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Apparently the men who’ve thrown acid on their wives or female relatives, set them on fire, or cut their faces with a razor, took another route.

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If the ridiculous response to:

weren’t enough to prove *the point*, we now have the jihadis who are rioting in the streets because of a schoolteacher naming a Teddy Bear “Mohammed”.

Hugh Fitzgerald discusses blind moonbattery and its achievements through a few horrible examples at Dhimmi Watch. He mentions Danny Pearl and Nick Berg, but there are so many more. There were the Korean Christian activists killed by the Taliban, and the Christian anti-war activist, Tom Fox, who was also murdered, and there are others.

*The point is*-Islam is a primitive ideology that looks for any little thing that might ‘offend’ because it must be dominant….and it doesn’t matter if you’re singing ‘give peace a chance.’

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