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wow! over 80 comments!

I ought to check this blog once in a while.  You loons are cracking me up…but keep yelling in the echo chamber…when I get some time, I’ll go through them all and see if there is anything worth either ridiculing or publishing.  In the event that I have found neither, they will be deleted.

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Illinois Review has a youtube video up, but doesn’t really frame it very well for the reader.  But Illinois Review has a separate article they could have linked to in that post-Morrison is running for Illinois State Representative in the 54th District.

Morrison is the handsome rat-pack looking guy I’ve seen at gatherings.  He spoke at the Palatine Tea Party, and he was at the Activist/Candidate Educational session that was held at the Rosemont Holiday Inn last Saturday.

See more at Morrison2010.com

X posted at Illinois Crime and Politics and Illinois Chronicle and Cao’s blog.

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