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Dear Mr. President,

You face difficult challenges in matters such as achieving peace in the Middle East and protecting America from the threat of radical Islam and terrorism. These are challenges that have vexed past presidents, going as far back as our second president, John Adams. I have no doubt you appreciate both the gravity of these challenges and the enormous obstacles that exist to solving them.

I also have no doubt that you and your staff understood that, no matter what you said in your speech last Thursday (June 4, 2009) in Cairo, there would be those who would take issue with you. That is always the case when attempting to solve problems that are as deep and emotionally-laden as these challenges are.

I am assuming it is your sincere hope that the approach you have chosen to take, as evidenced by what I’m sure was a carefully crafted speech, will ultimately prove successful. However, it pains me to say this sir, but, while you said in your speech that you are a “student of history,” it is abundantly clear that, in these matters, you do not know history and thus, as Santayana noted, you are doomed to repeat it. In doing so your efforts, however well-intentioned they may be, will not produce what you profess to hope they will produce.

A wise man once said that if you start with the wrong assumptions, no matter how logical your reasoning is, you will end up with the wrong conclusion. With all due respect Mr. President, you are starting with certain assumptions that are unsupported by history and an objective study of the ideology of political Islam.

You began in your speech by asserting that “tensions” exist between the United States and Muslims around the world, which, of course, is correct. Unfortunately, you then proceeded, incorrectly, to lay virtually all the blame for these tensions at the feet of America and the West. You blamed western colonialism, the Cold War, and even modernity and globalism.

A student of American history, who is not trying to reconstruct it to fit a modern politically correct narrative, would state that tensions between America and Muslims began with the unprovoked, four-decades long assault by the Muslim Barbary pirates against American shipping in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. I find it telling that you mentioned the Treaty of Tripoli in your speech but <u>ignored</u> the circumstances that led to it. That treaty was but one of numerous attempts by the United States to achieve peace with the jihadists of the Barbary Coast who were attacking our shipping and killing and enslaving our citizens and our soldiers and who by their own admission were doing so to fulfill the call to jihad.

These jihadists were not acting to protest American foreign policy, which was decidedly isolationist, and there was no state of Israel to scapegoat. They were doing what countless Islamic jihadists have done throughout history, acting upon the hundreds of passages in the Qur’an and the Hadith that call upon faithful Muslims to kill, conquer or subjugate the infidel.

A student of world history would know that, for all the acknowledged evils of Western colonialism, these evils pale in comparison to the nearly 14 centuries of Islamic colonialism that began in Arabia under the leadership of Mohammed. The student of history would know that Islamic forces eradicated all Jewish and Christian presence from Arabia after Mohammed’s
death, and then succeeded in conquering all of North Africa, most of the Middle East, much of Asia Minor, and significant portions of Europe and India, eventually creating an empire larger than Rome’s was at its peak.

The number of dead and enslaved during these many centuries of Islamic imperial conquest and colonialism have been estimated to total more than 300 million. What’s more, the wealth of many of the conquered nations and cultures was plundered by the Islamic conquerors, and millions of non-Muslims who did survive were forced to pay onerous taxes, such as the
jizya,” a humiliation tax to the Islamic caliphs. Indeed, in some areas Christians and Jews were made to wear a receipt for the jizya around their neck as a mark of their dishonor.

These facts have not been invented by Christian or Jewish historical revisionists, but were chronicled by Muslim eyewitnesses throughout the past 14 centuries and are available to be researched by any person seeking an objective understanding of how Islam spread throughout the world.

You say in your speech that we must squarely face the tensions that exist between America and the Muslim world. That is a laudable notion with which I agree, but by casting Islam as the historical victim and the West (and by implication, America) as the aggressor, you do not face these tensions squarely, but alleviate the Muslim world from coming to grips with the
jihadist ideology embedded in its holy books and acted upon for 1,400 years.

Even worse, you empower and embolden militant Islamists who regard your gestures as signs of weakness and capitulation.

The issue is not that all Muslims are terrorists or radicals or extremists. We all know that the majority of Muslims are not. We also know that many peace-loving Muslims are victims of Islamist violence.

The issue is this: what drives hundreds of millions of Muslims worldwide to call for the death of Jews?

What drives millions of Muslims to riot, destroy property, and take innocent lives in reaction to the Danish cartoons?

What drives tens of thousands of Muslims to demand the execution of a British teacher whose only “crime” was allowing her students to name their teddy bears “Mohammed”?

What drives countless Muslims worldwide to actively participate in, or fund, or provide nurture to terrorist organizations?

What drives Muslims in mosques in America to proclaim and distribute materials that call for hatred of and the destruction of infidels?

What drives entire Islamic countries to prohibit the building of a church or synagogue?

To assume, as you apparently do, that what drives these actions is not an ideology embedded in the holy books of Islam, but rather other “root causes,” most of which you lay at the feet of America and the West, is at best naïve and at worst dangerous.

Lastly, I must address your statement that “Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance.” Unfortunately, the examples you gave are the exception rather than the rule.

Historically speaking, I seriously doubt the Egyptian Copts, the Lebanese Maronites, the Christians in Bethlehem, the Assyrians, the Hindus, the Jews, and many others who have been persecuted by Islamic violence and supremacism, would agree with your assertion.

For instance, Christians and Jews became “Dhimmis,” a second class group under Islam. Dhimmis were forced to wear distinctive clothing; it was Baghdad’s Caliph Al-Mutawakkil, in the ninth century, who designated a yellow badge for Jews under Islam, which Hitler copied and duplicated in Nazi Germany nearly a thousand years later.

I witnessed first-hand the “tolerance” of Islam when Islamists ravaged my country of birth, Lebanon, in the 1970’s, leaving widespread death and destruction in their wake. I saw how they re-paid the tolerance that Lebanese Christians extended toward them. My experience is not an isolated one. When you make an unfounded assertion about the “proud tradition” of tolerance in Islam, you do a great disservice to the hundreds of millions of non-Muslims who have been killed, maimed, enslaved, conquered, subjugated or displaced in the cause of Islamic jihad.

Mr. President, those of us like me who are ringing the alarm in America about the threat of radical Islam would like nothing better than to peacefully co-exist with the Muslim world.

Most Americans would like nothing better than to peacefully co-exist with the Muslim world. The obstacle to achieving this does not lie with us in America and the West. It lies with the hundreds of millions of Muslims worldwide, including many of their spiritual leaders, who take seriously the repeated calls to jihad in the Qur’an and the Hadith Who regard “infidels” as inferior and worthy of conquering, subjugating and forcibly converting.Who support “cultural jihad” as a means to subvert non-Muslim societies from within. Who take seriously the admonitions throughout the Qur’an and the Hadith to convert the world to Islam by force if necessary and bring it under the rule of Allah.

Unless you are willing to courageously and honestly accept this, your aspirations for worldwide comity and peace in the Middle East are doomed to fail.


Brigitte Gabriel

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A damning indictment of Barack Obama from Our Country Deserves Better PAC (through email):

Barack Obama promised “change we can believe in,” a new “hope” and “transparency in government” in the days leading up to his inauguration. However, his first week in office has been mired by a series of missteps and failures. The following report card by the “Our Country PAC” highlights a week in office that reveals Obama hasn’t changed at all from the liberal he was in the U.S. Senate and Illinois State Senate.

We’ve included citation links to support each of the claims made here. So be sure to SHARE THIS WITH YOUR FRIENDS – CLICK HERE.

Taxes and Fiscal Policy
Grade: D-

At a time of staggering deficits that require fiscal responsibility from the President and Congress, Obama and the Democratic leadership in the House & Senate are trying to outdo one another in spending more of your tax dollars.

Obama’s currently pushing for a $1 TRILLION spending plan that is heavy on big government programs with very little tax relief.

Before he even took office, Obama pressed then-President Bush to request the second $350 billion in federal bailout money. This is despite the fact that the first installment of bailout funds failed to loosen up credit markets as anticipated. Instead, many banks kept the money to pad their own balance sheets, and proceeded to cut credit limits on their customers’ bank credit cards.

National Security
Grade: F

Obama has placed a desire to “be liked” and to appease America’s enemies ahead of our national security concerns. He has emboldened America’s enemies and showed a dangerous weakness that some will be sure to challenge or exploit with Obama as Commander in Chief.

First Obama suspended the trials of terrorists being held at GITMO (Guantamo Bay Cuba Terrorist Detention Facility). Then Obama announced that GITMO would be closed altogether within one year – despite not having a plan in place on what to do with the terrorists being held there. Shortly after his announcement a video surfaced featuring two al-Qaida terrorists who had been held at GITMO – but then released. A Pentagon report indicates at least 61 GITMO detainees went on to commit or attempt to commit terrorist attacks after they were released from GITMO. And Obama now foolishly wants ALL detainees released from GITMO.

Obama similarly signed an executive order limiting the interrogation techniques U.S. intelligence officers can use in trying to obtain critical information from terrorists that could save American lives.

Obama also undermined the U.S. War on Terror by appeasing those who have been most critical of the missions of U.S. troops. His first call to a foreign head of state was not to a key U.S. ally (such as Britain or Israel) but instead to Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas. Similarly, Obama’s first official interview since becoming president was with a Middle Eastern television network known for broadcasting anti-American tirades, al-Arabiya television.

Protecting the Unborn
Grade: D-

Barack Obama angered pro-life advocates across the globe when he signed an executive order allowing taxpayer funding of abortions at U.S. facilities around the globe.

While people may differ on abortion policies here in America, it is an affront to pro-life Americans to take their tax dollars and use them to end human life.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi this week pushed for $200 million in funding for birth control saying, “we have to deal with the consequences of the downturn in our economy.” Astonishingly, the Democratic leadership was arguing that children are too costly for the nation at this time.

To his credit, Obama did ask House leaders to scrap the funding proposal, but he did not denounce Speaker Pelosi’s comments, but instead said it was not the right time for such a proposal – concerned about the backlash from some Republicans on Capitol Hill over the issue,

Grade: D

For all the talk of “change” that Obama pledged to bring to Washington, he has instead surrounded himself with the same Washington establishment figures he had said were part of the nation’s problems.

But what’s been worse is seeing the controversies surrounding Obama’s appointments.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has been called a “tax cheat” for having evaded his taxes.

His pick for Commerce Secretary was forced to withdraw his name from consideration after it was announced that he was the target of a federal corruption probe.

Obama’s nominee for Attorney General, Eric Holder, advocated clemency for 16 FALN terrorists during the Clinton administration and his law firm represents numerous individuals held at the GITMO terrorist detention facility.

And after Obama pledged not to have lobbyists serving in key posts in his administration he nominated an ex-lobbyist to serve as Deputy Secretary of Defense.




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“Internal Server Error” – but the last post I put up was about “A Slobbering Love Affair“, the great new book by Bernard Goldberg about how the media crossed the line during this past election cycle with their slobbering over Barack Obama.

From the front flap:

…the media crossed an important line in the 2008 presidential race, moving from their usual unthinking liberal bias to crass partisanship of the crudest kind, practically acting as spin doctors for the presidential campaign of Barack Obama. In A Slobbering Love Affair, his most provocative book yet, Goldberg demonstrates how the media launched an unparalleled effort to ensure the election of the man they regarded as The One. From the thrill Obama sent up Chris Matthews’ leg to the outrageously slanted “news” reports of the New York Times, Goldberg shows in exacting detail how the media, abandoning even the pretense of objectivity, moved from media bias to media activism. With his trademark blunt, honest, insider’s perspective, Goldberg reveals:

* How the media ignored, downplayed, or sanitized the rantings of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s long-standing “spiritual” adviser, and the radicalism of former terrorist (and Obama associate) Bill Ayers

* How the Obama campaign, while claiming to be “post-partisan,” kicked reporters off Obama’s plane after their newspapers endorsed McCain

* Why Obama’s election makes it more likely conservative talk radio will be stifled by a new “Fairness Doctrine” that has nothing to do with fairness at all

* Why the liberal media preferred Obama to Hillary

* What we can expect from the media’s coverage of Obama’s presidency

* BONUS: An exclusive interview with Rush Limbaugh on the unholy alliance between Obama and the mainstream media

A blistering takedown of the media’s slavish support for Obama, A Slobbering Love Affair highlights how the mainstream media has not only surrendered its integrity and objectivity, but could even endanger our democracy.

From the Back Cover

“Never in my memory were so many journalists so intent on effecting change as they were during the campaign of 2008. Sure, mainstream journalists always root for the Democrat. But this time it was different. This time journalists were not satisfied merely being partisan witnesses to history. This time they wanted to be real players and help determine the outcome. This time they were on a mission, a noble, historic mission, as far as they were concerned. In fact, I could not remember a time when so many supposedly objective reporters had acted so blatantly as full-fledged advocates for one side–and without even a hint of embarrassment.

“…Make no mistake: this is not the same old liberal bias we have witnessed for years. In 2008, the mainstream media crossed a line. As a result, their credibility is in tatters. Hardly anyone trusts them anymore. This is not good for them, of course. But it may be even worse for us.”

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Here again we have more evidence of clueless moonbattery:

Still banging on about the birth certificate??

Why yes, along with lawsuits that have been filed against Obama in at least eight states– Hawaii, Washington, California, Florida, Georgia. Pennsylvania, New York and Connecticut, – too bad for you that there are those of us who’ve actually looked at Why the Barack Obama Birth Certificate Issue Is Legitimate; and that’s why there is a petition out there demanding Obama prove he’s natural-born and a legitimate candidate by allowing people to see his birth certificate. If he doesn’t answer the scores of lawsuits that are in the system, then he is, as Alan Keyes said, a “usurper”, and everything done during his presidency can be considered null and void. Doesn’t sound like you’ve considered any of the possibilities regarding that; could it be because you don’t value the rules set down in the founding documents?

Why would the Hawaiian governor seal Obama’s birth certificate if he has nothing to hide? Come on, man. Use your brain; it’s not only me, although it’s funny that you would position it as though I’m some sort of kook for continuing to ask questions about it. Why don’t you go to the websites of all of these articles and complain about it? You must crush all dissent toward the Messiah; despite all the nasty things you folks have directed against Bush, Palin, etc.! One-sided bigotry is all you’ve got, and you completely disregard the facts because you’re completely demoralized.

Seven reasons why Barack Obama should make the birth certificate controversy go away

The Great Birth Certificate Scandal/Coverup

Sign the petition to see Obama’s birth certificate

Have you ever wondered if this was such an issue, why didn’t the RNC and the McCain campaign raise it? They could have won the election if they were able to make an issue of it.

Have you ever stopped to think that all of the candidates have a connection to George Soros? I doubt that it would have made a difference at all if we’d had McCain or Obama – the results would have been the same, as they’re now declaring, McCain will vote with the democrats on the illegal immigration issue; and the main complaint that we had about McCain is that he IS NOT A CONSERVATIVE. At least when he chose Palin, we could see that he knows a conservative when he sees one…which is why the Obot thought police were so serious about attacking her. In my opinion this was a completely rigged election from the get-go and it didn’t matter who we voted for; it’s the people in power now who are calling the shots, due to McCain/Feingold and a number of other reasons…such as Media Matters.

Did you ever stop to think when watching the Clinton people march into the Obama whitehouse that we’re just getting more of the same…? Where’s the change except that Obama is a socialist that promoted infanticide?

But they didn’t, because maybe they know something that you don’t.

Or maybe they’re all on the same side, you idiot.

If your idea of rebuilding the conservative movement is hawking Sinclair’s and Korir’s lies and focussing on the non-existent birth certificate issue, then go right ahead…see how far that gets the conservative movement back on it’s feet.

blah blah blah. You haven’t proven that Sinclair is lying, and Obama not answering all the charges against him including the homosexual incident in 1999 sounds eerily familiar; Hitler buried his homosexuality, too. Doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Truth is what needs rebuilding; the conservative movement has suffered nothing except for increased attacks by radicals who subscribe to the Alinsky methodology of political discourse.

To use the argument that speaking my mind and voicing my opinion doesn’t serve the Conservative Movement – is hogwash. Your job is to make a mockery of all dissent.

It’s too bad you don’t know how to think for yourself, LOL

Have you heard Korir’s tape yet? Any day now Cao, just 24 more hours…

Korir’s sit is back up, bongoman, have you noticed? You must be having a hard time with the Korir effect; just like you’re having trouble with the Sinclair effect.

So sorry, you leftist bully…neither of them have run from their past like Barack Obama. And neither have them are flip flopping liars like Barack Obama, either, which is why I’m more inclined to believe them than the thought police who want to shape everyone’s opinions in adoration of the Obamessiah.

It’s funny to me that this is the same BS I’ve been tolerating for the last 4 years: complete intolerance from moonbat elitists who think they know better than everyone else; based on lies and hyperbole but call everyone ELSE liars.

Instead of calling people names, why don’t you come up with some proof that someone lies instead of just flinging the term “liar” around?

I think your goal is to desensitize people regarding the term “lie”, as in the days of Hitler when they celebrated the “death of the lie.” Good luck with that!

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Are you ready for a win? Paul Marston spells out why he believes that McCain/Palin have a surprise in store for us.

We can win this race…..be energized, not discouraged……get out and vote today, and make sure that everyone you know who is committed to McCain/Palin votes also. Don’t spend time trying to change minds………every committed McCain/Palin voter must vote!

Now, take some time and read why Marston believes a landslide is coming.

Also see his update, here.

Just remember: Raila Odinga declared he was the victor before the votes were counted, too.

Marston’s article was posted last night and has already received over 42,000 hits.

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Unbelievable! The San Francisco Chronicle neglected to mention Obama’s SAYING that his policy on ‘clean coal’ technology would make coal not something that would be financially viable to pursue because it will bankrupt whoever attempts it because of government restrictions.

Newsbusters: Hidden Audio: Obama Tells SF Chronicle he will benkrup the coal industry

For some reason that url takes a very long time to load, so I’m going to put up the youtube video and some of the transcript.

Let me sort of describe my overall policy.

What I’ve said is that we would put a cap and trade system in place that is as aggressive, if not more aggressive, than anybody else’s out there.

I was the first to call for a 100% auction on the cap and trade system, which means that every unit of carbon or greenhouse gases emitted would be charged to the polluter. That will create a market in which whatever technologies are out there that are being presented, whatever power plants that are being built, that they would have to meet the rigors of that market and the ratcheted down caps that are being placed, imposed every year.

So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can; it’s just that it will bankrupt them because they’re going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that’s being emitted.

That will also generate billions of dollars that we can invest in solar, wind, biodiesel and other alternative energy approaches.

The only thing I’ve said with respect to coal, I haven’t been some coal booster. What I have said is that for us to take coal off the table as a (sic) ideological matter as opposed to saying if technology allows us to use coal in a clean way, we should pursue it.

So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can.

It’s just that it will bankrupt them.

NewsBusters’ Tom Blumer found that the San Francisco Chronicle story published on January 18 based upon this January 17 interview did not include any mention of Obama’s willingness to bankrupt the coal industry which you can hear on the audio. You can read the story here when you scroll down to the “In His Own Words” section. Way to cover up for The One, SF Chronicle!

From Newsbusters and —P.J. Gladnick, who is a freelance writer and creator of the DUmmie FUnnies blog.

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As I mentioned previously Larry Sinclair has posted the documents, phone transcript and affadvits from the Berg Filing in the Berg v. Obama case; including the phone transcript of the conversation with Sarah Obama where she reasserts that she was present when Barack Obama was born.

It is widely known in Kenya that Barack Obama was born in Kenya.

But, as I posted way back when, Obama’s support of his cousin in Kenya is something to be looked at, particularly because “Mr. Odinga is the cousin of United States Senator Barack Obama. Mr. Obama is from the same Muslim tribe, the Luo Tribe, as Mr. Odinga.”

Lame Cherry left a very interesting comment at Larry’s blog on this:

Please do not be crest fallen as your’s is the candle in this arctic wind which as Shakespeare states, “Burns brightest when the world is naughtiest”.

You featured something sir, which I had not seen in the Washington Times, but reveals everything which Obama has been up to in Africa.

As you might recall, the American policy was to find a government in Africa to use as a platform to use as African operations. I had suggested the British with American help remove Mugabe to create a Rhodesian Republic to build all other African states to be free and self sufficient.

Your Times posting though has revealed what Obama has been up to with Odinga.
Odinga and Obama have started a leftist intelligence plot (like the one which had the French socialists refining Niger yellow cake for Saddam.)

What it appears you have revealed is a revolutionary Black Islamocommunist super state in the making.

Kenya will be overthrown. Obama will send in a large US armed force. Odinga will then go after the prize of Rhodesia or Zimbabwe.

This is classic Brzezinski doctrine of using Muslims to terrorize and overthrow states the globalists want to control.

I had pondered just what was the reasoning behind the kidnappings and attacks on Chinese communists in the border of Sudan, and now it makes perfect sense, Obama is rooting out the Chicom presence so Brzezinski can gain oil monopoly. The same thing was done to Jews in Georgia via Soros, another Obama backer.

You have uncovered the bloodying of Africa for the globalists control in building a superstate there cleansed of tribes. If one takes Kenya and Rhodesia, one controls the bread basket to feed Africa.

In the south the Marxist control the wealth of South African mining. Add to that Sudan in oil, the entire domino of Africa falls into a quasi colonial state this time ruled by communist puppets who unlike Mugabe are not booting all the exploiters out.

What in essence you have uncovered Mr. Sinclair is Barack Obama is going to do to central Africa what he did with Arabs in exploiting blacks in South side Chicago.

Guess this meandering is broken exclusively here, but this makes perfect sense what Obama as an intelligence operative has been dusting off the communist relatives.

This is Brzezinski with the central Europeans using stooge Obama to create a new order in Africa.

They are going to link this to Congo for the vast resources there and the murder, rape and rapine which the world saw is going to be nothing compared to the Obama change for Africa.

They have that continent where they want it in half of it is dying of aids. Bring out the machete and Obama in retirement can be the Tony Blair of Africa and permanent Viceroy to the Rothschilds.

God help those Africans as they can not help themselves and Obama has the carving knife out ready to slice off the dark meat.

God bless

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October 31, 2008

All indications are that there is movement to McCain/Palin throughout the United States.

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell confirms this — (click here Rendell says race is closer than polls indicate)

Future more, Barack Obama has now scheduled campaign stops in Iowa and Joe Biden has dropped off the face of the Earth.

Senator McCain and Governor Palin are aggressively pressing on all fronts — Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, Virginia.

My contacts throughout New Hampshire indicate that Senator McCain is much stronger than recent polling here shows.

Senator McCain returns to New Hampshire Sunday, November 2, 2008 at the Peterborough Town Hall.

Please see the message below from a former Hillary Clinton staffer. It offers an insider explanation of what is happening.

It is worth the read.

Be Energized every vote counts. It only takes one more vote than the other side to win and that vote could be yours!!


A Hillary staffer comes clean (via Redstate)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

After a long and careful consideration of all the implications and possible consequences of my actions today, I have decided to go through with this in the hope that our country can indeed be guided into the right direction. First, a little personal background… I am a female grad student in my 20’s, and a registered Democrat. During the primaries, I was a campaign worker for the Clinton candidacy. I believed in her and still do, staying all the way to the bitter end. And believe me, it was bitter. The snippets you’ve heard from various media outlets only grazed the surface. There was no love between the Clinton and Obama campaigns, and these feelings extended all the way to the top. Hillary was no dope though, and knew that any endorsement of Obama must appear to be a full-fledged one. She did this out of political survival. As a part of his overall effort to extend an olive branch to the Clinton camp and her supporters, Obama took on a few Hillary staff members into his campaign. I was one such worker. Though I was still bitterly loyal to Hillary, I still held out hope that he would choose her as VP. In fact, there was a consensus among us transplants that in the end, he HAD to choose her. It was the only logical choice. I also was committed to the Democratic cause and without much of a second thought, transferred my allegiance to Senator Obama.

I’m going to let you in on a few secrets here, and this is not because I enjoy the gossip or the attention directed my way. I’m doing this because I doubt much of you know the true weaknesses of Obama. Another reason for my doing this is that I am lost faith in this campaign, and feel that this choice has been forced on many people in this country. Put simply, you are being manipulated. That was and is our job – to manipulate you (the electorate) and the media (we already had them months ago). Our goal is to create chaos with the other side, not hope. I’ve come to the realization (as the campaign already has) that if this comes to the issues, Barack Obama doesn’t have a chance. His only chance is to foster disorganization, chaos, despair, and a sense of inevitability among the Republicans. It has worked up until now. Joe the Plumber has put the focus on the issues again, and this scares us more than anything. Being in a position to know these things, I will rate what the Obama campaign already knows are their weak links from the most important on down.

1 – Hillary voters. Internal polling suggests that at best, we are taking 70-75% of these voters. Other estimates are as low as 60% in some areas – particularly Ohio and western PA. My biggest problem with this campaign’s strategy was the decision NOT to offer Hillary the VP slot. She was ready and able to take this on, and would have campaigned enthusiastically for it. This selection would have also brought virtually all of her supporters into the fold, and the Obama campaign knew it. Though I have no way of knowing this for certain, and I do admit that I am relying on internal gossip, Senator Obama actually went against the advice of his top advisors. They wanted him to choose her, but the only significant opposition to this within the campaign came from Barack and Michelle Obama. In short, he let personal feelings take precedence over what was the most logical thing to do. Biden, by the way, has been a disaster inside the campaign. Everyone cringes whenever he gives an interview, and he creates so many headaches as the campaign has to stay on their toes in order to disseminate information and spin whatever it was he was trying to say.

2 – Sarah Palin. Don’t believe what the media is telling you about how horrible a choice she was. Again, our internal polling suggest that though she has had a minimal impact on pulling disaffected Hillary Democrats to McCain, she has done wonders in mobilizing the base for McCain. Another thing – we were completely taken by surprise with her pick. In my capacity in the research department, I looked into the backgrounds of Leiberman, Romney, Pawlenty and Ridge, and prepared briefs. I don’t mind bragging that we had pretty good stuff on all of them. With Leiberman, the plan was to paint him as an erratic old-timer who didn’t have a clue as to what he was doing (pretty much a clone of McCain). In Romney, we had him pegged as an evil capitalist who cut jobs. Pawlenty was going to get the “Quayle treatment”, or more precisely: a pretty face, with no valid experience. Tom Ridge was going to be used to provide a direct link from McCain to Bush. As you can see, we were quite enamored of all of them. Then the unexpected happened – Sarah Palin. We had no clue as to how to handle her, and bungled it from the start. Though through our misinformation networks, we have successfully taken some of the shine off. But let there be no doubt. She remains a major obstacle. She has singlehanded solidified “soft” Republican support, mobilized the McCain ground game, and has even had some appeal to independents and Hillary voters. This is what our internal polling confirms.

3 – Obama’s radical connections. Standards[sic] operating procedure has been to cry “racism” whenever one of these has been brought up. We even have a detailed strategy ready to go should McCain ever bring Rev. Wright up. Though by themselves they are of minimal worth, taken together, Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, Father Pfelger, and now, Rashid Khalidi, are exactly what the campaign does not need. The more focus on them, the more this election becomes a referendum on Obama. The campaign strategy from the very beginning was to make this election a referendum on Bush. Strategists have been banging their head on how successfully McCain has distanced himself from Bush. This has worked, and right now the tide is in his favor. People are taking a new look at Barack Obama, and our experience when this happens tells us this is not good news at all. When they take a look at him, one or more of these names are bound to be brought up. McCain has wisely not harped on this in recent weeks and let voters decide for themselves. This was a trap we set for him, and he never fully took the bait. Senator Obama openly dared him to bring up Ayers. This was not due to machismo on the part of Obama, but actually due to campaign strategy. Though McCain’s reference to Ayers fell flat in the last debate, people in the Obama campaign were actually disappointed that he didn’t follow through on it more and getting into it. Our focus groups found this out: When McCain brings these connections up, voters are turned off to him. They’d rather take this into consideration themselves, and when this happens, our numbers begin to tank.

4 – The Bradley Effect. Don’t believe these polls for a second. I just went over our numbers and found that we have next to no chance in the following states: Missouri, Indiana, North Carolina, Florida, New Hampshire and Nevada. Ohio leans heavily to McCain, but is too close to call it for him. Virginia, Pennsylvania, Colorado, New Mexico and Iowa are the true “toss up states”. The only two of these the campaign feels “confident” in are Iowa and New Mexico. The reason for such polling discrepancy is the Bradley Effect, and this is a subject of much discussion in the campaign. In general, we tend to take a -10 point percentage in allowing for this, and are not comfortable until the polls give us a spread well over this mark. This is why we are still campaigning in Virginia and Pennsylvania! This is why Ohio is such a desperate hope for us! What truly bothers this campaign is the fact that some pollsters get up to an 80% “refuse to respond” result. You can’t possibly include these into the polls. The truth is, people are afraid to let people know who they are voting for. The vast majority of these respondents are McCain supporters. Obama is the “hip” choice, and we all know it.

As part of my research duties, I scour right wing blogs and websites to get somewhat of a “feel” as to what is being talked about on the other side. Much of it is nonsense, but there are some exceptions which give the campaign jitters. A spirited campaign has been made to infiltrate many pro-Hillary sites and discredit them. A more disorganized, but genuine effort has also been made to sow doubts among the unapologetically right wing sites such as redstate.com. Don’t you guys get it? This has been the Obama campaign’s sole strategy from the very beginning! The only way he wins is over a dispirited, disorganized, and demobilized opposition. This is how it has been for all of his campaigns. What surprises me is that everyone has fallen for it. You may point to the polls as proof of the inevitability of all of this. If so, you have fallen for the oldest trick in the book. How did we skew these polls, you might ask? It all starts with the media “buzz” which has been generated over the campaign. Many stories are generated on the powerful Obama ground game, and how many new voters were registered. None of this happens by coincidence. It is all part of the poll-skewing process. This makes pollsters change their mixes to reflect these new voters and tilt the mix more towards Democratic voters. What is not mentioned or reported on is not the “under-reported cell phone users or young voters” we hear so much about. What is underreported is you.

I changed my somewhat positive opinion of this campaign during the unfair and sexist campaign against Sarah Palin. I will never agree with her on the issues and will probably never vote for her, but I am embarrassed of what has happened. I can’t ignore our own hand in all of this. What I do know is that I will not be voting for Obama this time around. Treat that as you will.

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Here are seven reasons not to vote for Barack Obama.

[1] Obama wants to issue driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. He even advocated this while in the Illinois Senate.

[2] Obama is for gun control. Are you listening, hunters and folks who just want to protect their family in case their home is broken into?

[3] Obama approves of baby killing (abortion). He voted to lift the ban on partial-birth abortion.

[4] Obama has the former CEO and CFO of the failed Fannie Mae as financial advisors. They helped create this mess, and now they can tell him how to fix it?

[5] In 2005, when George Bush, John McCain and others were calling for tighter controls on lending institutions, Obama and others voted against it. Oh, and don’t blame this mess on Bush. Bill Clinton, a Democrat, was the president who pushed for loaning to those whose credit was less than stellar.

[6] Obama says he is a Christian, but he has also said, “I will stand with the Muslims if the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” (From his book “Audacity of Hope.”) Do you know what the Muslim goal is? World rule and making conversion to Islam mandatory or be killed. The Koran says this is OK.

[7] Obama has the most liberal voting record in the Senate. With Congress under Democratic control, in the interest of good checks and balances, we don’t need a Democrat for president.

Thanks to Ruth Wallen from Henderson, Ky for the tip.

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Jay points out that the story about those flags the DNC pitched in the garbage simply won’t go away!

One Party’s Trash Is Another Party’s Treasure: McCain Camp Rescues Flags Thrown in Trash From DNC

Really drives home that “god damned America” mantra that Obama was hearing for 20 years.

Now, of course, worried that the American public is going to catch on to their America-hating, these losers are now trying to spread the rumor that McCain’s campaign STOLE the flags.

You think anyone’s going to buy that?

“Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home, kill your parents, that’s where it’s really at.”
Bill Ayers

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Thomas Sowell has a great piece up on “Change in Politics” -regarding Obama and why the “change” rhetoric is merely repeating the failures of FDR regarding the economy, but points out that at least FDR had the sense to be strong on national security.

Obama doesn’t have FDR’s sense, although he shares the love for social programs.

Obama’s minions have been busy creating obfuscations regarding Sarah Palin, which is a good sign. LGF pointed out the connection to “Fight the Smears” and anti-Palin websites, which seems to indicate that “fightint the smears” involves inventing smears against political opponents. Their hysteria has involved a number of insults to McCain, as well.

Obama doesn’t have any women in his organization, he didn’t chose a woman as veep, but what his campaign has been fighting for was to prevent Hillary Clinton from getting into the Oval office, and now to prevent another woman from having a role in this, -Sarah Palin.–with women’s votes.

The Obamanazis have been searching for a picture of Sarah Palin in a bikini. Why they think that would be disparaging, I don’t know – she was formerly at one time Miss Alaska; a beauty queen. But as see-dubya has pointed out, they tried that same bikini schtick with Michelle Malkin, and it didn’t work.

But they don’t realize that their disgusting ploys rarely work; it just goes to show that they’re bereft of class and civility.

Take a look at this post again and notice how many insults there are in it – without a shred of evidence or fact; it’s complete spin!

Mooseburgers for Everyone to Celebrate Palin, McCain’s VP Pick!
By Tracy DC ☮DC T☮ YesWeDid – Aug 30th, 2008

McCain chooses Sarah Palin for VP spot (after meeting her once) to woo disgruntled Hillraisers, to get financial support from his heretofore unexcited conservative base who was gonna vote for him anyway, as an attempt to reignite his fading image as a maverick, and because he fantasizes what the former beauty queen looks like when the hair comes down and the glasses come off.

That part about the hair coming down and the glasses coming off has been edited out if you go there now. The depiction of conservatives’ being disgusted with McCain up until this point, though, is completely true. But it’s about the only shred of truth in this blog posting at myobama.com

Moreover, I’m sure McCain is trying to figure out if she can be paid less for being a VP than his other strung-along would-be male picks since he’s against equal pay for women. The above must be the reasons since Palin’s experience does not qualify her to potentially be a heartbeat away from being the Leader of the Free World, even more troubling, when you consider whose 72 year old little off beat heart we’re talkin’ about, here.

He’s against equal pay for women – what? Where’s the proof of this? Palin’s experience is similar to that of Obama’s in years, and if you’re going to compare the two and call Palin inexperienced, then you’ll have to admit that Obama is, too. In fact, Obama’s veep choice Joe Biden, demonstrates Obama’s insecurity on the ‘experience’ issue, but also demonstrates that Obama is about politics as usual because Biden has a breathtaking 30 year career in the Senate – having accomplished a number of things during that period which are hardly items to brag about – such as defending the agents that murdered the people at Waco and a young boy, Sam Weaver. and a young mother holding her baby at Ruby Ridge, Vicki Weaver.

All this while completely disregarding Cindy McCain who is very accomplished in her own right, this person depicts McCain as a man who would not treat Palin equally, despite the fact that McCain – not Obama – chose a young woman running mate. Obama was fighting Hillary, and now he’ll be attempting to use women’s votes against Palin. Democrats don’t REALLY believe in ‘equality’ that’s why they have different rules for different groups. And the attack on Palin’s experience reflects this individual’s disconnect from reality, since although Palin’s inexperience is comparable to Obama’s, she has 7 years of executive experience, and being the governor of a state that is flanked by two foreign countries, Canada on the one side and Russia on the other. So she has an awareness of the threat that Russia poses moreso than Biden or Obama, despite Biden’s 30 years of politics as usual. That’s not to mention Biden being a barrel of gaffes. (Recall “you cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent.” and “I mean, you got the first mainstream African American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.” )

They’re making points for the other side with this stuff.

To end on a positive note with regard to Palin, you can’t deny her superwoman status–three days after giving birth to her son with Down Syndrome (now 5 months), she was back in the office trying to make sure that polar bears aren’t considered an endangered species, that BIG OIL rules, that incest and rape victims do not have a right to abortion, and that creationism will be taught in school, that is, if one can’t home-school.

No worries about missing dinner for her big family of 7, she’s got that handled too. She’s a moose hunter and has enough frozen microwavable mooseburgers to feed an army stored up for a year! Can’t wait to debate her myself!

quite a bit of stereotyping going on there, heh?

Polar bears are not an endangered species. Palin is not about “big oil” but about energy alternatives. Taking our dependence off of foreign oil is something we should be actively seeking – and of course we won’t see the benefits of doing it for at least 5 years; that’s a given. We should also take proactive measures in order to activate dormant refineries.

How many incest and rape victims are impregnated by rape? She should examine her statistics. And what is wrong with creationism being taught in schools when there is no evidence of evolution in the fossil record, and evolution has never been witnessed? There is certainly more evidence for creation than there is for evolution; what that individual is doing is railing against Christianity as most ‘scientific’ socialists do. The problem is when you look at the science, science backs up the biblical version of how the earth came into being; and is extremely scientific.

I would look forward to Palin debating this moonbat, that post demonstrates how moonbattery involves no rational thought.

As a commenter said in my comments section–at Obama rallies, they’re yelling O-ba-ma! And at McCain rallies, they’re chanting U-S-A! That’s about all you need to know about the two campaigns; one is to coronate a socialist dictator, the other is for service to our country. One is for strangling the taxpayer with blinding taxation, the other is for cutting the pork and special interests and returning us to representative government.

Should that happen, I can see the ancient carreers of people such as Dick Durbin and Joe Biden going by the wayside. I’d like to see a change in the rules for representatives – in that they have limited terms, and would not be allowed to behave as though they’ve been given a lifetime appointment.

Sarah Palin is about REAL CHANGE. She’s fought for it within her own party. She represents all that is good, and is a mother of five children, a lifetime NRA member, hunts and fishes, and loves moose stew.

She is refreshing and as Uncle Jack said in this post, Palin is turning the conservative base who was formerly disgusted by McCain, –around to voting for him.

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I got an email from Americans for Limited Government today.

August 27th, 2008—Americans for Limited Government president Bill Wilson today strongly condemned Sen. Barack Obama for “attempting to censor free speech and creating a pathology of oppression that threatens to gut the First Amendment.”

Wilson’s comments came in response to efforts by the Obama campaign to ban a commercial critical of Obama from the airwaves. The commercial, which reveals the close relationship between Obama and unrepentant domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, is sponsored by an independent organization known as the American Issues Project. Obama has intimidated several major TV networks into refusing to air the ad and has pushed the Department of Justice to “investigate and prosecute” the organization.

“Mr. Obama has now established an undeniable, indelible image of himself as a thin-skinned, pathological authoritarian,” Wilson said. “Time and again since he first declared himself a candidate for the presidency, he has first denied charges against him and then, when the truth came out, viciously attacked those who dared to tell the truth. He has shown utter contempt both for the facts of the matter and freedom of speech.”

Wilson cited numerous examples of Obama’s “pathological authoritarian” behavior that, according to Wilson, “call into question his fitness to hold any position where he can suppress dissent and oppress those who dare to offer it”:

o When the story first broke of Jeremiah Wright’s racist attacks from the pulpit of Obama’s church, the Senator first denied such attacks occurred. Then, after the release of videos, the Senator, in his “racial reconciliation” speech, lashed out at the past racism of white Americans, including his own grandmother.

o When asked about abortion in the Saddleback Forum, Obama denied that he had ever supported the killing of babies who had survived the abortion procedure. After the debate, when questioned about his response by CNS reporters, Obama lashed out at his accusers, labeling them “liars.” Subsequently, the Obama campaign was forced to issue a statement confirming Obama’s support for post-birth abortion.

o When unflattering elements of his past record in both the Illinois state senate and U.S. Senate were exposed by independent groups supporting Democrat primary candidates Hillary Clinton and John Edwards, Obama first vehemently denied the accusations. When the groups stood by their charges, Obama called for criminal investigations and prosecutions of the groups’ donors.

o When Obama wrote his book Dreams from My Father, the senator conspicuously — and some have charged, deceptively — left out the full name of his acknowledged mentor, “Frank.” When Jerome Corsi exposed the mentor to be communist party member Frank Marshall Davis, Obama lashed out at Corsi with a 40-page screed attacking the journalist’s integrity. The Corsi revelation proved to be true.

o When Obama went to Iraq, and Gen. David Petraeus explained to him why the surge had been successful, Obama – despite being presented with the facts on the ground – continued to deny the success of the surge. Then, when pressed on the evidence presented, the Senator lashed out at Petraeus, telling Fox News, “My job is to make the decisions about the national security issues … Their job is just to get the job done.”

“And now,” Wilson said, “we have Obama is once again exhibiting the same chilling cycle of defraud and defame. Obama knows he has maintained a close friendship with Ayers, and he knows that Ayers remains proud of his terrorist attacks upon the people of the United States. So, instead of admitting his own frightening lack of good judgment, Obama once again viciously attacks those who dare to expose the truth.”

Wilson pointed out that according to those in attendence at the cocktail reception thrown by Ayers to launch Obama’s state senate bid in 2005, Ayers played a pivotal role in pushing the Obama candidacy. According to attendee Maria Warren, “They were launching him — introducing him to the Hyde Park community as the best thing since sliced bread.”

And Ayers, according to Wilson, didn’t merely sit on the board of the Woods Fund of Chicago with Obama, as the Senator has contended; it was Ayers who helped Obama secure the board position.

But it isn’t only in these instances that he has avoided the truth, lied about it, and attacked the people asking questions. And in quite a few instances, he has sent some very challenged individuals out to do his bidding and silence the opposition.

Too bad it hasn’t worked.

In Cuba, they’d just shoot you. And wasn’t it the Obama democrats who show Che’s image as an image of socialist revolution and change; as someone to be looked up to? A murdering sociopath who bound and and gagged his captives before he shot them in front of their relatives?

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Biden Pro-abortion Stance Will Cost Obama Election

Catholic group denounces Obama’s pick of Biden for V.P

Not to worry, though, the democrats are so clueless that Nancy Pelosi doesn’t know what Catholics oppose abortion.


I’ll bet that denial is insulting to catholics in America…

Catholic League president Bill Donohue responded as follows:

“Here is what the Catechism of the Catholic Church says: ‘Human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception.’ It also says, ‘Since the first century the Church has affirmed the moral evil of every procured abortion. This teaching has not changed and remains unchangeable.’ Looks like Pelosi didn’t study the subject long enough. But not to worry: We are sending her a copy of Catholicism for Dummies today (the Catechism is like maybe a bit advanced).

“Whether Joe Biden is as ignorant of what his religion teaches remains to be seen. What is not in doubt is the enthusiasm which NARAL showed when he was selected to join the ticket. The radical pro-abortion group was delighted, as were the radical pro-abortion delegates to the Democratic convention: as reported in today’s New York Times, 64 percent of Americans reject abortion-on-demand, yet only 23 percent of the delegates do. It is only fitting, then, that NARAL’s president will speak today at the Convention and Planned Parenthood’s president will speak tomorrow.

“So there we have it: the man running for president on the Democratic ticket supports selective infanticide, his running mate is a pro-abortion Catholic, the delegates are wildly out of step with Americans on abortion and the Speaker of the House hasn’t a clue what her religion teaches on the subject.”

Pelosi and Biden both claim to be catholics, but as was mentioned previously regarding Biden’s involvement in getting the agents involved at Ruby Ridge and WACO excused for their crimes, it would appear that Biden doesn’t have any respect for life, family, or those people who cling to ‘religion and guns’.

Better that than worship government and expect it to save you.

We have–exactly how many government programs that are bankrupt now..? And they’re talking about making our health care system government-controlled and run? And putting the world on welfare (with Obama’s global poverty act) Are these people out of their minds?

Biden might be a pro abortion guy, but there is nobody who is as extreme on the issue as our presidential candidate the dems have standing at the podium; Barack Hussein Obama.

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Code blue is in effect until further notice.  Pass it on.

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There was a liar and felon named Scott

A bastion of truth he was not

When he himself passed bad checks

What could possibly be next?

$750,000+ restitution from daddy.


Covington called Larry’s mother, demanding money back in April.  Now isn’t that called extortion?

Extortionoutwresting, or exaction is a criminal offense, which occurs, when a person unlawfully obtains either money, property or services from a person, entity, or institution, through coercion

Coercion is the practice of compelling a person or manipulating them to behave in an involuntary way (whether through action or inaction) by use of threats,intimidation or some other form of pressure or force. 

Did he honestly think that his threats would get him anywhere?

Covington was angry and abusive over the phone and didn’t answer her questions.  He simply demanded to get money back that ‘his mother’ donated to Larry’s legal fund.  Larry’s mom said he should contact the attorney…but that wasn’t good enough for Covington.

The number that was used to call her was the phone number for Covington’s piano store.

How in the world could Covington be that stupid?

One has to wonder if his family created a monster by allowing him to behave this way as a kid.

But now he’s a full grown man, and should be held responsible for his actions.  There is no excuse for this.

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