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They’re really not about women’s rights at all. In the face of Islamic extremism that encourages female mutiliation, beating women and honor killing, they remain completely silent. In the Sudan, as the story of the condemned British schoolteacher, Gillian Gibbons unfolds about the muslim/Islamic backlash for her naming a teddy bear Mohammed, American feminists STILL remain silent. And the backlash has been significant-some were calling for Ms. Gibbons’ death while rioting in the streets. Tammy Bruce points out feminists’ unwillingness to stand up for Gibbons:

There has been appropriate international outrage over the treatment of Gibbons, from virtually everyone except American “feminists.” Multiple Muslim groups in the U.K. have condemned the sentence. Even the popular little boy in Mrs. Gibbons’ class who suggested the name for the bear came to her defense, explaining that he named the bear after himself.

Yet, when asked by FOX News for a comment about the situation, a National Organization for Women spokeswoman said they were “not putting out a statement or taking a position.”

How politically correct of her.

This is how depraved the American left has become. A little Muslim boy in Sudan shows more courage and conviction for a woman under fire than a bunch of women sitting in Washington, D.C., who preen themselves on being the premiere “advocates” for women.

It’s been apparent for years that the American feminist establishment is nothing more than a shill for the shallow leftists in the Democrat party, wrapping themselves in the feminist label for convenience. Groups like NOW and Eleanor Smeal’s Feminist Majority, also amazingly silent in the past five years about Islamic terrorism and violence against women, use women’s issues as nothing more than slogans and chants in their efforts to gain political power.

It’s all about power and money to leftists, anyway…as long as it’s not their money.

Compare a schoolteacher naming a Teddy Bear “Mohammed” with suicide bombers named “Mohammed”. Then ask yourself why the schoolteacher is insulting the prophet using that name and the suicide bombers aren’t. (Bruce, 2007)

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Angry Sudanese protesters hold a newspaper carrying a photo of British teacher Gillian Gibbons during a protest in Khartoum, Sudan, on Nov. 30, 2007.  (AP Photos/Abd Raouf)

A Sudanese court convicted a British teacher this week of insulting Islam, and sentenced her to 15 days in prison, followed by deportation.

Her crime was allowing her students to name a teddy bear Muhammad.

It turns out it was at the request of a child whose name was Muhammad, and he wanted the Teddy bear named after him.

 “The greatest scholar in Sudan, Dr. Hassan al-Turabi, has himself condemned this,” Khan said. “I think that’s an indication that Muslims no longer want to remain silent and do not believe in these extremist views.”

Or at least they’re aware of what this looks like to the Western world, and are taking pains to make muslims appear more reasonable.

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