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What’s been going down in Minnesota is interesting.

Al Franken’s backers in Minnesota are so fearful of what the Republican National Lawyers Association (RNLA) is doing to demand a fair Senate election in Minnesota that Franken’s backers have even taken legal action against the RNLA at the Federal Election Commission.

This is intimidation.

Franken, Harry Reid, and the Democratic Party of Minnesota will stop at nothing to seat Franken in the Senate.

Before the “recount” was complete, Reid tried to seat Franken and declared:

“Norm Coleman will never ever serve [again] in the Senate.“

That takes some balls: The official election is not over in Minnesota. In fact, as we speak, a new judicial panel is being empowered to review all of these funny ballots that went in Franken’s favor, giving him his alleged lead.

Don’t forget that, on election night in November, Republican Coleman was ahead by 725 votes.

Even Reid’s deputy, Sen. Dick Durbin, admitted that no senator has been seated without an election certificate since 1884.

till, Reid claimed that Minnesota is a “different animal” and that he still would seat Franken.

But GOP pressure and the work of the RNLA, among others, prompted Reid to back down. For the moment.

Though he hasn’t seated Franken in the Senate, Reid has outrageously broken all tradition and sealed shut Sen. Coleman’s office, leaving Minnesotans without one of their senators.

This liberal hate comedian, Al Franken, is so desperate to snatch this Senate seat from Norm Coleman that Franken now says the law of Minnesota, the state he allegedly is trying to represent in the Senate, does not apply to his Senate race.

He even sued to be seated in the Senate before the election contest has been completed — as required under Minnesota law; they even went so far as to file a false and frivolous FEC complaint to stop the RNLA.

I encourage people to give to the RNLA to help defeat Franken!

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I got an email from Americans for Limited Government today.

August 27th, 2008—Americans for Limited Government president Bill Wilson today strongly condemned Sen. Barack Obama for “attempting to censor free speech and creating a pathology of oppression that threatens to gut the First Amendment.”

Wilson’s comments came in response to efforts by the Obama campaign to ban a commercial critical of Obama from the airwaves. The commercial, which reveals the close relationship between Obama and unrepentant domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, is sponsored by an independent organization known as the American Issues Project. Obama has intimidated several major TV networks into refusing to air the ad and has pushed the Department of Justice to “investigate and prosecute” the organization.

“Mr. Obama has now established an undeniable, indelible image of himself as a thin-skinned, pathological authoritarian,” Wilson said. “Time and again since he first declared himself a candidate for the presidency, he has first denied charges against him and then, when the truth came out, viciously attacked those who dared to tell the truth. He has shown utter contempt both for the facts of the matter and freedom of speech.”

Wilson cited numerous examples of Obama’s “pathological authoritarian” behavior that, according to Wilson, “call into question his fitness to hold any position where he can suppress dissent and oppress those who dare to offer it”:

o When the story first broke of Jeremiah Wright’s racist attacks from the pulpit of Obama’s church, the Senator first denied such attacks occurred. Then, after the release of videos, the Senator, in his “racial reconciliation” speech, lashed out at the past racism of white Americans, including his own grandmother.

o When asked about abortion in the Saddleback Forum, Obama denied that he had ever supported the killing of babies who had survived the abortion procedure. After the debate, when questioned about his response by CNS reporters, Obama lashed out at his accusers, labeling them “liars.” Subsequently, the Obama campaign was forced to issue a statement confirming Obama’s support for post-birth abortion.

o When unflattering elements of his past record in both the Illinois state senate and U.S. Senate were exposed by independent groups supporting Democrat primary candidates Hillary Clinton and John Edwards, Obama first vehemently denied the accusations. When the groups stood by their charges, Obama called for criminal investigations and prosecutions of the groups’ donors.

o When Obama wrote his book Dreams from My Father, the senator conspicuously — and some have charged, deceptively — left out the full name of his acknowledged mentor, “Frank.” When Jerome Corsi exposed the mentor to be communist party member Frank Marshall Davis, Obama lashed out at Corsi with a 40-page screed attacking the journalist’s integrity. The Corsi revelation proved to be true.

o When Obama went to Iraq, and Gen. David Petraeus explained to him why the surge had been successful, Obama – despite being presented with the facts on the ground – continued to deny the success of the surge. Then, when pressed on the evidence presented, the Senator lashed out at Petraeus, telling Fox News, “My job is to make the decisions about the national security issues … Their job is just to get the job done.”

“And now,” Wilson said, “we have Obama is once again exhibiting the same chilling cycle of defraud and defame. Obama knows he has maintained a close friendship with Ayers, and he knows that Ayers remains proud of his terrorist attacks upon the people of the United States. So, instead of admitting his own frightening lack of good judgment, Obama once again viciously attacks those who dare to expose the truth.”

Wilson pointed out that according to those in attendence at the cocktail reception thrown by Ayers to launch Obama’s state senate bid in 2005, Ayers played a pivotal role in pushing the Obama candidacy. According to attendee Maria Warren, “They were launching him — introducing him to the Hyde Park community as the best thing since sliced bread.”

And Ayers, according to Wilson, didn’t merely sit on the board of the Woods Fund of Chicago with Obama, as the Senator has contended; it was Ayers who helped Obama secure the board position.

But it isn’t only in these instances that he has avoided the truth, lied about it, and attacked the people asking questions. And in quite a few instances, he has sent some very challenged individuals out to do his bidding and silence the opposition.

Too bad it hasn’t worked.

In Cuba, they’d just shoot you. And wasn’t it the Obama democrats who show Che’s image as an image of socialist revolution and change; as someone to be looked up to? A murdering sociopath who bound and and gagged his captives before he shot them in front of their relatives?

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Through email I received this cool information:

Vets for Freedom at Democratic National Convention
Back from their Iraq trip, VFF credentialed in Denver

WASHINGTON, DC – Vets for Freedom (VFF) announced earlier this month that eight Iraq war veterans who are members of the organization would return to Iraq to assess conditions on the ground and analyze policy options for future U.S. military involvement. Having returned last week, the VFF Chairman Pete Hegseth and Vice Chairman David Bellavia will be at the Democratic National Convention informing delegates, key lawmakers and the American people about what they saw and the importance of commitment to completion of the mission in Iraq.

Both Hegseth and Bellavia will have media credentials for the Convention, and will be available for media requests to provide their informed, ‘boots on the ground” understanding of the mission in Iraq and the best future course for the United States.

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What a load.  The Wesley Clark and Madeleine Albright and other fossils from Clinton’s administration standing behind her, I think most people who have any kind of memory at all can tell what kind of “change” THIS is going to be….

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This video highlights the performance of House Democrats, their first year back in power. With all their missed opportunities, it is no wonder that they have an 11 percent approval rating.

clipped from www.youtube.com


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As the authors of the Pink Swastika said, “Homosexuals make extremely skilled liars.”

From Elaine Donnelly at the Tank:

Now we know that Wednesday’s CNN-YouTube debate was less than the genuine vox populi event that its producers claimed it to be. It’s even worse that CNN continues to defend its vetting of several questioners who were easily exposed as activists. CNN network spokesman Sam Feist said that the network “didn’t ask their party affiliation or whether they were associated with a campaign,” and denounced the critics for “focusing on the questioners, but not really focusing on the questions.”

Nice try, but the dishonesty here involved more than the undisclosed political affiliations of selected questioners like David Cercone, who claimed to be a Log Cabin Republican but actually supports Democrat senator Barack Obama. Keith Kerr, the retired brigadier general who asked about gays in the military, is a member of Hillary Clinton’s National Military Veterans Group. The audience also should have been told that Kerr has been an honorary board member and lobbyist for the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network (SLDN), a gay activist group, since 2003. An easy search of the SLDN website reveals 33 references to his name.

We are struggling for our cultural values, it seems, at every turn. The military is the most well-thought of institution in our country, over the churches and government. It would be a shame if the Clinton feminization of the military succeeds with this blatant slap-in-the-face to relationships between the sexes which have been simple cultural norms for hundreds of years.

We don’t even know what damage it will do…but we’ve seen that the homosexual lifestyle ‘choice’ includes a ‘choice’ of a shorter lifespan than a heterosexual one. And that’s the tip of the iceberg.

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