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Drew Peterson’s neighbor also finds photos of graves

This is sickness. Apparently some blog posts are being investigated as being connected with this.

Anthony Laatz, administrator of findstacypeterson.com, said a few bloggers predicted something would happen around this time. He said he planned to forward the posts to state police.

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Drew: “I’m not going to get another date”-From the Chicago Suntimes

Drew Peterson says the the disappearance of his fourth wife, Stacy, and the mysterious death of his third wife, Kathleen Savio, might hamper his love life.

“I’m not going to get another date,” he said in an interview this week in his Bolingbrook home.

Why the heck should that be the first thing on his mind when they haven’t discovered what happened to Stacy yet? Excuse me, but it strikes me that he’s looking for his next victim. This guy acted like a stalker with his wives – following their every move.

Peterson Might Lose Pension Benefits For Spying On Wife’s Family

Recent reports might prove that Drew Peterson, the 53 year old retired police officer, suspected in the mysterious disappearance of his wife, had used police resources to spy out information about his wife’s family and friends.

He is believed to have accessed confidential background information on these people, saved in police records.

Bolingbrook Police Pension Board attorney Richard reamer told NBC News that such behavior is called ‘official misconduct’ and can be used to revoke his retirement benefits, including $6000 monthly pension.

Drew Peterson gets no respect

BOLINGBROOK, Ill. – Drew Peterson’s face recently appeared on a pinata- just begging someone to beat it with a stick-and the former Bolingbrook police sergeant says his fellow officers have been shunning him.

Aw.. poor widdo baby.

The pinata appeared Saturday at a prayer vigil for Stacy, who has not been seen since she vanished Oct. 28.

“It’s like they had this vigil for Stacy, and the next thing you know there’s a pinata with my face on it,” Peterson told the Chicago Tribune on Thursday. “All these policemen who were my friends, and I would have jumped in front of a bullet for, don’t even talk to me.”

Sounds like people are genuinely worried about Stacy’s disappearance. I wonder why Drew is NOT. Policemen shunning him might have something to do with his resignation which stopped the internal investigation,

On the day before Kathleen’s exhumation, Drew Peterson sent a formal letter of resignation to the Village of Bowling Brook Board of Fire and Police Commissioners. As a result, they would no longer be able to pursue an internal affairs investigation. After accepting Peterson’s resignation, Police Chief Raymond McGury told reporters that Peterson had brought disgrace to the police department and said that he was sorry Peterson had quit because he had wanted to personally fire him.

and then there’s this:

Peterson warrants indicate search for evidence of body disposal

The search warrant that was served this week may indicate that investigators are now focusing on how Stacy Peterson’s body may have been disposed of rather than how she may have died.

It sounds to me as though a pinata with his face on it was an appropriate beginning…


It seems to me he’s enjoying his newfound celebrity a bit too much.

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First, there’s the mask and the sunglasses.


And then there’s the Today’s Show interview and the analysis by experts of his body language…and the strange laugh he gave when asked to say something to Stacy if she’s watching.

“Come home,” the former Bolingbrook, Ill., police sergeant had responded with a laugh and a shrug. “Tell people where you are. That’s all I can say.”

It struck me strangely that he would kind of choke back a laugh and not even look into the camera.

It struck Stacy’s Uncle strangely, too…

“This is a guy, we’re told, who wouldn’t leave his wife alone. He followed her to college, he monitored her cell phones, he knew who she saw socially,” he said. “Number one, he ought to be able to say, ‘Here’s her cell phone records. Here’s the name of her boyfriend.’ Number two, he can’t give us one name, one example of who this mysterious person she may have run off with is.”

Then there’s the question of opportunity, Van Zandt continued, saying, “Nobody yet has raised a hand and said, ‘This woman who’s raising four children, going to college, keeping a household, being followed everywhere by her almost stalkerlike husband, would have time to develop a boyfriend.’”

Stacy Peterson’s uncle, Kyle Toutges, confirmed that observation in a separate interview on Thursday from Chicago with TODAY’s Meredith Vieira.

“None of us knew of another man,” he said, speaking for her family. “Her husband, Drew, was on top of her all the time, there was no way she had time to be with another man. He knew where she was every minute.”

Asked for his reaction to Peterson’s laughing request to his wife to come home, Toutges said, “He knew where she was, and he knew she ain’t coming home, that’s what it said to me.”

He sat there with his legs wide open in a defiant kind of a way and didn’t really answer questions directly. Some questions, he simply had no answer for, but all the while he was extremely cool and collected. Police are trained to convey messages, but this man seems conflicted. He doesn’t understand why people care about Stacy, it seems, he went on the Today’s Show with Matt Lauer to get the media off his back.

When he was supposed to look Matt Lauer in the eye, he didn’t do it very convincingly. He wants the media to leave him and his family alone, he said. I guess he can’t understand why people are looking for Stacy when he’s told them the unbelievable story that he believes she ran off with someone else.

The thing that he said that stuck with me is…’she’s where she wants to be’. And he doesn’t think she’s lost, so why should he go out and look for her?

Drew got over $1 million from the death of wife #3…although he claims it was put away for his children.

There is also talk of a blue barrel which a relative helped Drew remove from his home, that was ‘still warm’. This relative tried to commit suicide a few days later but Drew’s attorney poo-poo’s the story, saying the individual has a history of mental illness and alcohol abuse.

Reportedly, he called in sick the night of Stacy’s disappearance. 

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This time, the wife of a Bolingbrook police officer.

Stacy Peterson’s family reported her missing Oct. 29 after she failed to show up for an appointment with her sister in Yorkville. Her husband, Bolingbrook Police Sgt. Drew Peterson, has said he thinks she left him for another man.

Asked whether investigators are talking to Drew Peterson, Dorencz said, “We are focusing on Stacy and finding Stacy.”

Although Stacy Peterson told relatives in the days leading up to her disappearance last week that she was afraid of her husband and wanted a divorce, Drew Peterson is not considered a suspect in the case, Dorencz said. “He has been cooperative in the investigation.”

Investigators will try to talk to Drew Peterson’s children to see if they know anything of Stacy Peterson’s whereabouts. “We would like to talk to the kids,” said Charles B. Pelkie, spokesman for the Will County state’s attorney’s office. “We will be taking steps to make that happen in the near future.”

The state’s attorney’s office has been trying in vain to get information from the children of another missing mother. Their efforts to speak with the children of Lisa Stebic, of Plainfield, have been thwarted by their father, Craig Stebic, who police have labeled a “a person of interest” in the case.

Drew Peterson is now a suspect in his wife’s disappearance.

I just hope this story doesn’t end like Scott Peterson’s did. Unfortunately, according to ABC, Drew’s 3rd wife drowned.

Third Wife Drowned in Bathtub

Stacy and Drew had been married for four years. This was her first marriage, and his fourth.

In light of Stacy’s disappearance, prosecutors are taking a second look at Savio’s death three years ago in the bathtub of the couple’s home.

Before she died, Savio had filed an order of protection against Drew, which said in part, “He wants me dead, and if he has to, he will burn the house down to shut me up.”

The coroner ruled her death accidental.

So this is not looking very good for the man who is claiming he thinks she ran off with another man.

What a peculiar response he had to the investigation about the disappearance of his wife: instead of coming into the spotlight and claim he hopes she is found or something like that, he puts on a mask and hides behind his door and says he wants the spotlight on her and not him:

“I’d like to be able to walk down the street and not get pointed at,” he said.


Update: At the time I saw this, I had no idea: Drew Peterson’s third wife’s death was ruled a homocide.

According to that article, Michael Baden the remains of Peterson’s third wife stated there was evidence of a struggle and that she had died before she was placed in the bathtub. He concluded her death was a homocide.

The article also questions whether police helped cover up the murder.

Update: At the time I first saw this, I had no idea that: Drew Peterson’s third wife’s death was ruled a homocide.

According to this article, Michael Baden, examined the remains autopsy results of Peterson’s third wife.

The hair, her head hair, was soaked in blood, as the medical examiner says, and she had a laceration, a blunt force laceration on the top of her head. She had a dozen other black-and- blue bruises and scraping abrasions of the extremities and of the abdomen. It looks as if she — from the description that she was beaten up, apart from drowning. Her heart was good. Her brain was good. There were no drugs in her body on toxicology. There’s no reason for her to have drowned. Adults don’t drown if they’re in good health.

Her body was recently exhumed. Although Baden has said there was physical evidence on her body of a struggle and that she had died before she was placed in the bathtub, the first autopsy report concluded her death was accidental drowning.

Even though there was no water in the bathtub when she was found.

Numerous articles question whether police helped cover up her murder.

More recent news on Peterson here.

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