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News Release
Americans For Truth About Homosexuality

November 10, 2011; Contact: Peter LaBarbera: americansfortruth@gmail.com

CHICAGO—The discovery that former Penn State University defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky has been molesting boys as young as 10 years old – and that university officials including head coach Joe Paterno did not do more to apprehend this predator – has shocked America. Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH), said the scandal exposes the continuing problem of homosexual predators in society. He offers the following observations related to the PSU scandal:

Many openly homosexual (“gay”) men, like CNN anchor Don Lemon, were molested as boys or experienced abnormally early sexualization. Yet many of these same men do NOT see their boyhood victimization at the hands of homosexual male predators as causing their homosexuality. (This is due partly to the success of the modern “gay” movement that falsely ascribes “gayness” to a person’s (innate) identity, and emphasizes the ambiguous notion of “sexual orientation” as opposed to behavior that is sinful, destructive and changeable.)

Thus, how many boy victims of homosexual predator Sandusky will end up believing that being homosexual (“gay”) is “who they are”? How many will struggle with sexual identity issues? And how many will be told by LGBT advocates and liberal-minded people just to “accept being gay” as “who they are” because they were “born that way”?

  • Because the media and academia have largely become apologists for the modern homosexualist movement, they downplay or ignore obvious causative factors in the formation of “gay” identity – including pederastic molestation. CNN’s Lemon is a case in point: he is now an “out gay” celebrity, yet few question the absurdity of him not associating the molestation of his youth with his later embrace of homosexuality as a positive identity.
  • There IS a long history connecting homosexuality to pederasty, and a disproportionate link between homosexuality and pedophilia: why else would so many child molestation victims be boys when only 1-3 percent of the population is homosexual? Since cases of women molesting boys remain rare, if homosexuality were not such a strong factor, nearly all of pedophile victims should be girls, which is far from the case.
  • Sandusky is married but obviously has a homosexuality (perversion) problem. Yet pro-“gay” liberals will deny any linkage between homosexuality and Sandusky’s rape/seduction of boys. In fact, after news of the Penn State scandal came to light, “gay” activists stressed that Sandusky is married and that most pedophile cases involve “straight, married men.” However, behavior is what matters – not a person’s marital status or self-described “sexual orientation.” Sandusky was married but was he really “straight” (sexually or morally)? Some inner demons or life traumas – probably in his own youth – caused him to lust for boys, wrecking untold misery in the lives of his victims. Behavior is the issue, and this was a case of a serial homosexual predator raping boys.

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From IFI

Hartford Public High School is divided into multiple “academies,” two of which attended the first performance. When two teenage male characters kiss, a group of high school students attending the play audibly expressed their disgust and walked out of the performance. Subsequently the play, which was scheduled to be performed two more times for other groups of students, became a source of community and national outrage.

A local Connecticut news report stated that the principal of one of the school’s academies “noted the importance of accepting homosexual intimacy as society accepts heterosexual intimacy.” What right has a government employee acting in his official capacity as a school official to decide or state that students should accept the unproven, non-factual belief that homosexual intimacy is equivalent to heterosexual intimacy?

Read the whole thing.

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In a word, YES. Read the reasoning as to why that is.

By the authors, Robert P. George, a professor of politics at Princeton and the founder of the American Principles Project; and Melissa Moschella, a doctoral candidate in political theory at Princeton.

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Harry Hay, considered to be the founder of the homosexual movement; 18 years a member of the Communist Party; a founder of the the Mat­tachine Foundation; anti-war activist and speaker at NAMBLA events.

An extension of the homosexual agenda is the push for ‘transgender’ and ‘pedophile rights’. Harry Hay is a classic example; a supporter of NAMBLA who marched in Gay Pride parades, Harry Hay is often pictured wearing a dress. He was a typical anti-war “peace activist” and liberal, and advocated statutory rape, spoke freqeuently at NAMBLA conferences, and made public statements to justify sexual abuse of minors.

In ‘The dark side of the transgender movement Powerful testimony for Transgender Bill hearing next week’ at the Mass Resistance website, Brian Comecher points out some disturbing things about how government is now attempting to force society to normalize transgenders in the minds of every day citizens. (You can also see numerous displays of this in popular culture, also; Chastity Bono is a poster child for transgenderism and is being used by the movement to further push this twisted agenda.)

The transgender movement has been flooding the legislators with their emotional stories and their general disinformation, including bitter complaints about “discrimination” and demands for transgender “civil rights”.

But there’s another side – the truth – that needs to be heard. It’s about what this unfortunate and tragic disorder is really about, and how it harms the people engaging in it and the people around them.

The horrible thing about that article is the testimony brought forth by someone who’s dad suffered sexual abuse as a child and grew up to be someone who wanted to be a woman. That is the answer to Dr. Michael Brown’s article “Why Are We Surprised With the Push for ‘Pedophile Rights”.

A healthy society would never support behaviors that produce more problems (such as rape, murder and gender confusion that is a catalyst to more criminal behavior).

The radical left pushes to eliminate age of consent laws altogether, but there are many many examples of why that would be a complete disaster; it completely contradicts a common sense approach to creating sensible public policy and protecting children.

It’s unfortunate that leftists are such masters at media manipulation with such a harmful and disturbing agenda as this; it is also infiltrating the school systems, teaching young impressionable minds that their parents’ view of morality is outdated.

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What they want to stop is Scott Lively talking about the facts about socialism and homosexuality in the book he co-authored “The Pink Swastika”. No dissent is allowed, no discussion, just ‘shut down Scott Lively”. You can bet if the situation were reversed, it would be considered a ‘hate crime’ despite the fact that these people want to rob people of faith of their ‘freedom of religion’. They claim it’s about ‘equal rights’ but that’s not the reality of it. The debate about homosexuality and what the Bible says (and whether we have the freedom or SHOULD retain the freedom to talk about the Bible says) is modern day society’s war about religious freedom, make no mistake.

The report by WorldNetDaily’s Drew Zahn describes the scene:

“In the early morning hours, on the eve of a banquet designed to expose the homosexual activist agenda, security cameras on the campus of the Christian Liberty Academy, a school run by the Church of Christian Liberty in Arlington Heights, Ill., captured what may be a prominent example of an anti-Christian ‘hate crime.’
An unknown vandal or vandals threw chunks of concrete bricks through the school’s entryway with a message protesting the banquet, which was planned by Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, or AFTAH, to honor pro-family activist and author of ‘The Pink Swastika,’ Dr. Scott Lively.
Upon the concrete bricks were written the words ‘Shut down Lively,’ and the vandals included a note threatening more violence if the church and school didn’t stop hosting such ‘homophobic’ guests.
‘This is just a sample of what we will do if you don’t shut down Scott Lively and AFTAH,” the note reads. ‘F— Scott Lively. Quit the homophobic s—!’”

It’s readily apparent who the haters are.

See also Homofascism and the Dark Days Brewing for America An excerpt:

members of the various factions of the Left, are more than willing to break laws and to vandalize or destroy property to push their twisted agenda. They spit on the law, and they feast on a hatred of the truth and those who proclaim it, but they apparently see no duplicity in their profuse, false accusations of “hate” toward those of us who tell the truth about the sin of homosexuality. It is more important than ever that we strongly refuse to be intimidated or silenced by these people and stand against them, as Mr. LaBarbera, Dr. Lively and the Christian Liberty Academy are doing.

As more and more people cower in the face of these dangerous acts of domestic terrorism to force us to comply with their twisted idea of reality and give up more of our freedoms, people like LaBarbera, Dr. Lively and organizations that stand true like the Christian Liberty Academy need our support.

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Of all places for this to come from…the New York Times actually put it in print.

Disparities: Illness More Prevalent Among Older Gay Adults

Older lesbian, gay and bisexual adults in California are more likely to suffer from chronic physical and mental health problems than their heterosexual counterparts, a new analysis has found. They also are less likely to have live-in partners or adult children who can help care for them.

The research brief was based on data from the California Health Interview Survey, the nation’s largest state health survey, gathered in 2003, 2005 and 2007 by the Center for Health Policy Research at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Read the whole thing. Of course, they use it as a protected class/diversity issue…that we should be more cognizant of the aging gay population who live alone and tend to be more sick.

On a tip from EJSBTB.

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The kings of intolerance who claim to be tolerant…are the homosexual activists who are slowly finding out about the book “A Queer Thing Happened to America”. Reliably, the homosexuals’ behavior toward the book is growing more and more ugly, as they mimic the Nazi behavior of ACT-UP Activists.

Dr. Michael Brown, the author of the book, writes in an email:

Yesterday (Monday), a very aggressive gay blogger picked up on the book and my interview on the Sid Roth show, encouraging his readers to go to Amazon and blast the book, also posting inflammatory and even vulgar tags associated with the book. Within a day, at least twelve very ugly, one-star reviews appeared (obviously, from people who never read the book), not to mention tags being added that were so obscene they cannot even be  mentioned.

Here are some samplings (and remember, we are  supposedly the intolerant bigots!): (more…)

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