect it to save you.

We have–exactly how many government programs that are bankrupt now..? And they’re talking about making our health care system government-controlled and run? And putting the world on welfare (with Obama’s global poverty act) Are these people out of their minds?

Biden might be a pro abortion guy, but there is nobody who is as extreme on the issue as our presidential candidate the dems have standing at the podium; Barack Hussein Obama.

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Can’t wait to hear Covington’s fake french – Inspector Clouseau- accent.

“….that is why I’ve always failed where others have succeeded…”


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Play it from here.

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Apparently what’s happening in Delaware with Larry Sinclair is not an isolated instance as far as the Bidens are concerned:

“Ultimately, the Bidens threatened to use their alleged connections with a former United States Senator to retaliate against counsel for insisting that his bill be paid, claiming that the former senator was prepared to use his influence with a federal judge to disadvantage counsel in a proceeding then pending before that court,” the Lotito suit says.

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Big DC fundraiser cancelled

Blogburst logo, petition

Cancel as well the urgent action alert that was going to be the subject of today’s blogburst post. The Memorial Project has just abandoned the “gala” tribute and fundraiser they were planning for almost a year. The event was to be held in Washington DC on September 11th, and yes, they actually called it a “gala,” until Flight 93 family members said NO WAY.

Last month’s announcement of the event promised big:

An impressive Honorary Host Committee has been assembled consisting of over 200 members of Congress and the leadership of both the Senate and the House of Representatives. Special state delegations from Pennsylvania and California are also being organized for the event.

Assembled where? In the imaginations of Memorial Project personnel? If there really were 200 Congressmen on board, including the leadership of both parties, what could possibly prompt cancellation?

Has word gotten out that the memorial is actually a terrorist memorial mosque?

Fuggedaboudit. We are a long ways from Congress being alert to the facts. It is possible, however, that there is a growing awareness in Congress that the Flight 93 families are divided over the crescent design (now called a broken circle). Thank Tom Burnett Sr., whose efforts to stop the desecration of his son’s grave drew national television coverage in May, and extensive Pittsburgh coverage this month:

Tom Burnett, Somerset PA, 8-2-08

Tom Sr. on Pittsburgh’s KPXI channel 6, August 4th. (Click for video.)

Us critics know well the difficulty of going up against Flight 93 family members. Who would have imagined that conservative stalwarts like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity would remain silent about the planting of a giant Mecca-oriented crescent on the Flight 93 crash site? But all it takes is some family members on the other side and nobody wants to get involved.

Maybe Tom’s pleas for help are injecting the same paralysis into would-be supporters of the crescent design. If both sides are paralyzed, that is a step in the right direction, but it is nowhere near enough. Architect Paul Murdoch is still on track to stab his terrorist memorial mosque into the heartland of America. (That is the significance of a crescent that Muslims face into to face Mecca: it is the central feature around which every mosque is built.)

How big does the memorial controversy have to get before a few of these paralyzed big-wigs on either side decide to simply check the facts? All congressmen have interns they can assign to fact-check the Mecca orientation of the giant crescent (five minutes), the Islamic crescent soaring in the sky above the symbolic lives of the 40 heroes (five seconds), the 44 glass blocks on the flight path (just open up the design drawings and count).

Michelle Malkin, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity all have interns too. If these folks are skeptical, they ought to at least want to expose our claims about these features as a fraud, so that the controversy can be put to rest. If they find that our claims are accurate, all we ask is that they join the call for a proper investigation.

Come on movers and shakers. Paralysis is not enough. Stand paralyzed as Paul Murdoch pilots a re-hijacked Flight 93 to its mark, and the heroism of Flight 93 will be well and truly betrayed.

To join our blogbursts, just send your blog’s url.

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Some have thought that for quite some time, but Noel Shephard at Newsbusters examines an article that surprisingly enough, will be appearing on the front page of the New York Times – that indicates that the New York Times thinks so. Highlights:

These Democrats — 15 governors, members of Congress and state party leaders — say Mr. Obama has yet to convert his popularity among many Americans into solutions to crucial electoral challenges: showing ownership of an issue, like economic stewardship or national security; winning over supporters of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton; and minimizing his race and experience level as concerns for voters.

That’s where they have a problem; just as it is with 9% Nancy, democrats aren’t about solutions; they’re about throwing more money at failed government policies and inventing new reasong to grow government bigger. I liked the citizen storm trooper idea that Obama had that was a throwback to Hitler’s stormtroopers.

Democrats just like to play the blame game, and their “blame Bush” strategy, although nonsensical, has gained quite a bit of traction. To imagine that the country’s problems are completely because of George Bush is an oversimplification–but that’s what they’re about–slogans.

Mr. Obama has run for the last 18 months as the candidate of hope. Yet party leaders — while enthusiastic about Mr. Obama and his state-by-state campaign operations — say he must do more to convince the many undecided Democrats and independents that he would address their financial anxieties rather than run, by and large, as an agent of change — given that change, they note, is not an issue.

Wow, that’s quite an admission from “party leaders”.

“I particularly hope he strengthens his economic message — even Senator Obama can speak more clearly and specifically about the kitchen-table, bread-and-butter issues like high energy costs,” said Gov. Ted Strickland of Ohio. “It’s fine to tell people about hope and change, but you have to have plenty of concrete, pragmatic ideas that bring hope and change to life.”

Or, in the blunter words of Gov. Phil Bredesen, Democrat of Tennessee: “Instead of giving big speeches at big stadiums, he needs to give straight-up 10-word answers to people at Wal-Mart about how he would improve their lives.”

You mean some voters don’t consider the hype, the rockstar image and the comparisons to Bono enough to vote for him?

Imagine that.

That is part of an article that is running on the front page of the New York Times.

Mark this day in history.

From the New York Times article, “Allies Ask Obama to Make ‘Hope’ More Specific”

I don’t think he’ll “change” because there is nothing behind the smoke and mirrors but….more smoke and mirrors. Nice try, though.

Personally I’d like to see more clarification about that pesky fake birth certificate and try to get down to the bottom of the natural-born citizen issue, which is a requirement for a presidential candidate. Having Indonesian, kenyan and US citizenship simultaneously seems to be quite a conflict of interest for someone running for POTUS, and appears to be a glaring violation of US Election law.

Ah but what do we care about rules, anyway, when Obama bloggers are spamming people from email addresses that don’t belong to them from Obama’s campaign website?

But when that light shines down on us that makes us realize we should vote for him, little details that might bother regular folks, like the lie about his never having been a muslim and the paperwork from his school in Indonesia that says he’s an Indonesian citizen and a muslim under the name Barry Soetoro – and the paperwork for the Illinois Supreme Court -where he lied and claimed no known aliases – will all evaporate into thin air.

Nevermind the fact that Gaddafi himself says that Obama is a muslim and has endorsed him, too! I didn’t notice the “smears” website mentioning that.

After all, the president needs to have star power, and the hype around that should erase any silly concerns we have about his communist mentors like convicted terrorist Richard C. Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn, Frank Marshall Davis, etc., or the communist party’s endorsement, or Hamas’ endorsement, his links to Saddam’s Iraq through Rezko and the billionaire Auchi, and all the rest. Those things are hard to wrap your mind around, anyway. The focus should be on “si, si puede” – nevermind where that originates from!


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Obama Will ‘End 30 Years of Ultra-Right Rule,’ Communist Paper Says (CNS)

That would be 30 years that included Democrat presidents and even Clinton. The People’s Weekly World”, formerly “Daily Worker”, stands with Russia on the actions in Georgia, and to be sure, with this kind of endorsement the Russians and Chinese favor Obama, too.


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None of the Above!

My opinion on the choices we have in front of us in this presidential election – is that it’s a joke. There are no choices. There’s hard core leftist and there’s hard core leftist light.

Finally, someone has come out and called it like it is – Joseph Farah of WorldNetDaily, who wrote a book called “None of the Above”.

See the video for the book here.

The smart choice in this election, he says, is “none of the above.”

Farah: How to defeat ‘McCain-Obama ticket’
‘There is real choice in 2008, vote ‘none of the above,’ says author

“Many people who believe in these principles – principles most closely associated with the Republican Party – think holding your nose and voting for John McCain is the right thing to do in 2008,” he says. “I disagree. If McCain wins, he will have done it his way – with an incoherent platform that promotes global warming hysteria, embryonic stem cell research, unconstitutional restrictions on First Amendment freedoms, more illegal immigration, etc.”

In short; neither candidate seems to care very much about what the constitution says, and that should be of major concern to all freedom loving Americans.

“Farah is a serious man with a serious proposal that must be taken seriously.”
—Michael Savage, host of the Savage Nation

“Anyone who reveres this great nation can’t help but be appalled by this year’s presidential nominees. In None of the Above, Joseph Farah explains how we got into this deplorable mess, and what we must do right now if we are to reverse America’s downhill slide.”
—Jerome Corsi, Author of the New York Times bestseller The Late Great USA.

Finally, somebody who is thinking along the lines of Mychal Massie and Misha…“Fear Doesn’t Control My Vote, either!”

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Pickens and Pelosi

Pelosi’s 2007 financial disclosure form gives us a fuller understanding of why she’s obstructing drilling and the GOP’s call for the democrats to return and vote up or down.

Nan and the Wind Boon-doggle (Michelle Malkin)

Schedule III lists “assets and ‘unearned income’” of between $100,001-$250,000 from Clean Energy Fuels Corp. – Public Common Stock.” Clean Energy Fuels Corp. is a natural gas provider founded by T. Boone Pickens. Yep, that T. Boone Pickens– former oilman-turned-wind power evangelist whose ads touting a national wind campaign are now as ubiquitous as Viagra promos.

Pickens and Pelosi now share the same talking points downplaying the need to drill and open up more access to American oil. Instead, the Pickens pie-in-the-sky plan campaign proposes to completely replace natural gas with wind power in power generation and theoretically free up natural gas for America’s transportation needs


You have to wonder what these people are smoking.

Unfortunately the ‘sustainable energy’ sources are unreliable, expensive, and don’t give much of a ROI. But, unlike businesses in the private sector which would nix ideas like these as solutions, government promotes these expensive ideas as solutions; because ROI isn’t a concern; restricting our freedoms is the priority.

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