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“General” Gay Keith, the Clinton plant, was not a Brigadier General, but a reservist.

So we have another one to add to the list.

Jimmy Massey

Jesse MacBeth

Scott Beauchamp

Gay Keith Kerr

Kerr, according to Townhall’s Jonathan Garthwaite (see great videos here), is actually a member of Hillary Clinton’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transexual Americans For Hillary Steering Committee. He’s also part of a film production crew trying overturn the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy.

From Brigadier General Bill Becker, United States Air Force, (Retired)

Gay keith spent his years as a reservist, solely in the state of California military bureacracy. His BIO IS PUBLISHED in the gay organization dedicated to voiding the “Don’t ask don’t tell” policy.

For details, you must note that Kerr was retired from the inactive Army Reserves in the grade of Colonel. With the exception of a few years served on active duty as a Lieutenant, his entire service was in the reserves in California. He was placed in retired reserve status with the California National Guard Reserves and promoted to Brigadier General in that federally unrecognized status.

This is considered an “honorary” title similar to the PHD awarded by Universities as honorarium. We would never refer to such awardees as “doctor”. It is also noteworthy that he was a graduate of UC BERKELEY and served as an instructor in academia. He has no combat experience during his 43 years of “service” and it is a disgrace for him to be associated by the media with the active duty military!!!!

Thanks for listening to the voice of wrath of this old military aviator.


As Rush Limbaugh said, the left trots out frauds and phony soldiers….


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What a revelation.

The maxi-mea culpa runs more than 10 pages and thousands and thousands of words (self-pitying, rationalizing, messenger-blaming), but this is the belated bottom line: The Beauchamp stories are bullcrap.

bwahahaha! Couldn’t have said it better myself, but reasonable people, other than Meatbrain and people of his ilk, already suspected as much.

From Sweetness and Light comes The Frauds of War 

Go see the picture there of “Private Scott Thomas Beauchamp and his wife Elspeth [sic] Reeve, a TNR staffer, on a secret mission deep inside Cambodia, Christmas Day, 1968.”

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