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No intellectual diversity here; totalitarian moonbats continue pursuing their agenda to crush the opposition is based on a three-pronged formula.  Glenn Beck calls it the Progressives’ three tactics.

It was great to see him put into words what I have been thinking about lately – a complete departure from reason and facts; their backing facts into their preconceived storylines and throwing out the rest.  It was already apparent to me at the protests that I’ve attended along with the comments I’ve received on articles I’ve quoted and written about-that the communist/socialist activists think that profit is evil, and the Saul Alinsky tactic of marginalizing their political opponents which stems from an emotionally hysterical nonsensical argument (mostly name-calling) is another.  In terms of the global warming scam, healthcare, the financial industry and the auto industry-we certainly we can agree all of these have been presented to us as a crisis – but the moonbatty idea that government is here to fix these things couldn’t be more ridiculous.  It’s never fixed any of the things that it’s attempted to do in the past; only made things worse.

The hatred of capitalism is what fuels the evil profits argument; but what I don’t understand is – these evil profits are what companies invest into R&D, which at some point produces new products and product and medical technology, cures, and improvements.  We all stand to benefit from that; and so does the rest of the world.  R&D is not cheap. But sadly, when companies enter hard times, it’s often one of the first areas to be cut. America is the only nation that I’m aware of that generates tremendous technological advances; breakthroughs in medicine; cleaner energy (with no government intervention) and so on.  “Progressives” are actually about “regression”, not progress.  And even more sad is how they are all about destroying good things that the entire world has relied upon up until this point.

But that is about to change.  Case in point: how they want to stop third world countries from developing to “save the environment” based on global warming – which doesn’t exist.  The earth is in a state of cooling and has been – since the late 90’s.  This horrifying fact is why the IPCC DESTROYED its so-called research.

…reaching a new consensus will be exceedingly difficult because the raw data on which the landmark 1996 United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change based its conclusion has been destroyed.

It’s a deliberate case of sabatoge.

the last step in the scientific method is independent reproduction of results. But lost climate data cannot be reproduced, which is a huge problem for everybody. “Every time CRU massaged the temperature data, they were getting more warming from the same numbers. It’s incumbent upon scientists to find out why, but you can’t find out if you don’t have the data,” Dr. Patrick Michaels, senior fellow in environmental studies at the Cato Institute, told The Examiner. “The data needed to verify the gloom-and-doom warming forecasts have disappeared.”

Foisting a myth upon us in the name of science when it isn’t science at all – is what the REAL scientists have a problem with, because, as it says in the Examiner article-

what has happened is global temperatures have dropped every year since 1998, recent peer-reviewed research has uncovered the decisive influence of hot and cold cycles in the oceans on land temperatures, and growing numbers of scientists with unquestioned credentials are stepping forward to question the conventional wisdom.

They’d better move quickly if Mr. Nobel Peace Prize is going to sign away American Sovereignty and more of our hard-earned money in that environmental scam treaty in Copenhagen in December.  In effect, what that will accomplish is to redistribute America’s wealth across the world to third world countries -and the US will be the highest paying country into it.  Because it would require the other countries to give the US permission to let it out of the treaty once it’s signed, and they have the most to benefit from the US staying in, we would be in quite a pickle at that point.  That treaty will also trump our own constitution and laws – and nowhere in it does it mention anything about “voters”, “voting” or “representation”.  This is precisely what we were warned about by our founders with regards to taxation without representation.

Clearly, when moonbats use the three-pronged formula to argue any issue (and yes, they use it in every case)–they’ve moved into what Bezmenov described as the useful idiot category where facts mean nothing anymore.  You’re dumb, we’re in a crisis, we need to destroy evil profits (which means crush capitalism).

And this is what we’re faced with now; we’re opposing a group of radicals who don’t see the world as we do; who refuse to acknowledge that you have a point of view; who ridicule and attempt to marginalize you and even call you a liar if you suggest anything different than the party line.

In short; it’s totalitarianism.

But, as Bezmenov also observed, it’s these individuals who will wind up in the concentration camps alongside their political opposition, once their goal of smashing “the evil empire” has been achieved.  Yuri Bezmenov was an expert on this – read about him at wikipedia and take a look at the youtube videos of his interview with G. Edward Griffin.  So much of what he describes when he talks about his fulfilling the goal of ‘disinformation’ for the Soviets fits the description of the tactics the Obama supporters use.

Reverend Wurmbrand’s story about having been imprisoned in communist Romania for merely being a Christian details what ends up happening to moral people in a communist regime.  And they did the same thing-marginalize Christians along with the Jews in Nazi Germany, too.  It wasn’t just people of faith-it was even educated people.  They rounded up all the so-called intellectuals, teachers, and leftists – and put them away and/or simply shot them.

It is the leftist who will be the worst enemy of the marxist/leninist regime, once they realize the horrors of what this system accomplishes in practice.  “Social justice” is an empty buzzword.  To each according to his hyphen is the least of anyone’s worries at that point.  It’s the hyphens that have merely succeeded in dividing a nation in order for leftists to force upon the population their version of “equality” which isn’t equal at all.

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Here again we have more evidence of clueless moonbattery:

Still banging on about the birth certificate??

Why yes, along with lawsuits that have been filed against Obama in at least eight states– Hawaii, Washington, California, Florida, Georgia. Pennsylvania, New York and Connecticut, – too bad for you that there are those of us who’ve actually looked at Why the Barack Obama Birth Certificate Issue Is Legitimate; and that’s why there is a petition out there demanding Obama prove he’s natural-born and a legitimate candidate by allowing people to see his birth certificate. If he doesn’t answer the scores of lawsuits that are in the system, then he is, as Alan Keyes said, a “usurper”, and everything done during his presidency can be considered null and void. Doesn’t sound like you’ve considered any of the possibilities regarding that; could it be because you don’t value the rules set down in the founding documents?

Why would the Hawaiian governor seal Obama’s birth certificate if he has nothing to hide? Come on, man. Use your brain; it’s not only me, although it’s funny that you would position it as though I’m some sort of kook for continuing to ask questions about it. Why don’t you go to the websites of all of these articles and complain about it? You must crush all dissent toward the Messiah; despite all the nasty things you folks have directed against Bush, Palin, etc.! One-sided bigotry is all you’ve got, and you completely disregard the facts because you’re completely demoralized.

Seven reasons why Barack Obama should make the birth certificate controversy go away

The Great Birth Certificate Scandal/Coverup

Sign the petition to see Obama’s birth certificate

Have you ever wondered if this was such an issue, why didn’t the RNC and the McCain campaign raise it? They could have won the election if they were able to make an issue of it.

Have you ever stopped to think that all of the candidates have a connection to George Soros? I doubt that it would have made a difference at all if we’d had McCain or Obama – the results would have been the same, as they’re now declaring, McCain will vote with the democrats on the illegal immigration issue; and the main complaint that we had about McCain is that he IS NOT A CONSERVATIVE. At least when he chose Palin, we could see that he knows a conservative when he sees one…which is why the Obot thought police were so serious about attacking her. In my opinion this was a completely rigged election from the get-go and it didn’t matter who we voted for; it’s the people in power now who are calling the shots, due to McCain/Feingold and a number of other reasons…such as Media Matters.

Did you ever stop to think when watching the Clinton people march into the Obama whitehouse that we’re just getting more of the same…? Where’s the change except that Obama is a socialist that promoted infanticide?

But they didn’t, because maybe they know something that you don’t.

Or maybe they’re all on the same side, you idiot.

If your idea of rebuilding the conservative movement is hawking Sinclair’s and Korir’s lies and focussing on the non-existent birth certificate issue, then go right ahead…see how far that gets the conservative movement back on it’s feet.

blah blah blah. You haven’t proven that Sinclair is lying, and Obama not answering all the charges against him including the homosexual incident in 1999 sounds eerily familiar; Hitler buried his homosexuality, too. Doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Truth is what needs rebuilding; the conservative movement has suffered nothing except for increased attacks by radicals who subscribe to the Alinsky methodology of political discourse.

To use the argument that speaking my mind and voicing my opinion doesn’t serve the Conservative Movement – is hogwash. Your job is to make a mockery of all dissent.

It’s too bad you don’t know how to think for yourself, LOL

Have you heard Korir’s tape yet? Any day now Cao, just 24 more hours…

Korir’s sit is back up, bongoman, have you noticed? You must be having a hard time with the Korir effect; just like you’re having trouble with the Sinclair effect.

So sorry, you leftist bully…neither of them have run from their past like Barack Obama. And neither have them are flip flopping liars like Barack Obama, either, which is why I’m more inclined to believe them than the thought police who want to shape everyone’s opinions in adoration of the Obamessiah.

It’s funny to me that this is the same BS I’ve been tolerating for the last 4 years: complete intolerance from moonbat elitists who think they know better than everyone else; based on lies and hyperbole but call everyone ELSE liars.

Instead of calling people names, why don’t you come up with some proof that someone lies instead of just flinging the term “liar” around?

I think your goal is to desensitize people regarding the term “lie”, as in the days of Hitler when they celebrated the “death of the lie.” Good luck with that!

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Here are seven reasons not to vote for Barack Obama.

[1] Obama wants to issue driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. He even advocated this while in the Illinois Senate.

[2] Obama is for gun control. Are you listening, hunters and folks who just want to protect their family in case their home is broken into?

[3] Obama approves of baby killing (abortion). He voted to lift the ban on partial-birth abortion.

[4] Obama has the former CEO and CFO of the failed Fannie Mae as financial advisors. They helped create this mess, and now they can tell him how to fix it?

[5] In 2005, when George Bush, John McCain and others were calling for tighter controls on lending institutions, Obama and others voted against it. Oh, and don’t blame this mess on Bush. Bill Clinton, a Democrat, was the president who pushed for loaning to those whose credit was less than stellar.

[6] Obama says he is a Christian, but he has also said, “I will stand with the Muslims if the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” (From his book “Audacity of Hope.”) Do you know what the Muslim goal is? World rule and making conversion to Islam mandatory or be killed. The Koran says this is OK.

[7] Obama has the most liberal voting record in the Senate. With Congress under Democratic control, in the interest of good checks and balances, we don’t need a Democrat for president.

Thanks to Ruth Wallen from Henderson, Ky for the tip.

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When reading meatbrain’s site it’s apparent that – he’s a self-loathing white guy whose definition of racism is quite different than that in the dictionary; it means -focus your hatred on someone who’s a conservative and call that person a racist; no matter what reality is.

Meatbrain, you see, is Terry Bisson the science fiction writer, and he doesn’t know what reality is – he left the real world a long time ago and lives in a world of hatred and venom; which he aims at people who disagree with his demented socialist ideology; a weird strain of voodoo.

Beware; if you’re a capitalist, you might find yourself on his list of people to harass.

If you took a picture of Kender and his extended family, it would look like a UN postcard; yet to my knowledge, Terry Bisson’s children and family are all lily white. Socialists (aka democrats) are the ones who stress race, which is why Bisson keeps bringing it up. He’s actually the one that has a problem with it, being that he bypasses reason and goes to bat for criminal cop killers like mumia (strictly on the basis of race). while complaining that people would have compassion for – or dare to help- someone who finds himself homeless.

In this post, Meatbrain displays a chilling sense of Schadenfreude. And he goes to great lengths to accomplish it; he mirrors a post from Kender’s website that was put up in a moment of utter and complete dispair and then taken down. In some weird alternate dimension, meatbrain’s twisted mind has come up with the conclusion that Kender’s post was not genuine; and that he’s scamming people for money.

That’s a really sick joke he’s playing on himself right there.

Kender lost his significant other, a place to live, a vehicle to get around in, and his dialysis machine; all in one fell swoop.

Of course, the fact that Kender’s friends have rallied around him and lifted him back up PAINS meatbrain, because people who don’t agree with him should all die.

Maybe karma is showing itself here; because I’m convinced that meatbrain is so selfish and self-absorbed that if the situation were reversed, no one would rally around him; no one would have any compassion for his falling on hard times, and none of his socialist “friends” would give him a dime.

You have to BE a friend in order to have friends.

Meatbrain knows only hatred, criticism and contempt.

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It’s getting to be a regular thing, this google changing search results and editing what’s out there. It leads me to believe they’re attempting to control the flow of information.


I just took this snapshot, yesterday there was a lot more that you could find on google on and about this blog. There are quite a few posts here since December 1st…and they’re not indexed. I am not so thrilled about the number of people who’ve visited or the numbers showing in the stats here, because I think the enemies of freedom are among them.

One day later, December fifth: there is only one showing. Pretty soon, CAO2 will be missing. LOL


See the explanation for “Muslim Cleric: Muslim women are like juicy steak” – here.  I don’t feel like chewing cabbage twice.

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